8 Useful Tips To Control Your Exposure To Toxins During Breastfeeding

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Every mother is preached one thing for sure out of many other that – Breast milk is the best and most important food for your baby in first few months. It is not only good for providing all the nutrition, vitamins and minerals to your baby, but also contains certain disease fighting ingredients that protect your baby.

But did you know that your breast milk contain traces of toxins? How?

Our body is exposed to certain levels of toxins on a regular basis in the form of the food we eat, the water we drink, the air we breathe, cosmetics we use and even plastics we use to carry. This is how you too are exposed to toxins, and hence your breast milk too contains some.

This concept of toxins in breastmilk has feared a lot of mothers and they have even gone to the extent of stopping to breastfeed their babies. Let us look at this topic and try to evaluate its impact.

Understanding Toxins:

The poisonous chemicals found in the environment are known as toxins.

  • These toxins exist in the environment for long and gradually get stored in our body fat.
  • These toxins are not easy to break, and hence they remain in the environment for years.
  • Slowly and gradually, the tiny amounts that we encounter everyday start getting stored in our bodies.

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How Is Breast Milk Exposed To Toxins?

Small amounts of toxins, which somehow get stored in the body fat, due to exposure are responsible for passing on these toxins into the breast milk.

Is It Harmful To Breastfeed My Baby?

The fact is that your breast milk actually contains miniscule amounts or simple traces of toxins. The amount of toxins found in your breast milk is not harmful for your baby.

In fact, you would be surprised to know that your baby was exposed to far more toxins while he or she was in your womb. Here how:

  • The toxins inside the womb too are found to be at really low levels.
  • Do not stop breastfeeding your baby as it is the best food and will always be for your little baby.
  • The antibodies found in your breast milk are really important for nurturing and protecting your baby.

The overall benefits that your breast milk provides to your baby are far important, than the minute risks that these toxins in breastmilk expose your baby to.

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Should I Switch To Formula Milk?

The answer to this question is a loud, clear and collective – NO.

  • Formula milk can never replace your breast milk.
  • It misses the bus of nutrients and healthy vitamins by a long shot.
  • No matter which ‘new and improved’ formula milk you provide your baby with, breast milk will always be the perfect food for your baby.

In fact, even today, breast milk offers thousands of ingredients that formula milk is yet to discover.

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How Can I Curb My Exposure To Toxins?

The best you can do to curb the exposure of toxins that remain in the environment is to control it in first place. Be a responsible citizen and never process or burn things which add on to pollution and pave way for number of health hazards.

1. The Government monitors and controls our food from being contaminated. You can however, adapt these healthy food eating habits to control your exposure.

2. Go for organic fruits and vegetables.

3. Adapt a healthy food eating style.

4. Always include a mix of fruits, vegetables, dairy products, starch foods, fish and meat in your daily diet.

5. Avoid high calorie dairy products. Always opt for low-fat ones.

6. Do not take the fish liver oil supplements. Instead, opt for supplements made from fish oil.

7. Try to trim the fat found in your poultry and meat as much as you can right before cooking it.

8. Your diet can control your exposure to toxins only to a certain low level. However, these healthy food habits can go a long way in building a healthy body, ready to fight back all sorts of toxins.

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We hope this article helps you clear all doubts regarding toxins in breast milk. Do continue breastfeeding your baby as it is the best you can gift your baby.

Do share your views on the same in the comment section below.

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