About The Monster and Aliens

Does your child love cartoons that revolve around monsters and aliens? Are you looking for some indoor fun activities for your child? Would you like to compile a list of coloring pages that revolve around the monsters and alien theme?

If you can relate to the above situations, worry no more. Simply scroll down to check our list of coloring pages that will be a lot of fun for your child to paint.

Ten Monster And Alien Coloring Pages:

Here is our list of top ten coloring pages featuring monsters and aliens that your child will have a blast coloring:

1. Standing Monster With Spiky Tail:

Here is an image of a monster with a spiky tail.

• The monster seems to be smiling, and in the process he is showing off his set of big pointy teeth.

• The monster also has a spiky tuft on his head, around his ears and also on his hands.

• He is standing up on two legs, and his hands are on his waist.

2. Alien With The Word Spelled Out:

Here is a page that has an alien and also the word A-L-I-E-N spelled at the top.

• The alien has a tail with an arrow shape on the tip. The alien’s eyes seem to be protruding on top of its head.

• It also has two small horn-like protrusions next to the head and two small protrusions as ears.

• Its nose and mouth seem to merge, with two teeth jutting out in the front.

• It has a few circles on its body.

3. Cute Alien Traveling In A Spaceship:

The coloring page is very interesting, as it shows an alien traveling in a spaceship.

• The alien has one eye in the front part of his face.

• It has a round head with three antenna-like protrusions.

• The alien has a tail like that of a lizard.

• The alien is driving the spaceship.

• The spaceship has a round glass dome, and the alien is sitting inside that.

• The space ship also has a small body below with round designs. A few wheel-like things are underneath the body of the spaceship.

• It seems that the alien is flying through space, and a planet is visible below.

4. I’m An Alien:

Here is another very cute image of an alien that also mentions the sentence ‘I’m The Alien’ on top.

• The alien featured in this coloring page is very cute.

• It is standing on one leg, with the other leg bent backward. It is showing a V gesture with its hands, which is a sign of peace.

• The alien has two protrusions on its head and a long snout.

• Three teeth are jutting out of its mouth.

• The alien also has a round body with some round spots towards the back.

5. Bob The Monster:

In this coloring page, your child can color the monster called Bob.

• It has a body that looks more like a blob, with no shape at all.

• It has one eye in the middle of its head and a mouth.

• The monster has two hands but no legs.

• Its body has many folds.

6. An Angry Monster:

Even though it is an angry monster, it will not scare your child.

• The monster has a rectangle-shaped body with two horns at the top.

• It has two round eyes that seem big in shape as it is angry.

• The monster is also raising its eyebrows and frowning in anger.

• It has two hands on its waist and two legs.

• The monster’s mouth is open as if it is shouting at someone.

7. Cute Monster Face:

In this image, your child can color the face of a monster that is not scary but is cute instead.

• The image shows just the face of the monster and not its entire body.

• The monster has an oval shaped face with two horns protruding from the side of its head. The horns have a striped pattern on them.

• It has two big round eyes that have a funny spiral pattern inside.

• The monster also has a big flat nose and a smiley face with big teeth.

• It has two eyebrows that are high up on its forehead.

• The monster’s face is hairy.

8. The No Face Monster:

Here is another very easy to color image that shows a monster.

• The cute little monster in this image looks just like an egg.

• It has an oval body with no eyes or nose. There are two horn-like protrusions on its head and two tiny hands at the side of its head.

• The monster only has a mouth at the bottom of its body, which is like a smiling line. It also has two teeth protruding above the line and one tooth protruding below the line.

• It has two tiny feet at the end of its body.

9. The Alien With Four Hands:

Here is an alien that has not just two but four hands.

• The alien in this coloring page has a long thin body and two pairs of hands!

• It has two legs that are thin with two toes that seem joined.

• The monster has two antenna-like protrusions on top of its head.

• Its eyes merge, and its mouth runs like a thin line.

10. Alien With A Birthday Cake:

The coloring page has an image of a mother alien and its child.

• The two aliens are standing with a birthday cake that has one candle on it.

• They have long ears and eyes without any eyeballs.

Use these ten coloring pages shared here to give your child some fun alien and monster theme times this vacation.

Do tell us in the comments box, which coloring page from this series is your child’s favorite.