15 Signs You Are A Clingy Boyfriend And How To Stop Being One

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You think you are the sweet one in the relationship, always attentive to your girlfriend’s needs. You surprise her constantly with gifts and do everything possible to make her happy.

However, have you checked if your girlfriend is actually enjoying it or feeling overwhelmed and suffocated by it all? Perhaps you are overdoing it, and chances are you are a clingy boyfriend, and she finds it irritating.

Read on as we tell you the signs of a clingy boyfriend and give you a few tips on how to stop being one.

Possible Reasons Why You Are Being A Clingy Boyfriend

While you may not realize it, your clinginess is probably making her feel uncomfortable. Here are a few possible reasons why you are clingy.

1. Insecurity

Perhaps you are insecure in your relationship. This could be because you are too dependent on her and fear losing her, or she often remains emotionally detached, which makes you feel insecure in the relationship. Either reason could make you clingy.

2. Low self-esteem

If you suffer from low self-esteem and don’t hold yourself in high regard, you likely think your girlfriend is too good for you. This can give rise to insecurities and fear of desertion. You may then try to compensate by being overly loving and not realize you are clingy.

3. Self-consciousness

Are you overly self-conscious? Do you constantly worry about how you look, how you sound, and what people might be thinking about you? These can also make you cling to your girlfriend and have the need to try to impress her constantly.

4. Fear of abandonment

If you have experienced some unsuccessful relationships or abandonment in some situations in your life, you probably fear such a situation might happen again. Your fear of loss causes you to cling to your girlfriend.

5. Jealousy

You think she belongs to you, and she should spend every waking moment with you. You are jealous of every other guy in her life.

6. Trust issues

You don’t trust your girlfriend. You want to know your girlfriend’s every move. You become anxious when she is out with friends and think she might flirt with someone.

7. Stress

If you have a hectic and stressful life, you are likely craving physical, mental, and emotional support. You see your girlfriend as the only person who can fill that void in your life.

8. Childhood issues

Have you gone through some serious childhood issues related to family, parents’ divorce, sexual harassment, etc.? These could make you cling to your girlfriend. She makes you feel safe and cared for, and you want that feeling as much as possible.

15 Signs Of A Clingy Boyfriend

Read these signs that tell how you might be a clingy boyfriend.

1. Panicking over unreplied texts

Every time she is busy and fails to reply to your messages immediately, you feel panic. If you have had panic attacks in your life, this event may make such feelings very uncomfortable for you. You get concerned and nervous, thinking the worst could happen.

2. Calling them umpteen times

You always feel the need to check on her, message her, or talk to her every few hours to tell her you miss her. She will find it sweet the first few times, but it’s no fun when you overdo it.

3. Being touchy-feely

You always feel the need to touch your girlfriend. You hold her hands when you walk and stick to her on the couch. She may not be someone who feels comfortable with public display of emotions, but you deem it necessary to hold her hand when crossing the street.

4. Hating her plans

You are her boyfriend, and therefore, you think you have the right to be included in all her plans. You hate being left out, even if she has planned her evening with her family or girlfriends.

5. Checking her social media

You check her social media profile more than your own. You check her pictures regularly and keep a tab on all her social media activities, contacts, comments, etc., and you also expect her to post stuff about you on social media platforms.

6. Living her life

You give up your friends, interests, hobbies, and even your career for her. Every decision of yours revolves around her, and you do not make time for yourself.

7. Having no opinion

What to eat, which movie to watch, where to go on a holiday — you are okay with anything she chooses, and you have no opinion of your own. You are dependent on her for all your life choices and decisions. You believe that anything that makes her happy makes you happy too.

8. Being jealous and possessive

Whenever she hangs out with her coworkers or besties, you feel a pang of jealousy. She has a right to have other friends and people in her life and needs her own circle beyond you. If you cannot accept this, it suggests you are clingy.

9. Being too friendly with her family

Are you going overboard trying to win hearts? As much as she would like you to be a part of her world, being overly friendly with her friends and family, especially when you have just met, indicates you are taking a step too far.

10. Tagging along with her

You tag along with her wherever she goes. When she has plans with her colleagues or friends, you invite yourself over and invade their privacy.

11. Giving and expecting constant reassurance

You always tell your girl how much you love her, need her, miss her, etc., and expect her to do the same. You often need to be reassured of what you mean to her. No matter how many times she tells you or proves it to you, it never seems enough to you.

12. Being dominating

You tell her what to do, where to go, what to wear, how to walk, etc. You believe you are telling her these out of concern and for her well-being.

13. Being over-romantic

All she wants is to watch a movie with you or take a walk with you on the beach. However, you make every date romantically extravagant, and you go all out to impress her. You plan every moment you spend together, and you pay close attention to her likes and dislikes for your own good.

14. Pampering too much

She loved the flowers you sent her when you were courting her. But now, you constantly send her bouquets at work, leave gift baskets with the doorman, and take her shopping every time you step out. You pamper her to the point where she feels embarrassed, indebted, bounded, and guilty.

15. Stalking

This may sound extreme, but clingy boyfriends tend to get obsessive about their girlfriends. You start following your girlfriend and stalking her on social media just to know her whereabouts.

How To Stop Being A Clingy Boyfriend

Being a clingy boyfriend can break the relationship. If you relate to the points mentioned above, it’s time to take a long, hard look at your actions and behavior. Read on as we give you a few effective tips on how to stop being a clingy boyfriend.

1. Trust her

Learn to trust her. If she is truly in love with you, she will remain so and will be faithful. Being jealous and possessive and wanting constant reassurance will only push her away. For example, let her choose her friends and respect her choices.

2. Give her time and space

Everyone needs time and personal space to indulge in their hobbies and interests. Being overbearing, tagging along, and constantly showing up at her doorstep need to stop.

3. Pursue your hobbies

Whether it is your work, ambitions, or hobbies, make time to pursue those. Giving up everything to perpetually be with her will not gain you her respect. She wants you to have a life of your own, and she will fall deeper in love with you if you are passionate about your dreams and hobbies.

4. Address your issues

You need to understand where this clinginess is coming from. Do you have abandonment issues? Do you think you will lose her? Are your childhood traumas making you cling to her? See a professional if required and address the root cause.

5. Improve your self-esteem

One of the reasons a guy might be clingy is if he thinks the girl is too good for him. If your self-esteem is low, you tend to underestimate yourself and become insecure about the relationship. Work on building your confidence level by concentrating on doing well in whatever you do. Success is not measured by looks or money; gain her respect and be someone she adores.

6. Be honest and open

If something about your girlfriend bothers you — it could be a certain behavior or habit — speak kindly and openly. Do not become clingy out of suspicion and assumptions. Also, analyze your behavior and see if something you are doing pushes her away and makes you clingy. Maintain as objective an approach in your analysis as possible; if this seems very difficult, a therapist can be of great help.

7. Set rules for yourself

Whether messaging, meeting, or calling, set boundaries for yourself not to go overboard. Obsessiveness is an addiction, and you need to break the chain of your behaviors.

8. Have your own set of people

Often, a clingy boyfriend will slowly end up with no friends of his own and only be seen with his girlfriend or her group of friends. Nurture your friendships and plan family time. Take time apart from each other, and spend time with your folks. Do a guys night out or plan a dinner with colleagues.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. ​​Why is being clingy a problem in the relationship?

Clinginess in a relationship can lead to suffocation and anxiety for your partner that can have detrimental effects in the long run. A clingy partner is also never at peace, which reflects in various aspects of romance. Giving your love the space and freedom they need will help sustain your relationship.

2. Is my boyfriend clingy or controlling?

While we know how to identify a clingy partner, conditional love, constant threats and abuses, codependency, and emotional isolation may indicate you are in a controlling relationship.

If you relate to the signs that have been mentioned above in the post, it could be said that you are a clingy boyfriend. But it does not necessarily have to mean that it will affect your relationship negatively. You have to trust your partner, give her the required space and talk to her about the circumstances if needed. Setting some ground rules for yourself, being transparent with each other, and having your own group of friends can help you get through this situation and improve your relationship.

Key Pointers

  • Being a clingy boyfriend can be irritating and may indicate that you feel insecure in the relationship.
  • Traits such as possessiveness, stalking, and not allowing her any personal space demonstrate clinginess.
  • Improving your self-esteem, resolving trust issues, and such other practices can help you have a healthy relationship.

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