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About The Animals Coloring Pages

Do you have a little animal lover at home? Does he demand frequent trips to the zoo? Well, then why don’t you give him a few animal coloring sheets to engage him? Animal coloring sheets are a great way to engage your child’s interest in animals from an early age. These coloring sheets will work as an educational tool for your preschoolers and elementary school goers. Here is a collection of 20 coloring sheets that you can use for teaching your children about different types of animals. Have a look!

1. Squirrel:

Here is coloring sheet of a pair of squirrels hopping to get some color. Just print out the sheet and let your child fill with the colors of his choice. You can use the finished work as a poster in his room.

2. Jungle Animals:

If your child loves the jungle or the animals, then this coloring sheet is for her. It features a monkey, a giraffe and an elephant in the forest setting. As your child colors the sheet, he will be learning the sight words and hand-eye coordination.

3. Dinosaur:

Dinosaurs are amazing creatures that fascinate many young children. This coloring sheet features an angry Tyrannosaurus ready to attack. Your little one will enjoy learning about the Tyrannosaurus, as he colors the sheet. You can also ask your child to create his story around the Tyrannosaurus. It will make a fun activity for them.

4. Leopard:

After chasing the deer in the Amazon forest all day, this leopard needs a break. Tell your child to color in the leopard and the scene around him. Even you give your child a break from his hectic day at school with this coloring sheet. This coloring sheet will be a fun way to teach him about the jungle animals.

5. Farm Animals:

Spend your sunny weekend on the farm! Your kid will enjoy filling colors in this farm scene. It features a horse and a duck grazing the field. Ask your child the name of the animals he can spot on the coloring sheet. It will also shape his fine motor skills, the basis for clear writing.

6. Panda Bear:

This cute panda bear is busy chewing his bamboo stick. So tell your child to pick up some crayons and start coloring. Pandas are usually black and white in color, but your child can use his imagination to choose what color goes best with this cute panda.

7. Alligator:

It looks like this alligator is aspiring to be a rock star. So what do you think? Will he make it? As he colors this delightful scene, he will practice color mixing and coloring within the lines.

8. Camel:

Take your child for a trip to Egypt with this coloring sheet. It features a camel wandering in the desert. Did you know the humps on his back could store fat so that he can go in the desert without food and water?

9. Bear:

Bear cubs like to play as much as much as humans. This coloring sheet features bear cubs playing while mama and papa bear watches. Your child will have a gala time coloring the bear family in their abode.

10. Cow:

The mama cow and her calf are grazing in the grass. All this adorable scene needs are some bright colors. Can your child help paint them? He can also write a short story to go with the diagram. Just let his imagination go wild.

11. Polar Bear:

This happy-go-lucky polar bear deserves some cheerful coloring. And he will be ready to dance again once he gets some color. Do not forget to share some fun facts about the polar bear with your child. But do not make the session boring. Try to keep it as fun as possible.

12. Koala:

Meet Koala, an adorable animal that hangs around the Australian forest. This cute Koala is all ready to go to his school, and he looks so happy about it. Encourage your child to go to school by giving him this coloring sheet. Tell him that if a koala can go to school happily, then why not him?

13. Chameleon:

Tell your child to help this color changing creature blend into his surroundings by giving some lovely colors. These creepy creatures rotate their eyes in two different directions at the same. Share some more facts as your child colors the sheet.

14. Donkey:

This cute coloring sheet features a donkey. It seems like he is taking a break from his circus shows. There is nothing better than learning and coloring at the same time. So, while your child is busy coloring it, enlighten him with some fun facts about the donkey.

15. Monkey:

This coloring sheet features a monkey hanging from a tree branch. Your child will go wild with his crayons and the imagination with this page. As he works, he will also strengthen his hand-eye coordination.

16. Sea Animals:

Your kid is bound to love this cute underwater scene. It features starfish, octopus, and fishes. Tell your child to color these animals in bright shades. Encourage your child to count the bubbles once he has finished painting the sheet. It will work up his counting skills.

17. Bats:

This cute bat is also set to scare people on the Halloween night. But don’t you think he is too cute to scare anyone?

18. Wolf:

This wolf is on the loose! So tell your child to color this wolf to tame him. Wolves are excellent hunters. They can take down animals 10 to 15 times their size. Tell your child to paint him in shades of white, black and gray for a realistic look.

19. Zebra:

This zebra has taken a break from grazing to look at his surroundings. Perhaps he has seen a koala or a tiger. You child will think hard as he adds color this animated character and the lush background.

20. Kangaroo:

Brighten your child’s day with this cute coloring sheet. It features a mama kangaroo and baby kangaroo hopping through the forest. Where do you think they are going? Ask your tyke this question and see what he answers. As your child colors the sheet, talk with him about how the animals thrive in the jungle. It will surely amaze him. Also, ask him about his favorite animals. Which coloring sheet did your tot like the most? Tell us by commenting below. Read More >>
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