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About The Bible Coloring Pages

Have you begun teaching your child about the Bible yet? Are you looking for ways to pique his interest in it? Do you want to make it a fun start to your child’s learning and not just teaching? Are you looking for an educational way to help your child spend those free hours? If you nodded along to these questions, consider reading our post here. A good way to incorporate the teachings of the Bible in your child’s life is by introducing them through coloring pages. Read on and learn about some bible-themed coloring pages to keep your little tyke occupied in the afternoon.

1. Oh Sing To The Lord A New Song:

 Here is a beautiful saying that will start your child on the path to reading the Bible.• The image portrays a cute little birdhouse inside a garden full of flowers.• There is an image of a bird on the birdhouse.• The garden is full of little flowers and vines.• Your child can learn the message ‘Oh Sing To The Lord A New Song.’ It is a beautiful way to start the day and for your child to know the joy of singing and praising the Lord.• Let your child color the bigger spaces first. Once done, help him color the smaller spaces like the flowers and leaves.

2. God Created The Animals:

 Use the image to teach your child how God created the world and all those who live in it.• The image shares the message ‘God Created’ and shows the animals, birds, flowers, sun and more.• It has a collection of various animals like the giraffe, sheep, butterfly, birds and more.• Help your child learn about the various animals in the picture and ask him to point the animals out.• Let your child use various colors to make it a bright picture. You can then hang it up on the wall in your child’s room.

3. Jesus In The Boat:

 The picture here shows Jesus standing on a boat and throwing his arms towards the sky.• In the particular image, your child can see Jesus in a boat with other people. He seems to be singing praise for the Lord, even as the other passengers look up towards the sky.• There is a lot of space for your child to color, without worrying about messing up the outlines.• As the image has both sky and water, you can take the opportunity to teach your child about shading. Use different shades of blue to differentiate between sky and sea.

4. The Holy Bible:

 The Holy Bible is the holy book of those who follow the Christian religion.• Let your child learn about the Holy Bible by first learning how to spell it.• The image spells out the word HOLY BIBLE in big bold letters that will be easy for your child to learn.• It shows the book with the Christian cross on the cover.• The image has many big spaces for your child to be able to color on his own.

5. The Rainbow:

 In the Bible, the rainbow is thought to be the connection between God and the earth.• In the image, a man and a woman are standing in a boat and looking across at the sky.• There is a big rainbow that can be seen peeping through the clouds.• It is a beautiful and bright day with seagulls flying overhead.• Use the image to teach your child about the different colors of the rainbow and the order in which they appear.• The image has both big and small spaces to color, so help wherever required.

6. The Butterfly With The Message:

 Your child may be too young to understand the message, but you can always teach it in an age-appropriate way.• Use the message to teach your child about the strength of belief. If someone believes in the power of God, all the past sins will be forgotten, and it will be a new start.• Let your child color the butterfly using different colors of choice.• The image has very large spaces so it will not be difficult for young children to color either.• Once done, you can display the coloring along with the beautiful message.

7. Three Kings Along With Baby Jesus, Mother Mary And Saint Joseph:

 The picture shows baby Jesus lying in a manger soon after birth.• As per the story in the Bible, the three kings hear about a miracle baby being born and come in search of him.• The miracle baby is baby Jesus, who has come to save the world.• The three kings arrive with lots of gifts for the baby.• In the image, you can see baby Jesus, Mother Mary, Saint Joseph, and the three kings.• It also shows the guiding star in the sky that leads the three kings to the baby Jesus.• The image has different big and small spaces to color. Help your child wherever needed.

8. Baby Jesus In A Manger:

 The image shows the newborn baby Jesus in a manger with his parents.• Baby Jesus was born to Mother Mary and Saint Joseph, who were very poor and could not even afford a crib for the baby.• The image is a depiction of the famous hymn ‘Away In A Manger No Crib For A Bed.’ Use this image to teach your child the hymn.• In the picture, you can see Mother Mary and Saint Joseph looking at baby Jesus, even as the different animals in the stable gaze at the Lord.• The image has many big and small spaces to color. Let your child color the big ones and help with the smaller spaces.

9. Angels Singing Praise On The Birth Of Jesus:

 In this image, three angels sing the praise of the Lord as baby Jesus is born.• The image also shares the title of the popular hymn ‘Hark The Herald Angels Sing, Glory To The New Born King.’• It has three angels who have come down to bless the newborn baby Jesus and sing in his praise.• They bless the baby and wish for peace and prosperity on those who will be blessed by the lord’s presence.• Help your child color the image using various colors. Let him color the angels in white.

10. The Three Wise Men Going To See Baby Jesus:

 The image shows the three wise men, or the three kings, traveling to the place where the miracle baby has been born.• The huge star in the sky is the guiding star that will guide their way to baby Jesus.• There are three men on the camels, and one of them is looking at the star to help with directions.• The image is the depiction of the popular hymn ‘We Three Kings Of Orient Are.’The ten coloring pages we talk of here will be a great way to teach your child about the Holy Bible. Do let us know how your child enjoyed these coloring pages? Which one was his favorite? Leave a comment below.Read More >>