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About The Sports

Do you have an aspiring athlete at home? Does your kid insist on playing sports all day long? Are you looking for ways to bring the sports indoors? If the answer to these questions is yes, then why don’t you give him our sports themed coloring sheets?Sports coloring sheets are a great way to teach your child about sports from all over the world. We have a huge range of sports themed coloring sheets like basketball, cricket, swimming and many more. Read our post and skim through our collection of sports themed coloring pages here. 

1. Cricket:

 Here is a coloring sheet featuring children playing cricket. How far will the boy hit the ball? Will it go for a six? Let your kid decide that as he colors. Cricket may not be very popular in other parts of the world, but it is no less than a religion in India. Ask your child to color the sheet nicely to create a spectacular scene.

2. Football:

 If your child loves watching or playing football, then this coloring sheet is just for him. Football is the most popular sport in the world. Yes, it is more popular than cricket. For every football lover, it is great to see things associated with the game. This coloring sheet includes all the stuff used during a football match like the net, cleats, and the football.

3. Hockey:

 Do you have an aspiring hockey player at home? Then our hockey coloring sheets are sure to delight him. It seems that this player will do whatever it takes to win the game. You can use this coloring sheet to teach your child about the different items that the hockey players need like the hockey stick, helmet, sneakers.

4. Volleyball:

 Is volleyball a favorite sport of your kid? Then here is a volleyball-coloring sheet for your little sports fanatic. The little player is trying his level best to hit the ball over the net. The coloring sheet is an excellent way to introduce your child to this game. Do not forget to share a few trivia of volleyball and its players with your child.

5. Basketball:

 Is your child interested in basketball? Give him a glimpse of this exciting match with this happening coloring sheet. It features a basketball player trying to make a basket. Basketball is popular sports all year round, and kids totally love it. Coloring in this basketball pages will give his fine motor skills training.

6. Tennis:

 Help your child practice his coloring skills with our tennis-coloring sheet. Tennis is a great sport to play on a warm spring morning or a slow afternoon. The scene shows an exciting moment in a tennis match. The player has hit the ball powerfully with his racket. Will he make it? The diagram will not just give your child a fun activity. It will also help to develop the coordination it needs.

7. Swimming:

 Is there anything that can beat the heat than taking a dive in the swimming pool? We think not! This coloring sheet shows a boy taking a dip in the swimming pool. This coloring sheet is sure to get him excited about the summers. You can also display the coloring sheet to your son or daughter who is trying to learn swimming. Give him our swimming coloring sheet and teach him a bit about the sport.

8. Ice Hockey:

 Here is a coloring sheet of a spirited ice hockey player. In his protective gear, this player looks like he can handle anything that comes his way. The diagram also doubles as a story starter prompt. Tell your child to write a story to go with this hockey player. Tell your kid to draw his favorite team’s logo on the guy’s jersey.

9. Boxing:

 Here is a coloring sheet of a boxer waiting for his opponent in the ring. He is wearing his squishy gloves, snazzy sneakers and, of course, an evil grin. Why don’t you ask your child to draw the opponent before coloring the sheet? As your child imagines his boxing adventures, he will learn how to work on his hand-eye coordination.

10. Baseball:

 Get your child into the game with this baseball coloring. It features a fielder about to snag the ball. What do you think will happen? Will he get hold of the ball in time to give it to the other team? Let your kid decide it as he colors this scene.

11. Badminton:

 Introduce your child to badminton with our fun coloring sheet. The coloring sheet shows a badminton player getting ready to serve the shuttle. Make your child color his jersey in his favorite team’s color to make the player shine.

12. Rugby:

 The rugby-coloring sheet will appeal to your child if he likes sports. It shows a young boy all set to throw the ball to another player. This weekend, grab the rugby ball and head to the nearby park to play rugby. It will be great fun.

13. Karate:

 The coloring sheet is an ode to all the black-belt champions and learners out there. He will imagine himself as a black belt while decorating the sheet.

14. Skating:

 Introduce your child to the fun sport skating with our coloring page. This coloring sheet features a happy skater participating in a competition. What do you think will be the outcome? Will he win it? The page will keep your child occupied on your next plane ride or a long drive.

15. Cycling:

 Cycling is one of the most popular activities in Olympics. Your little cyclist will have a blast with this cycling themed coloring sheet. Cycling is also a great form of exercise. But don’t let him cycle indoors. He may hurt himself or break things.These coloring will satisfy every sports enthusiast. We hope the little sports lover likes our collection of sports coloring pages. You just have to select your kid’s favorite sports coloring sheets and print them out. We recommend you print all of them out? Which sports does your child enjoy the most? Tell us below.Read More >>