Top 5 Interesting Christmas Stories For Kids To Read

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Christmas is a joyous occasion, and kids love each and every activity associated with it. One of those activities happens to be the story time, where you can tell your children some gripping stories about Christmas. In this post, we have assembled the Christmas story for kids in the most fun and exciting way you could imagine. These stories about the birth of Jesus and related events are captivating and will keep your children hooked. So enjoy the true spirit of Christmas this season by reading out stories to your children, which they will remember for the rest of their lives.

Christmas Story For Kids – The Birth Story Of Jesus Christ

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The story goes back 2000 years ago and tells us about a miracle that happened in the ancient land of Judea. The story revolves around the husband and wife and ultimately becomes a story of mother and child. There was an angel who comes to Mary and tells her, “God has been very kind to you, you will soon give birth to a holy spirit, and will name him Jesus.” He would be the son of God.

Mary was supposed to marry Joseph, the angel then went to Joseph and told him, “Don’t worry, God has selected Mary to give birth to a holy spirit, Jesus. You will be his father and asked him to marry Mary. Joseph and Mary got married, and the place they lived was a part of Roman Empire. The Roman emperor Augustus wanted to count all the people living in his empire, to make sure they all paid taxes. He then ordered everyone to return to the town they originally came from. Mary and Joseph had to travel a long way to reach Bethlehem; this was the place where Joseph’s family came from. Mary was about to give birth to the baby in a few days, they looked for a place to stay, only to get disappointed.

Every house and every bed in the town was taken, as many people had come to get their name mentioned in the census. They finally found a stable to stay, where Mary gave birth to Jesus. After his birth many angels appeared, they lit up the sky. They began singing. A group of shepherds in the nearby town saw this, and they said let us go to Bethlehem to find out what has happened. They found Mary and Joseph and saw a baby lying in the manger. When they saw Jesus, they told everyone that the angels appeared and said they have sent a savior to protect them. It is said when Jesus was born a brand new star appeared in the sky, many learned men in different countries could guess what it meant.

One day, the angels appeared in Joseph’s dream and said to him, Get up and take Jesus and Mary to Egypt and stay there until you don’t hear from me. When Joseph asked why, she replied as Herod is going to search for Jesus and kill him. Joseph then took Mary and Jesus to Egypt and stayed there until he heard of Herod’s death. After the death, the angel reappeared in his dreams and said you can now go back to Israel, as people who wanted to kill Jesus are dead. Joseph then went back to Israel with Jesus and Mary. On his way Joseph heard that Herod’s son is the new King, so he rerouted to Galilee and lived in the town called Nazareth.

25th December is considered the date of Jesus’s birth. Popular customs include exchanging gifts, a mass, and a special meal. The celebration is grand, and lots of things are on display like Christmas decorations-Christmas trees, lights, nativity scenes, wreaths, garlands, and Holly. One thing that kids love about Christmas is the Santa Claus, or the Father Christmas, who is associated with bringing gifts to children during the season. It is a great event and is celebrated in harmony with family and friends (1)

Did you know?
Three wise men called the Magi arrived at the birthplace of Jesus. They brought three gifts with them – Gold, Frankincense, and Myrrh. Gold signifies kingship, frankincense signifies deity, and myrrh is a symbol of death.

5 Beautiful Christmas Stories For Kids

Here are some interesting Christmas stories that will make the holiday season even more special for your kid:

1. The Little Christmas Tree:

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Once there was a little fir tree who wanted to grow up to become a Christmas Tree, so that he could go and live amongst the humans. The other trees that were older knew more about life with humans and told him that it was not really a good idea to be around humans. But the little fir tree did not want to listen to them, and soon he would go to live amongst the humans himself.

One day, a few children came along with their parents to search for a fir tree for Christmas that they could use to decorate their home. When the children saw the little fir tree they immediately loved it. So they took him home and placed him in their living room along with lots of Christmas decoration.

Once the decorations were complete, the tree lit up with thousands of lights.

As Christmas was approaching, everyone enjoyed looking at the beautiful fir tree. The little fir tree got very happy and was sure the other trees had been wrong. To let others think he was beautiful, he started spreading his branches higher and higher.

Till January, the little fir tree was the main attraction in the living room and in the whole house. But then, the tree’s needles started to fall off. No one wanted to look at him anymore or pick up the needles that fell. After all the celebrations were complete, the family decided to pack him up and store him in the cellar.

The little tree was very sad.

After a long wait, the little fir tree was one day taken out of the cellar and planted back in the soil. The fir tree was so happy to be back in the soil. He realized that the reason the family had kept him in the cellar to keep him healthy.

The next Christmas, he was dug up again and used in the Christmas decorations, and each year the trend continued. The little fir tree realized that the older trees had been wrong, and that humans too can be good.

Quick tip
You can give a twist to any fairy tale and make it a Christmas story.

2. A Christmas Dream:

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A little polar bear named Lulu lived on a polar ice cap in an igloo. On Christmas Eve, Lulu was very excited and went up to his mum with his eyes shining bright.

“Mum have I been good this year?” he asked.

“Of course my dear, you are a very sweet and good little bear” his mum replied.

“In that case, can I write a letter to Santa Claus now?” asked Lulu.

“Of course you can,” said his mum, “but right after that you will have to go to bed, as it is already quite late.”

So Lulu sat down with a pen and paper to write a letter to Santa Claus.

“Dear Santa Claus,

I hope you and your little helpers are doing well. This year, I would like a few things, they are:

A long woolen scarf (as it gets cold here sometimes)

A wooden sledge

A fishing rod

It is okay if you can’t bring along all the gifts, but just try and get what you can.

Thank you and lots of hugs and kisses,


Once he wrote the letter, he went off to bed as his mother had told him. He would post the letter the next day.

He kept thinking that of course he would love to get the gifts, but there was something he would love more. He would love to meet Santa Claus and go on a ride with Santa in his sleigh.

Thinking of all this Lulu went off to sleep. In his dreams, he saw an old man with a long white beard, a sack filled with presents and a sleigh that could go as fast as the wind.

Next morning Lulu woke up very early because he had a lot of things to do. He got his bag ready and kept his lunch and the letter to Santa in it. He said goodbye to his parents and headed out to post the letter.

The post box where Lulu would post the letter was quite far, but Lulu was a brave little bear and did not stop with the cold winds or the high hills.

Through the way he got tired and decided to take some rest. He sat down on a block of ice and fell asleep.

Suddenly, he woke with fright. The sunrays had melted the ice and he was trapped in the ice cold water. “I am lost,” he thought “and I won’t be able to post the letter or go back home.”

It was almost dark now and even as Lulu was crying, suddenly he saw a light up in the sky. It was Santa Claus’s sleigh that was being pulled by his reindeers! Suddenly the sleigh slowed down and Santa asked Lulu “Are you coming with me my dear? I have come to take you back home.”

As Lulu got into the sleigh, he rode over the ocean and hills and he was so happy he forgot to give his letter to Santa. He was living his biggest dream ever!

In some time, the sleigh reached his igloo and Santa handed his wooly hat to Lulu, helping him home and then disappearing into the night. His parents were delighted to see him back home. “We were so worried,” they said, hugging him tight.

Lulu told them all about the incident and said that Santa had given him the best present.

“Santa Claus has given us our best present too” his parents said, as they hugged him again.

3. The Little Tin Soldier:

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One Christmas, a little boy received a beautiful gift as a present. It was a box in which there were twenty five soldiers all made of tin. All the soldiers were dressed up in a pretty red and blue uniform and carried a wooden rifle on their shoulders.

The boy was very excited and set up his soldiers on the table next to his bed. All the soldiers were exactly the same, except for one, who had only one leg. Even then, the soldier with the missing leg was standing as tall and as proud as all the rest of the soldiers.

The little boy had lots of toys in his bedroom. Out of all the toys, the tin soldier with the one leg missing found a toy ballerina who he thought was the most beautiful creature he had ever seen. The ballerina stood on a little pink base and looked very elegant. She had on a pretty white tutu that had beautiful sparkling sequins on it. She had long brown hair that was held up in a neat little bun and made her face look even prettier.

The reason the little tin soldier found her so attractive was that, just like him, she too was balanced on one leg.

At night, as all other toys were resting or playing amongst themselves, the little tin soldier would look fondly at the ballerina. One day, a Jack-In-The-Box toy popped up in front of the little tin soldier. He had noticed that the soldier was fond of the ballerina and was very jealous. “Stop looking at the ballerina” he told the little tin soldier. But the little tin soldier was not afraid and kept looking at the beautiful ballerina.

But this made the Jack-In-The-Box very angry. One morning, as the little tin soldier was standing on the window sill, he felt a sudden gust of wind behind him and fell off the window. The little boy was very sad and looked everywhere, but could not find the little tin soldier. The little boy was very sad and looked everywhere, but could not find the little tin soldier.

The little tin soldier was noticed by two small boys, who made a paper boat and put him inside it. They then sailed the boat in a small stream. Soon the wind grew strong and the boat headed towards the sewer. A big rat came near the soldier and asked him to go away.

The little tin soldier was very scared, and felt he would never see his beautiful ballerina again. Soon the paper boat started to tear, and as the boat was almost drowning, the little tin soldier was swallowed by a large fish.

In a few days, the fish was caught and taken to the market place, where it was bought by the help who worked in the house of the little boy!

In the kitchen, as the maid cut the fish up, she found the little tin soldier and showed it to the boy’s nanny, who immediately recognized it. The tin soldier was back where it belonged, and could see his beautiful ballerina again.

The Little Tin Soldier was originally written by Hans Christian Anderson and is a poignant tale of love lost and gained.

4. The Carol Singers:

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Eve, Rob, Fred and Micky were penguins who loved singing carols each Christmas in front of the inhabitants of the ice pack. In return, they would get a golden star that they could attach to the Christmas tree.

One Christmas Eve morning, Micky woke up and began to sneeze. “You will have to sing without me tonight” he told his friends, his voice all hoarse and scratchy with cold.

His friends were very sad. “No, we can’t do that” they said. But if they did not sing, the inhabitants of the ice cap would be very sad, as they looked forward to hear them sing each Christmas Eve.

So the friends decided that they would have to find out a way that would help to cure Micky soon. They went to doctor Lolo and asked him if he could help. “There is only one way in which we can make Micky get better in such a short time” he said.

The friends were very excited. “How can we do that? Please tell us. We will do anything.”

“There is only one thing that can cure him completely in just a few hours. It is the golden seaweed that you can find only in the Indian Ocean” the doctor said.

“But the Indian Ocean is very far!” said the penguins.

“That means we will not be able to perform any Christmas carols this year” said Fred, even as a few tears rolled down his eyes and cheeks and fell into the icy water below.

Pincho the little icefish lived in the icy waters, and he was surprised at this sudden warm water drop that had rolled in. It was actually the tear that Fred had cried. He came out of the water to see where the warm and salty water had come from.

“What happened?” he asked, as he saw the penguin friends standing together, looking very sad.

Rob and Fred told Pincho about all that was going on, and how it seemed that this year there would be no Christmas carols after all. They also mentioned the golden seaweed that was found only in the Indian Ocean.

“The Indian Ocean is it?” asked Pincho. “Wait, I have an idea” he said.

The little ice fish then disappeared under the water and started making a plan, trying to think how he could help in the little time he had. He gathered all his energy, and started sending out signals to all his fish friends who were spread across all over the ocean.

Soon the message passed from fish to fish, and in some time, it reached from the fish of the Arctic Ocean to the fish which swam in the Pacific Ocean. Finally, it reached the fish that swam in the Indian Ocean too.

The butterfly fish dashed about here and there and could finally manage to spot the golden seaweed. They helped carry it through the waters and finally the seaweed reached from the Indian Ocean to the Arctic Ocean.

By midday, Pincho gave the golden seaweed to Micky, who immediately ate it up with a cup of strong seaweed herbal tea. Soon, as the doctor had promised, his voice returned back to normal.

The penguins were sure the stars of the Christmas carol show, but they made sure everyone got to know how Pincho the little ice fish had helped them. It was in great Christmas spirit that everyone celebrated the Christmas Eve.

Point to consider
Christmas is the time of giving. So narrate stories about helping, donating, and sharing during Christmas.

Christmas stories for kids can help them learn more about the festival and the meaning of Christmas traditions and decorations. You may share the birth story of Jesus Christ to kids to know why Christmas is being celebrated and more about the people and places of the nativity scene. The little Christmas tree, a Christmas dream, the little tin soldier, and the carol singers are some of the popular Christmas stories for kids. Learning these new stories and participating in Christmas decorations and activities can make their vacation more memorable.

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