24 Clear Signs You're a Mom


Moms all over the world have a bond, as only they know what the other goes through. Being a mom means you have a very busy life full of love, happiness, and even some difficulties.

A few moms were asked to describe what it means to be a mom and below are their responses. If you’re a mom, you’ll be able to identify with some of these points if not all. If you’re a mommy-to-be, then you’ll know what you’re in for.

Check out these 22 signs that tell you you’re a mom:

1. Vent All You Want:

Sometimes, you just want to have a therapy session with anyone who is willing to listen to you vent. Not just other moms. ANYONE.

2. Alone Time:

Errands are errands, but doing them is like a mini-vacation, as you get some peace and quiet.

3. Heaven & Hell:

Sometimes you’re in heaven when your kids shower you with love. But sometimes you’re in hell when they behave like little terrors.

4. 24-Hour Food Service:


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With kids around, you need to have piles of food ready, as more often than not, you’ll hear: “MOM, I’M HUNGRY!”

5. Hangovers Suck Even More:


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Nobody likes hangovers, but sadly, that’s the cost of having a good time. As we grow older, recovering from a heavy night of drinking is bad to begin with, but imagine being a hung-over mom. You’ll have kids running around and yelling at odd hours.

6. Wine Equals to Grapes:


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Having one glass of wine doesn’t count. It’s like you’re eating a bunch of grapes. Moms, you can have more than one so it counts as drinking. Lord knows you deserve it.

7. Vomit Doesn’t Disgust You:

When your child vomits, you don’t really bother about how disgusting it actually looks and smells, because she’s your child! Nothing disgusts you at this point. Even if there is someone else throwing up her guts, it doesn’t really faze you.

8. Baby Wipes To The Rescue:

Baby wipes can also clean up random spills, dirt here and there, and even your car.

9. Worry Warts:

Even if you’re 30, you will worry about your children non-stop.

10. You Define Efficiency:

As a mom, you are a pro at everything; it’s a part of the job description. You can easily do way more in 5 minutes than most people do in one day.

11. Shopping Addict:


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You love to shop. Not just for yourself, but for your kids. You can’t help buying that adorable little shirt!

12. You’re Always Tired:


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You adore your kids, but they just leave you exhausted!

13. Home Or Spa?

Your home can become a spa because a 20-minute shower with no disruption is like a relaxing spa day.

14. No Shame No Gain:

If you’re in the toilet, you can’t be embarrassed or shocked that your child has barged in while you’re doing your private business.

15. Super Hearing Powers:

When it comes to your kids, you will be able to hear the tiniest of things from 2 rooms away: what time they come home, if they’ve opened their room door, if they sneeze – anything.

16. You Want To Take Away Their Pain:

One thing moms can’t handle is watching their children suffer. They’ll want to take away your pain by suffering themselves.

17. Girl’s Night Out:


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You cannot wait for moms night out; it’s time to let loose mommy style.

18. Laundry – All Day, Everyday:

You will be doing laundry non-stop, everyday. Kids end up getting so dirty!

19. Cartoon Fan:

You watch cartoons even if you’re kids have gone to bed. Who cares about that latest episode of Desperate Housewives?

20. Not Sharing Is Still Caring:

Sometimes, you’re tired of sharing, and that’s okay, which is why you have a secret stash of treats.

21. Multi-Tasking Queen:

Mommy life equates to multi-tasking. You can cook, yell at kids, and watch TV at the same time.

22. Quality Time:


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Even though you look forward to a night out, you still love spending the whole day with your kids, even if there’s no conversation.

23. Car-Friendly Kids:

You can’t change cars often because it’s too expensive and sometimes you just can’t remove stains (milk, chocolate, crayon) easily.

24. Spoilt But Not Bratty:

At the end of the day, you just want to spoil the heck out of your kids purely out of love.

There you have it – signs that tell you you’re a mom. If you know any more, tell us below!

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