About The Vehicles

Do you have a little automobile lover at home? Do you want to teach him about different modes of transportation, without making the lessons boring? Then give him our set of vehicles coloring sheets.

Vehicles are one of the most sought after subjects for coloring pages. Kids, especially boys, love painting them in their spare time. From cars to airplanes, to ships to trucks, we have a plenty of vehicle coloring sheets for you.

1. Car:

This car is in an urgent need of a paint job. Can your child do the job by using his crayons or colored pencils? Also, tell your child to write a story about where this car is going. Encourage your child to use colors like black, red, or cobalt blue to paint the car. He can also make scenery as the backdrop.

2. Cable Car:

The cable car is one of the most charming modes of transportation. Ask your child what city is this cable car in and see what answer he gives. Children can also make patterns like stripes, polka dots or even flowers on the plane. It will give it a different look.

3. Monster Truck:

Here is a coloring sheet of a of a monster truck. A monster truck is a vehicle with large wheels and a huge suspension. These trucks can run over any human made barrier. The monster truck race or competition is popular all over the world.

4. Motorcycle:

Have your vehicle-obsessed kid color this high-performance motorcycle here. Here is a dude ready to hit the road on his motorbike. Your kid is sure to love the funny motorcycle character along with this cool motorcycle. Ask your child if he had his motorcycle, what color he would like to be. Encourage him to use the same color for the diagram.

5. Bicycle:

Give your child this coloring sheet and tell him how awesome it would be to ride a bicycle on a highway. Remind him how important it is to wear a helmet while riding a bike. It reduces the risk of hurting the head if he falls. Your child can color this bicycle according to how he envisions his perfect bike. After all, it is his page.

6. Airplane:

The airplane-coloring sheet will encourage your child to use his imagination as the plane soars through the cloud. You and your child can write a story together or talk about your recent family vacation while coloring the diagram.

7. Train:

Tell your child to color the train before it starts moving. Your child will enjoy adding details to the train. The chugging train-coloring sheet will keep your child engaged during the holidays. Ask your child that if he were a train ticket examiner, where he would like to go.

8. Ship:

Step aboard for a trip to the Atlantic Ocean with this vessel wading through the water. This coloring sheet will get your child excited for a family vacation. Ask your child to draw a water body and scenery before coloring the sheet.

9. Truck:

Do large trucks fascinate your child? Then this coloring sheet is sure to please him. It features a road warrior riding down the road. What do you think it is carrying? Can you guess what it is carrying? Tell your child to color the truck and then write the contents on the blank side of the sheet.

10. Bus:

The coloring sheet features a cool school bus. Whether your child likes to ride on the bus or not, he will surely like filling colors in the picture. A school bus is one of the primary modes of transportation for children. Ask your child to draw a road, some street signs, or a bus stop to go with the picture.

Our vehicles coloring sheets are perfect for kids of all ages. Just print out these coloring sheets and start having fun with your child. What is your child’s most favorite vehicle? Tell us below.