About The People

Is your child passionate about coloring? Do you want to channelize his passion in a constructive way? Then why don’t you introduce him to our collection of people coloring pages?

Toddlers love to learn about themselves and people around them. Our people coloring sheets will come handy. We have a comprehensive collection of coloring pages of people from different fields and backgrounds in various situations and scenarios. Our people coloring sheets are a reflection of the differences we see when we look out into the world. Have a look!

For Boys:

1. Clown:

Clowns are performers in circus shows. Clowns make kids laugh. However, some recent portrayals like the joker can scare the kiddies. Kids love the clown’s humorous nature and unique facial expression interest kids a lot. Mom Junction has a variety of clown coloring sheets for to tickle your child’s funny bones.

2. Cowboy:

Cowboys played a substantial role in the settling of the Wild West. They repaired the fences and building, herded the cattle and took care of the horses. Children find their uniform, especially their 10-gallon hats very intriguing. Cowboy coloring sheets are incredibly popular with children, especially boys.

3. Harry Potter:

Harry Potter is a novel series written by J.K. Rowling. The book revolves around Harry Potter, a young wizard, and his friends Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley. The wizard has kept both kids, and adults bewitched since 1996. Kids of all ages love not just the novel, but also its coloring sheet.

4. John Cena:

John Cena is a professional wrestler. He took home the WWE Championship defeating The Big Show in WrestleMania XX. We have an amazing collection of John Cena coloring sheets to keep your child happy.

5. Kingdom Hearts:

Kingdom Hearts is a series of role-playing games developed by Square Enix. The series revolves around Dora, the main character’s primary search for his friends and his encounter with the Disney, The World Ends with You and the Final Fantasy characters. The coloring sheets of Kingdom Hearts are as fascinating as the show.

6. Pokémon:

Pokémon is a Japanese cartoon series owned by the Pokémon Company. It centers on the fictional characters call Pokémon, which the humans capture to train to fight each other for sport. We have a set of Pokémon character coloring sheets for your child.

7. Super Mario:

We all have grown up playing Mario Bros, our favorite video game. Super Mario is a sequel to the Mario Bros. Super Mario is a multiple player game, in which one player controls Mario and the second player controls Mario’s brother Luigi. Your child will love filling Super Mario coloring sheets with bright colors.

For Girls:

1. Barbie:

Barbie has been a little girl’s best friend since ages. Barbie is not just a toy; it is much more than that. Barbie is a world of fantasy, which every girl cherishes. Today, not just Barbie dolls, but even Barbie comic, cartoons, animated series, and coloring sheets entertain young girls.

2. Cinderella:

Fairy tales are a part of a girl’s childhood. These magical stories attract young minds greatly. Cinderella is one of the most famous fairy tale characters. The story of Cinderella lures people of all ages, not just kids. Our Cinderella coloring sheets will captivate your girl’s imagination.

3. Dora:

Dora the Explorer is a cartoon series that makes learning science fun. She also teaches new Spanish words in her every episode. Dora is a 7-year-old explorer who embarks on a new journey in every episode. Your child will be more than happy painting Dora’s coloring sheet.

4. Hello Kitty:

Hello Kitty is the adorable Japanese animated character who has been ruling children’s hearts since 1974. She is the epitome of love and kindness. She loves to bake cookies and apple pie. Your child will enjoy Hello Kitty coloring sheets as much as she enjoys watching her cartoon.

5. Little Mermaid:

Little Mermaid is the protagonist and titular character of Disney’s “Little Mermaid”. Print out our “Little Mermaid” coloring sheets to let your child drift into the fantasy land.

6. My Little Pony:

Bring your home the world of colorful ponies with our collection of “My Little Pony” coloring sheet. “My Little Pony” is an animated series revolving around mystical ponies. These coloring sheets will teach your child about the importance of friendship, trust, and loyalty.

7. Sleeping Beauty:

Sleeping Beauty is another Disney classic. The tale involves a beautiful princess and her sleeping curse. If you have a little princess at home, then our Sleeping Beauty coloring sheets will surely appeal to her.

As your child colors the sheet, encourage your child to imagine how these people shown in the coloring sheets think and feel. They will come with some cool answers.

So why wait? Print these coloring pages today! Tell us which ones your kid liked. Leave a comment below.