Is It Safe To Drink Chrysanthemum Tea During Pregnancy?

Chrysanthemum Tea During Pregnancy

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Did you try Chrysanthemum tea before? Have you ever wondered if it would be any good during pregnancy? If you answered yes, then read the post and get all the information you need on Chrysanthemum tea during pregnancy and its effects, if any.

What Is Chrysanthemum Tea?

Flowers are an important ingredient for making herbal teas. Chrysanthemum is a flower and its tea is made of from the flower based infusion. It is a highly popular flowering species in East Asia. The tea is usually made from dried Chrysanthemum flowers, which are steeped in hot water. The resulting tea is usually transparent, yellow or pale in colour and very aromatic.

Medicinal Properties Of Chrysanthemum Tea:

It is said that Chrysanthemum tea has many medicinal uses like:

  • Aid in recovery from influenza
  • It is also good if the pregnant woman has a lot of acne as it has a cooling effect.
  • The tea also helps in preventing sore throat and reduces fever.
  • Chrysanthemum tea is also said to be useful in treating varicose veins and atherosclerosis.
  • In china, the tea is also said to clear the eyes and the liver.
  • It also treats blurring spots in front of the eyes and prevents dizziness [1].
  • Subdue inflammation and eject toxic substances.
  • It is also said to be useful in treating hypertension.
  • Combats virus, inhibits bacteria and enhances longevity [2].

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Is It Safe To Have Chrysanthemum Tea During Pregnancy?

Herbal products are a point of discussion when it comes to pregnant women. It is always strongly advised to consult a doctor before including any new food item or beverage in the pregnancy diet. Experts recommend consulting a doctor, particularly regarding herbal products. Though Chrysanthemum tea has several medicinal benefits, what else is in the tea bag is unknown. Over the years, there have been tests on these products and a few problems like distribution of teas with chemicals have come to the forefront. It is not safe for a pregnant woman to consume any product without consulting the health care professional and this included Chrysanthemum tea.

It is said to be a major energy booster, but those who are allergic to ragweed and daisies should avoid this tea. Expecting mothers are advised to avoid this tea as it can potentially cross the placenta and affect the unborn baby [3].

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What Can Possibly Go Wrong?

Herbal teas like Chrysanthemum are caffeine free, so many of us think there should not be a problem consuming such teas. The only problem with consuming herbal tea during pregnancy is that there is no data available on the effects of this tea on the developing foetus. There are mixed opinions on the safety of this tea for both pregnant and not- pregnant women. There are a few brands of teas which report that their teas are not dangerous and that they are made with regards to the FDA guidelines, but a larger amount of herbs in Chrysanthemum tea can be dangerous.

There are many alternative health care professionals who feel herbal tea during pregnancy is a great way to back optimal pregnancy health. It provides an additional source of nutrients, calcium, iron and magnesium. However, as there is a lack of analysis FDA itself encourages caution while ingesting these teas [4].

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All in all, if your health care professional believes that it is safe to take Chrysanthemum tea during pregnancy, you can have it in limited proportion. Pregnant women should have it in warm water and not in hot. It is important to check with the doctor as some pregnant women might not have the body proportion that is suitable for Chrysanthemum tea.

If you have any other information on this tea or you know someone who consumed this chrysanthemum tea while pregnant please write to us. It would help mom’s take better health decisions.

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