7 Common And Shocking Reasons You May Need A C-Section

7 Common And Shocking Reasons You May Need A C-Section

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The second that expecting moms learn of the “big” news, they wait for the moment that they are finally going to be able to hold their little one in the arms. But, childbirth can also be scary and it brings a million questions to their head. One of the concerns that might cross their mind pertains to the type of delivery that these pregnant women might undergo. While moms-to-be would want with all their heart to have a natural delivery, there are many times that they have to opt for a Cesarean delivery. This is primarily because of certain unavoidable circumstances. After all, it is the well-being of both the expecting moms and the babies that matters, isn’t it? Here, we bring you some of the reasons that the soon-to-be moms may have to opt for a C-section delivery:

1. The Labor Is Stalled

The Labor Is Stalled

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You may need to go for a Cesarean delivery if your labor has reached a standstill (1). Just imagine a scenario where the mom-to-be reached the hospital with active labor. And, it is even progressing but suddenly there is nothing happening. Maybe, the contraction is not happening or the labor in itself is not progressing at an overall level. In such a situation, the doctor may recommend you to go for a C-section surgery instead.

2. Breech Birth

Breech Birth

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Another probable reason might be that the little one within the womb is in the breech position (2). There are times when babies might be with their feet or buttocks pointing down in the direction of the birth canal. This is known as the breech presentation. It is clearly visible during the ultrasound, much before the due date. And, most of the times, babies do turn back to their normal head-down position as the expecting moms get closer to the D-Day (3). But, if they don’t, the medical professionals may suggest the moms-to-be to go for a Cesarean delivery instead.

3. The Little One’s Head Is Too Big

The Little One's Head Is Too Big

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The doctor may also recommend a C-section surgery in case the little one’s head is too big (4). Or, at times, even in cases where the babies are larger on an overall basis. While this may be shocking, it is what some doctors may advise as the best course of action in certain scenarios. The fear is that the birth canal will not be big enough for the baby’s head to fit through.

4. Moms-To-Be Have A Health Condition

Moms-To-Be Have A Health Condition

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If moms-to-be experience certain health issues such as unstable heart disease or high blood pressure, C-section surgery might be advised as a better option (5). But, in such a scenario, the expecting moms are suggested to have an honest conversation with the doctor regarding the safer options beforehand.

5. Multiple Babies Scenario

Multiple Babies Scenario

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If the expecting moms are pregnant with multiple babies (twins or more), the doctors may advise them beforehand to go for the C-section surgery (6). In fact, depending on the weight of the baby or the birth position, the healthcare provider may even schedule a date for the surgery early on. But, one can always consult the doctor to understand the possibility of giving birth naturally and make a call accordingly.

6. The Baby Appears To Be In Distress

The Baby Appears To Be In Distress

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During the labor, if the gynecologist realizes that the baby is in distress, C-section may be suggested as the option to go for. This distress can perhaps be because of the change in the little one’s heartbeats (7).

7. The Moms-To-Be Have Had A Cesarean Earlier

The Moms-To-Be Have Had A Cesarean Earlier

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If the expecting moms had a C-section delivery previously, it may be recommended again. In fact, Vaginal Birth After Cesarean section (VBAC) might also be suggested, but it depends on factors such as the type of uterine incision. But, there are times when a complete C-section might be the best option (8).

As we have said it a million times before, the most important thing is to ensure that your little one is in good health. And, the way you bring him/her into the world doesn’t matter. So, go for what seems right to you and the medical professionals. Good luck, moms-to-be!

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