6 Interesting Clay Crafts For Preschoolers And Kids

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Clay or Plasticine, or play dough, is a big hit with the kids. Getting the hands messy, molding figures of little sense and endless last minute alterations are all a part of playing with clay. It is something that you will have to keep stocking up on because your kids always keep losing it or running out of it.

And, if you think your kid is fond of playing with clay, maybe it’s time to channelize his interest. Why don’t you consider showing them some simple clay-based crafts? Interested? Well read on and learn more!

Easy And Interesting Clay Crafts For Kids:

Here are a few ideas on different types of crafts that your preschooler can try and make using clay:

1. Clay Earthworm:

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  • Ask your kid to draw a big leaf on a green shade of chart paper.
  • Now let your kid roll some small spheres using two different shades of clay. Your kid can either use the red and violet shade of clay as is shown in the image or use a contrasting shade of green and brown, whatever he prefers.
  • Once your kid finishes making the small balls, ask him to attach the balls to each other. Make sure he follows an alternating color pattern while sticking the balls to each other.
  • Make sure that the earthworm fits inside the leaf.
  • Tell him to attach a pair of eyes and two small sticks with small clay rounds on the tips to make the antenna. This is a simple clay craft ideas for kids to enjoy with clay.

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2. Clay Star Ornaments:

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  • To make some interesting Christmas ornaments, your kid can try using some baking-safe craft clay.
  • Show him how to mix two different shades of clay to make a sphere or use a single color. Flatten the ball and cut in into a star shape with a cookie cutter.
  • Help him bake the star clay shapes as per the instructions and hang on the Christmas tree once cool.

3. Clay Leaves:

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  • Ask your kid to collect some big leaves from the garden or the park, and help to clean them up.
  • Roll out some baking-safe clay let your kids take imprints of the leaves on the clay.
  • Ask them to use glitter or metallic paint shades to paint the clay imprint.
  • Bake the clay to make some beautiful, sturdy leaf shapes. It can be the best clay craft for kids to play and make leaves with clay.

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4. Clay Angry Birds:

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  • Ask your kid to roll some balls using red or brown clay. Show him how to pinch the red shape at the top to make the ball oval.
  • Next, ask your kid to make tufts of hair and eyebrows with the help of black clay. Your kid will use yellow clay to make the nose.
  • Once everything is in place, your kid can attach a pair of googly eyes to complete the angry birds. This is an interesting and easy clay crafts for kids of all age groups.

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5. Bowl Of Sweets:

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  • Help your kid make a ball with the help of any bright colored clay. Next, make a hollow in the ball to mold it into a bowl.
  • Let your kid make more ball shapes using yellow clay and place them in the clay bowl.
  • To make it look realistic, your kid can also create slight dents in the yellow clay balls using a pencil.

6. Happy Birthday Cake:

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  • Let your kid make a big round shape with yellow clay and roll it out into a larger circle to make the base of the cake.
  • Next, help your kid roll out blue clay and set it on the yellow clay to form a border.
  • Now ask your kid to make a big round shape using red clay and slightly flatten it to get the body of the cake.
  • Decorate it on the top with the similar blue clay bordering and some rolled out flowers and leaves using red and green clay. This is a fun and simple clay crafts for kids to make a clay birthday cake.

Using clay can be a great way to keep your kid entertained and hone his fine motor skills. Encourage your kid to come up with new shapes. And moms, do not forget to share your kids’ clay masterpieces here in the comments below.

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