About The Fruits and Vegetables

Does your child refuse to eat his daily servings of fruits and vegetables? Are you looking for some 1easy and quick ways to reinforce healthy habits in your child? Then why don’t you give him some fun fruits and vegetables coloring sheets to pique his interest in these healthy foods?

Fruits and vegetables are not only children’s favorite food to eat. They also love filling the pictures with the colors of their imagination. It makes fruits and vegetables coloring sheets the most popular coloring page varieties.

Teach your child about the different varieties of fruits and vegetables by giving him our set of fruits and vegetables coloring sheet. These coloring sheets are a great way to teach children about different fruits and vegetables while sharpening their artistic skills. Here we look at some realistic and cartoon images of fruits and vegetables.

1. Apple:

The coloring sheet here features a basket of apples. The apples look tempting enough to eat. Do you know that there is a famous painting of a basket of apples by Cezanne? Show your child an image of the watercolor painting before he begins coloring the sheet. He may use the same colors for painting this sheet.

2. Tomato:

Does your child want to grow his tomato plant? Then give him this coloring sheet featuring a tomato plant. Teach your child a bit of gardening as he colors the sheet. Surprise him by telling him that the tomato is a fruit, and not a vegetable.

3. Potato:

Potato is a favorite veggie of children. They love binging on potato chips, French fries, and mashed potatoes. The coloring sheet featuring a potato is sure to excite your kid. He may even demand a serving of potato fries after coloring the sheet.

4. Carrot:

Here is a coloring sheet of a cartoon carrot. Does your child know which colors to mix to make orange? If no, then he will learn by painting this carrot-coloring sheet. Your kid will get loads of motor skill practice as he colors the sheet. Do not forget to teach your child to stay within the lines. It will produce neat and clean images.

5. Mango:

What could be better than having a few slices of mango in the scorching summer? Mango is hands down, the most favorite fruit of kids. And why wouldn’t it be, after all its tastes so yummy. Children can use shades of yellow or orange for coloring this sheet. He can also use green for a raw mango.

6. Radish:

Children aren’t fond of radish, but they may probably like it if you share this coloring sheet with them. The coloring sheet features a radish ready to harvest. White and pink are the best shades for coloring this sheet.

7. Banana:

Make your child go bananas with this coloring sheet. Do you know where the bananas come from? They grow on the trees! Share some more fun facts about bananas with your child he colors the sheet. Your preschooler will learn about the sight and sound of banana as he illuminates the sheet.

8. Cherry:

Do you know how a cherry looks like before the fruit appears? Give your child an image of a cherry and its flower and fruit before coloring the sheet. Have your child color the cherries, red or maroon and the leaves green. For the background, he can choose any color he likes.

9. Citrus Fruits:

Help your child explore his inner Picasso by having him add color to this array of citrus fruits. The coloring sheets citrus fruits like apples, pears, orange, and lime. Let him break his orange, green, and yellow crayons to create a bright work of art.

10. Veggies Coloring Sheet:

Teach your child to eat his vegetables with this coloring sheet featuring veggies like tomato, spinach, potato, and carrot. Explain him the nutritional value of each of these veggies. The coloring sheet may inspire him to eat his vegetables without throwing tantrums. You never know!

11. Cauliflower:

Introduce your child to cauliflower, a cousin of cabbage, with this coloring sheet. The vegetable dates back to the ancient times. That’s fascinating, isn’t it? This coloring sheet will surely pique your child’s interest in gardening.

12. Cornucopia:

The cornucopia is overflowing with Thanksgiving treats. It features yummy fruits and vegetables like pumpkin, apple, corn, tomato, and acorns. Tell your child to try pencil shading on the coloring sheet. It offers a three-dimensional effect. It may also inspire him to make his Thanksgiving cornucopia.

13. Fruits Rich In Vitamin C:

Encourage healthy eating habits in your child by giving him a coloring sheet of fruits rich in vitamin C. Orange is not the only source of vitamin C among fruits. Several others fruits are excellent sources of vitamin C and aren’t limited to the edges of the coloring sheet. Teach your child about the benefits of vitamin C as he colors. Challenge your kid to emphasize the texture of these fruits by using colors.

14. Fruit And Vegetable Basket:

Modern science says that fruits taste better when they are in season, and we tend to agree strongly. Here is a coloring sheet of a basket overloaded with fruits and vegetables. It will give your child plenty of reasons to be thankful to the Almighty. This coloring sheet will produce a vibrant picture when done. Also, tell him to review the shapes that he sees on the page.

15. Fruits And Vegetable Mandala:

Tomato, carrot, mango, apple, peas… the mandala is full of summer produce. The coloring sheet conjures images of a colorful but vibrant summer farm. The image is an excellent way to get your child all excited about summer and even veggies if you are lucky.

We hope you like our collection of fruits and vegetables coloring sheets. Check out all the images and select the best one for your child. Tell us which one he liked the most. Do you know of any other fruit and veggie-based coloring sheets? Share your thoughts below.