15 Popular Co-Parenting Apps To Use After Divorce In 2023

Parenting is challenging, and co-parenting is one step higher and a lot more demanding. However, with the emergence of social media, some great co-parenting apps could make things easy for you two.

Post-separating, working with your ex-partner to raise your child demands much cooperation, patience, understanding, and discipline. Moreover, you must ensure that the house-hopping experience is not hard for your child. Hence, co-parenting apps with features such as message boards and a mutual calendar may help plan and manage activities for you and your child while being in perfect sync with your ex-partner’s routine.

These apps are excellent ways to keep family connections intact. So, in this post, we have included some of the best co-parenting apps that could help make the task of co-parenting simpler.

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15 Best Co-Parenting Apps

1. OurFamilyWizard

The brainchild of a divorced couple, you can expect this app to help make your co-parenting journey a lot smoother. Both parents have their separate accounts and can manage a common calendar, track child expenses, store or send messages, and do so much more. It also has a ‘tone meter,’ which is like a spell-check feature that notifies and offers you the option to alter a message that seems heavy on emotions. The app allows you to add more members, such as a therapist or other family members, for free.

Quick fact
As per the app website, the data of the app is accepted by courts in all 50 states of the USA.

Platform: iOS, Android

Website: https://www.ourfamilywizard.com/

2. coparently

Coparently co-parenting app

Image: Source

Here is another app dedicated to resolving any miscommunication faced when co-parenting. Its calendar is color-coded to make it easy for you to note important events. You can exchange messages with your former partner without having to reach out to a mediator. It records expenses incurred for your child and offers an online directory that contains the contact details of doctors, friends, teachers, etc.

Platform: iOS, Android, Windows

Website: http://coparently.com/

3. Parentship

Parentship co-parenting app

Image: Source

Balancing your work commitments and family life can be overwhelming. Thus, an application like this can come in handy. It opens to a dashboard that highlights upcoming events so that you can plan your meetings accordingly. Sync it with your Google calendar, and you will never miss any important dates. It allows you to make a separate profile for each child to avoid confusion. It also has a special provision for you to store important documents and information, such as medical insurance and social security number.

Platform: iOS, Android

Website: https://www.parentship.co/

4. Cozi

Cozi co-parenting app

Image: Source

Planning your schedules in tandem with your family should not be difficult when you have a family organizing app like this one. Its color-coded calendar allows you to keep tabs on the different schedules of each member. You’ll never miss another important event as the reminder feature will notify you about it well in advance. The shared ‘to-do’ list option helps remind you and another family member about completing important tasks.

Platform: iOS, Android

Website: https://www.cozi.com

5. CoPilots

CoPilots co-parenting app

Image: Source

This app is designed to create a bond between the two homes of your child. Its calendar shows you your child’s appointments and schedules. The messaging feature helps parents communicate with each other. It also offers a photo-sharing option that enables you to capture, share, and store the important moments of your child’s life. The app allows access to multiple adults, so your current partner, too, can make a note of your child’s schedule.

Platform: iOS, Android

Website: https://www.cozi.com

6. 2Houses

If you are not sure of which application might best suit your family, you can try this one that offers a 14-day trial period before charging you for it. It comes with a journal feature that works like a social networking site, where you can note moments or upload images and videos of your child, so your ex-partner knows about all the important events in your child’s life. The financial management feature allows both parents to make a note of any shared expense.

Platform: Website, iOS, Android

7. Custody X Change

Your parenting schedule can often clash with your work schedule if you fail to plan things in advance. This app is especially for those couples who need to track the exact time spent with the child as per their custody allocation. The journal entries can be time-stamped, and expenses by both parents can be recorded. You can even print reports from the app whenever needed.

Platform: iOS, Android, and Windows

Website: https://www.custodyxchange.com/

Things to know
This app allows you to create court-ready plans and reports. It can also track expenses with categories and attachments.

8. FamCal

This app may not be designed specifically for co-parenting but is certainly useful when it comes to keeping in touch with your separated family. Its color-coded calendar saves you from forgetting important dates. The ‘export schedule’ option allows you to sync it with other devices, while the shared contacts list gives access to important contact details of your child’s doctor, teacher, and friends. You can also share your location with the members of the group.

Platform: iOS, Android

9. amicable

The app is designed to make your divorce settlement easy and smooth. It makes provision for you to share important documents, financial settlements, and so on. You can also create and share parenting plans and have a dialogue with your ex-partner. And guess what! It comes with divorce guidelines and tips to refer to and maintain a healthy relationship with your ex-spouse for your child’s healthy development.

Platform: iOS, Android

10. WeParent

Manage your custody schedules, appointments, important events, and so on, in this app that can make co-parenting simple. It helps you coordinate with your former partner so both parents can be a part of the child’s life. You can store important documents, images, and messages in the app for your partner to easily access them when required.

Platform: iOS, Android

Website: https://weparent.app/

11. TimeTree

The TimeTree app is designed to help you manage your schedules better and features a color-coded calendar that gives you a glimpse of every member’s schedules. You can record your plans in advance, so you are in sync with your family. Its separate chat room allows you to coordinate with your family members. It also allows you to share shopping lists and recipes so you can maintain a strong bond with your family.

Platform: iOS, Android

Website: https://timetreeapp.com/

12. MyMob

MyMob co-parenting app

Image: Source

Physical distance should not take a toll on your relationship with your child. This app will help you bridge that distance. It comes with a special chat feature that allows you to message each other and keeps you updated on what is new in your child’s life. You and your partner can share images that capture your child’s special moments, and the calendar helps every member keep track of each other’s schedules.

Platform: iOS, iPad, Android

Website: https://www.mymob.com

13. AppClose

AppClose co-parenting app

Image: Source

Here is a free app that gives you the features of a paid app. Its multi-functional calendar allows multiple group members to manage their respective schedules in line with the family. You can also keep track of parenting time through it. The USP of this app is that it can scan receipts to enable the electronic transfer of funds. If needed, you can also export all records stored on the app.

Platform: iOS, Android

Website: https://appclose.com/

14. Talking Parents

Talking Parents co-parenting app

Image: Source

Sometimes, a divorce may not be as smooth as you might want it to be. This application is designed to enable smooth communication with your former spouse, so co-parenting becomes easy. All communication entered in this app remains intact and cannot be deleted. When required, the records can be handed over to your family lawyer to be used in the court. The app offers calling and messaging options and allows you to create events and store and print important documents.

Platform: iOS, Android

Website: https://talkingparents.com/

15. Custody Connection

Custody Connection co-parenting app

Image: Source

Designed to make your child the center of your attention, this app offers a primary calendar that notes all the important appointments and events concerning your child. It effectively tracks your custody days and even enables you to check your partner’s trade day requests without having to text or speak over the phone. It is easy to use and is only available for Apple devices.

Platform: iOS

Website: http://www.custodyconnection.com/

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is there a co-parenting app that goes through the courts?

Talking Parents is a type of online communication tool for co-parents designed to prepare a system-of-record for all of your communications. If either of the parents needs to supply proof of correspondence to the courts, they can obtain PDFs of the conversations by bearing some additional costs. The Web platform is otherwise free (1).

2. How often should co-parents communicate?

Co-parent communications should ideally be short, cordial, professional, firm, and respectful. Communicating once a day may be sufficient if there is no emergency.

Looking after the children after a divorce is one of the most difficult challenges couples face. Because scheduling time with children alternately might be laborious at times, you might benefit from using co-parenting apps. These apps take into account the challenges that couples confront while co-parenting a kid; hence, they include smart features that are beneficial to both parties. They are also practical, adaptable, and easy to use.

Infographic: How Are Co-Parenting Apps Helpful?

Co-parenting apps can facilitate the smooth transition after a divorce for both the parents and the children. So, if you are contemplating their use, this infographic will help you make an informed choice and understand the purpose of these apps better.

reasons to use co-parenting app (infographic)

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