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Is your child not enjoying his daily lessons at school? Are you tired of seeing him make a dull face while doing his homework? Are you looking for some ways to make his studying hours fun and interesting? If yes, then you have arrived at the right place!

Coloring is not just a means of entertainment for children. You may not realize, but coloring can help your child learn skills like hand-eye coordination, color comprehension and many more. These skills are instrumental for early learning success.

Here is a wide variety of educational coloring sheets for you to print out. The article includes alphabets coloring numbers, basic shapes coloring sheets and rhymes coloring sheets to name a few. Please stay for a while and explore.

1. Alphabets:

Do you want to teach your preschoolers about alphabets? Then you can give him alphabet coloring sheets. Alphabet coloring sheets are an excellent way to introduce your children to letters. It will encourage him to identify both upper and lower case letters. You can decorate your kid’s room walls with their work. This way, they will learn faster.

2. Flag:

How well does your kid know the countries of the world? Test his knowledge by giving him flag coloring sheets. Flags coloring sheets will help your child recognize the flags of different countries. Give him a flag coloring sheet every weekend to familiarize him with the customs and traditions of different countries.

3. World Map:

Give your child a quick lesson in social studies with a World Map coloring sheet. Tell your child to name the different continents in the world and then color the page. Your child can use different shades of watercolors to paint the different continents. This coloring sheet will also look great hung on the wall.

4. Shape Recognition:

Shape recognition coloring pages are useful for children’s cognitive development. It helps to understand elementary structures and forms. Here is a simple shape recognition-coloring sheet for your little one. Have your child trace the shapes and then fill with different colors.

5. Color By Number:

This color by number worksheet will surely get your child all excited about coloring. Color by number worksheet is an excellent way to teach your child number recognition. Have your child to color the diagram according to the color key. It will help her practice numbers.

6. Connect The Dots:

Connect the dots coloring sheet is another simple way to teach your child number and alphabet recognition. You just have to ask your child to connect the dots by joining the number or letters in order and then color the diagram.

7. Numerical Coloring Sheets:

Learning mathematics could never be more fun. Have your child fill the numbers in different color combinations. It will make the coloring sheets look beautiful and appealing to the eyes. Then pin the coloring sheet on the soft board of your child’s room. Children can also print out this coloring sheet in stock paper and cut them out for school projects and other activities.

8. Vegetable And Fruits:

Teach your preschooler about different types of fruits and veggies by making her color this sheet. The coloring sheet features a basket filled with fruits and vegetables. Tell your child to name the fruits and vegetables he sees here. Then explain to her the nutrient value of these foods. Encourage him to eat a wide variety of fruits and vegetables for proper growth and development. Also, surprise your kid by revealing that tomato is not a veggie, but a fruit.

9. Color The Endangered Species:

From Florida Panthers to Bandicoot, many animals are in the state of becoming extinct. Teach your child about the endangered animals with this coloring sheet. Ask him what we can do to protect their population.

10. Multiplication Coloring Sheet:

Make your kid’s multiplication classes merry with this fun coloring sheet. It asks children to solve single-digit multiplication problems and then fill the image with the colors of his choice. Your child will enjoy solving these math problems while coloring the picture.

11. Counting:

Does your child need help in counting, but drags his feet when it comes to practicing? Then this coloring sheet is just for him. This coloring cum worksheet offers a lot more than counting enrichment. Your child can color the sheet when he finishes counting. Your kid will have so much fun that he won’t even notice that he is learning counting.

12. Tracing:

Your preschooler may not be ready to start writing, but that does not mean he cannot practice handwriting. Writing requires concentration and hand-eye coordination. So your child needs to practice it from his early years to acquire correct letter formation. Tracing coloring sheets will help your child to build muscle strength and exercise hand control.

13. Color By Alphabets:

You must have seen color by number worksheets, but have you heard about color-by-letter- worksheets? These worksheets are an excellent way to boost your preschoolers or kindergarteners alphabet knowledge. Your little one is sure to have a blast coloring in to reveal the image.

14. Rhymes Coloring Sheet:

Have you ever thought schools teach nursery rhymes in school? The consistency created by the rhyming lines makes it easy for the little minds to remember. Help your toddler revise his poem lessons with this simple coloring sheet. Nursery rhymes coloring sheet help children learn new words and visualize the story created by the rhyme. You must encourage your kid to think about sight words and simple sounds as he colors.

15. Color The Forest Animals:

This detailed coloring sheet will help children practice using different shades of color. The small spaces will give your child’s fine motor skills ample practice. And the lush background will give your child many opportunities to display his artistic skills. Do not forget to introduce your child to these animals while coloring. Also, explain to him the different characteristics of these animals.

We hope you find our set of educational coloring sheets useful. Do not forget to tell us which one your kid liked coloring the most.