Top 50 Confessions Of A Mother

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As a mother you gather pearls of wisdom along the journey, most of which seems endless. But the most common instances of observations from a mother could run like this:

  1. The only thing that must be running on your TV throughout (even if there isn’t an audience) is the cartoon network. And you are not allowed to turn it off.
  1. You are woken up in the odd hours of the night to make food. You are both sleepy and sloppy when you do this. And by the time the food arrives, your child would have fallen asleep again.
  1. Your punctuality will vanish once you have growing-up children.
  1. Your food intake goes down as you attend to your kids.
  1. You skip breakfast and the forbidden untimely snacks.
  1. You lose weight while being up and about for them all the time.
  1. You can’t drive the car because your kids want you to sit with them in the back seat.
  1. You are no longer the brat that you were because you have cooler brats to take care of.
  1. Going back to work is a difficult decision. Finding a reliable babysitter is even harder.
  1. Mommy-guilt is always at work.
  1. You need to buy two or more of each item to do justice to each of your children.
  1. Their homework becomes yours, and so do their exams become yours.
  1. Potty training is a great deal. Teaching to clean up is even bigger.
  1. Your otherwise calm house seems like a typhoon with children around (and you love it even if it is stressful!)
  1. You realize you speak out the age-old wisdom that ran in the family so inadvertently.
  1. You speak like your mom even before you know you do so.
  1. You will buy a trendy toy or a game or an outfit for you child on demand. But after one use, they are never visited again. They become quite the use-and-throw commodities.
  1. You buy fancy foods in bulk for you kids. But they remain untouched even beyond the expiry date.
  1. Cleanliness is something they will not understand.
  1. They won’t pull out stuff from their pockets before giving in clothes for laundry.
  1. Don’t expect things to remain or be put back at their respective spots.
  1. Saying a ‘no’ to your child when you must is hard.
  1. You would chide your kid and later regret it even if it was for his good.
  1. You teach them that monsters don’t exist but contradict it when you need to scare them.
  1. And you say that fairies exist so they could be ‘rewarded’ when they are being nice.
  1. There is nothing like a mother’s sixth sense. Always listen to what your intuition tells you.
  1. You may be disappointed with a certain behavior of your child, but when someone points out you will take his side ferociously.
  1. The belongings from childhood will never be thrown away (even if they no longer fit them or out of fashion). Don’t forget the kindergarten handcrafted works. They will become the souvenirs of a lifetime.
  1. Always carry foods and milk for your children even if you were taking them out for less than an hour.
  1. Old towels, curtains and sheets come in handy in times of child getting sick.
  1. Always carry disposable bags in an event your child gets car sick and throws up.
  1. Training your children to prepare for the following day never turns out well.
  1. Putting them to sleep is a gigantic task. You lose most of the sleep in the meanwhile.
  1. Save your electronic gadgets from your toddlers. Their fiddling around with them can turn out into quite a mess.
  1. Each time you clean the house, make sure you are checking the insides of cushions, pillow covers, and duvets. Don’t be surprised at the articles stuffed in there.
  1. Your kid could be bombarding you with questions – some very embarrassing as well. The most common questions that can put you off are “How are babies born?” Just in case you are caught in questions about feminine hygiene products, genitalia or sex, use your wits.
  1. Stay prepared with any questions you throw at them because the only answer you get is a one-worded ‘nothing’. What’s the matter? Nothing. What did you do at school? Nothing. His friend calls up. What did he say? Nothing.
  1. It’s good to keep phone numbers of carpenters or plumbers handy. There is no guarantee kids will keep things in form.
  1. And it’s good to give your child the important phone numbers including your neighbor’s and next of kin.
  1. You will have to watch out if kids are lying to you.
  1. You will be keeping their companions under check too!
  1. Tracking kids’ activities on the internet is a necessary intrusion.
  1. Make eye-contact with you child – always. For one, it is a sign of transparency. On the other hand, you can catch your child off guard because if he isn’t making eye-contact, then something is wrong.
  1. Kids are not expensive as long as you train them to exercise control on wanting everything they see.
  1. Too many cooks spoil the broth. Get more hands than you need (even if it includes your children) and your work accomplished will not be up to your mark.
  1. There is nothing like a mother when a child falls sick. And there is nothing like a doctor that you must approach when your child is sick. Don’t lose time and energy discussing with a friend or browsing the internet for medical advice.
  1. Your child will be playing with his toothbrush or falling asleep on the wash basin than brushing his teeth.
  1. Pretending that you are listening when your kid tells his tales is being cruel.
  1. Your child will want you to read the same story over and over again – even if the book is a bible of stories.
  1. You start connecting with other mothers – including your own mother.
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