Colgate's Dental Camp Is The Healthcare Initiative We Have All Been Waiting For - Here's Why

It has been said that the foundation of good dental health is established during a child’s growing years. Studies have shown that good oral hygiene prevents a child from developing major health complications. Developing and maintaining good oral hygiene also prevents further dental complications that may arise when your child begins to grow permanent teeth. Having a good dental regimen can ensure your children’s teeth stay strong and don’t fall prey to decay and cavities. For if a cavity forms and it is left untreated, it can lead to the development of serious issues such as loss of teeth, swelling, infections. These infections can even spread to the brain, causing severe damage.

Cavalier disregard for milk teeth can set the ground for major dental complications later as the child grows into adolescence and develops permanent teeth. Shockingly, in our country, only 3 out of 5 parents are aware of their little one’s teeth troubles.

Most mothers are often so preoccupied with taking care of all the growing issues faced by their little ones face that they miss out on other, not-so-apparent issues. One such extremely important but not-so-noticeable issue is of dental health. Unfortunately, by the time these issues do grab our attention, they have turned into something a lot more consequential.

Understanding the lack of awareness surrounding this issue and the increasing importance of maintaining strong teeth, Colgate decided to launch ‘The Colgate Dental Campaign’. As a part of this initiative, they held dental camps all over the country. One of our mom bloggers – Rachel Ankita Koshy, from Hyderabad, had the privilege of attending one such camp with her little angel – Jaden. This camp served as a platform for all parents to fully understand and educate themselves about the correct way to care for their tiny tots’ teeth. The information she picked up at the camp both surprised and shocked her. Many of the facts presented by dentists were something she, along with other moms present, were utterly clueless about. For example, she was unaware that more than 50% of children in Hyderabad had cavities, and that not caring for a child’s teeth could have life-long effects.

Jaden had the opportunity of visiting a dentist and getting his teeth checked for cavities and infections. The dentist checking him ensured that the experience was a positive one and that Jaden was comfortable at all times. He also took the time to educate Rachel and other supermoms about the importance of brushing before bedtime and urged them to check whether their little one’s teeth were properly cleaned. It is easier for cavities to form on the teeth of our little ones’ as they can be a little careless and clumsy when it comes to brushing.

With the effects of bad dental health being so disastrous and far-reaching, it is imperative that we make dental health care a priority in our lives and pay special attention to it. We at MomJunction strongly believe that prevention is better than cure, and that’s why we stress the importance of our kids developing strong teeth from within. As the specialist at the dental camp explained, when a tooth is not strong from within, it is easier for acids to break through the enamel and form holes in the teeth resulting in cavities. So the need of the hour is to strengthen the teeth from within so that they can withstand the assault of cavities and germs.

This is why Colgate has come up with the all-new Colgate Strong Teeth toothpaste with Amino-Shakti. Striving to make their best even better this new Colgate Toothpaste is made from a unique formula, which contains an insoluble source of calcium and fluoride – both elements required to keep teeth strong from within. This anti-cavity toothpaste also provides for cleaner teeth and fresher breath with regular use. It fights germ build-up, helps in the removal of plaque and makes your child’s teeth much stronger. Making your children’s teeth stronger from within means that it will protect them against all kinds of infections, putting your minds at ease and your kids healthy.

This initiative by Colgate and their new, amazing product is something that has been in the coming for a long time. It is time we taught our little ones’ the importance of dental health care and to do this we need to first make it a priority. Thanks to Colgate’s initiative, we can now do that and make sure that our little angels’ smiles are strong from within.