90+ Fun Couple Challenges To Get Closer To Each Other

Engaging in couple challenges and posting them on social media is a fun millennial trend. In these tasks, a couple has to do an activity or a task together within a stipulated time to call it a win. Indulging in some couple challenges is not only fun, but it’s a great way to break the monotony in life and your relationship.

These challenging and fun predicaments infuse excitement and allow you to spend quality time with your partner. So, invite a few friends over and enjoy performing these challenges with them. But, of course, if you are a private person, then just sit with your partner and get started with the challenge.

Also, it helps you two bond, which strengthens the foundation of your relationship. So, keep reading this post as we take you through some exciting challenges and tasks filled with fun perplexities for couples that you can try with your partner. Let’s begin!

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91 Challenges For Couples To Do

Fun Challenges For Couples

You can play these games whenever you feel bored. They guarantee unlimited fun. The only thing you shouldn’t do is tease or embarrass your partner.

1. Paint me

It is a creative challenge for a couple. Mutually agree upon a design that you can draw within a time limit. Then, select a part on your partner’s body where you will draw. The one who draws the design most accurately in the given time wins the challenge.

2. Smell and guess

Be prepared to tickle your partner’s senses with this challenge. Blindfold your partner. Keep an item near their nose and ask them to smell it. They can sniff a couple of times before they guess what it is. If they guess correctly, they win a point. However, if they can’t guess within a minute, the round stalemates and no one gets a point. Out of three rounds, the one with the maximum correct guesses wins the challenge.

3. Jenga

Jenga is a block game in which pieces of blocks are stacked one above the other. Start by removing one block from the lower end and place it over the topmost floor of the tower. You have to do it with one hand, without disturbing the structure. However, if a player finds themselves at an impasse and cannot remove a block without toppling the tower, they may forfeit their turn and pass it to the next player. The game continues until someone drops the tower while pulling out a block, at which point they lose the game and must face a penalty.

4. Two people, one body

It is an ideal challenge for a double date. A couple has to fit into one t-shirt or piece of clothing while sticking one hand from each side. However, if there is a disagreement or argument between the couple during the challenge, they will be penalized and must start the task again from the beginning. For instance, do jumping jacks or transfer something heavy from one place to another. The couple that completes maximum challenges first wins this challenge.

5. Staring contest

It is the easiest and quickest game on the list. Stare at each other for as long as you can without blinking. The one who blinks first loses and has to face a penalty.

6. Make me laugh

One of the most difficult challenges is to make your partner laugh in a pre-decided time. You can do anything except tickle or touch them. You can act funny or show them videos or photos or anything that can make them crack up and gain you a point. Out of five rounds, the one with maximum points wins. However, if either partner has any personal or emotional issues that may make them uncomfortable or unwilling to participate, the challenge should be discontinued immediately.

7. Emoji face

The one who uses lots of emojis in their text messages is likely to win this challenge. Start by making an emoji face, and let your partner make another emoji face. You have to keep doing it until one of you cannot make an emoji face. The one who gives up first loses the challenge.

8. Know me better

You both have to fill in a set of questions and then guess your partner’s answer to the questions you answered. The one with the maximum correct answers wins the challenge. It is a simple game that tells you how much you know each other’s habits, preferences, likes, and dislikes.

9. Guess the movie

Movie night, couple challenge

Image: IStock

Here is a fun but complicated game. Collect a series of three to five images of a movie that does not include the main characters. You can have pictures of scenes with a supporting cast or any iconic background image. Your partner has to guess the name of the movie with those images. The person with maximum correct guesses wins the challenge.

10. Guess the movie II

If you do not want to take the trouble of looking for images, play the movie-guessing game by enacting a scene from a movie or telling a dialogue. Your partner has to guess the movie name based on the hint you give.

11. Karaoke time

Have some fun by singing a song right while tipsy. Download a Karaoke app, and then select a song of your choice. Take a shot of your favorite alcoholic drink and sing the night away. The one who manages to sing most songs correctly becomes the winner of the challenge.

12. Twister

Are you flexible? If yes, you might want to play this game with your partner. The classic family game is suitable for people of all ages. Buy a twister game set and start twisting on the mat with your partner. Ensure that you twist your best to win this game.

13. Guess the line

You might need a Google translator for this game to prevent the obstacles. Type a sentence in English and translate it into another language. Your partner has to listen to the translated version and guess the language and what the line could mean. You get half a point for guessing the language right and half for getting the sentence right. The person with the maximum points wins.

14. Swap my routine

In this challenge, you and your partner swap places for a day doing chores that usually the other person does. So, for instance, on a Saturday morning, you should wake up early, do yoga, and then prepare breakfast and coffee, while your partner can wake up an hour later, have breakfast, and watch TV. Keep swapping your routine once or twice a week.

15. Dress me up

In this challenge, you have to switch your look with your partner. For instance, if you usually wash your face, apply makeup,do your hair, and wear fancy attire every morning, your partner will have to follow your routine and style while you follow theirs. You can guide them, but they have to do everything independently. Won’t it be fun to see your partner in your clothes?

16. Budget shopping

Set a fixed budget to shop at a specific shopping mart, and in that budget, you have to buy things that your partner would like to have. To make the challenge enjoyable, keep the budget as low as $10-$20 and set a specific time duration within which you need to complete the task. The one who gets the most number of unique items wins the challenge.

17. Let the music play

This challenge is perfect for music lovers. Look for any song online and play the first ten seconds of it. Your partner has to guess the song within those ten seconds. The one who guesses the most number of songs wins.

18. Find the picture

Find the picture, couple challenge

Image: IStock

Challenge your partner to find an image online based on a weird combination you give. For instance, tell them to Google a picture of a cat getting manicure or an elephant atop a turtle. Ensure that you give weird combinations, so it becomes a fun challenge.

19. Complete the sentence

If you want to get a little naughty, give your partner incomplete sentences that they have to complete for you. For instance, start with “Every morning I would love to….” and your partner has to complete it as per their wish. When in the mood to flirt, try it, and see how funny it becomes. 

20. Whisper challenge

In this challenge, one individual wears noise-cancelling headphones and listens to loud music. The other person tries to make them guess a word or sentence by utilizing gestures and acting it out silently. It can be funny as the headphone-wearing person guesses wrong, and the other person keeps trying to help them understand. It’s fun to see how well you work together as a couple.

21. Make-up challenge

This challenge can be quite interesting as you allow your boyfriend or partner who doesn’t know much about makeup to use your face as their artistic canvas. It becomes more exciting when the partner with the makeup brush has the freedom to apply the makeup in their own creative style while the other person sits still and closes their eyes. The final result could be hilarious, unexpected, or even both.

22. Best chef

Let’s put those culinary skills to the test. You can decide who will prepare dinner each night and see who can make the best meals with what they have at home. Alternatively, you may plan ahead and invite some mutual friends to judge the contest.

23. Guess the food

In this enjoyable couples challenge, you can add some excitement by serving your partner an assortment of ‘mystery’ foods. They must rely on their taste buds to guess what each one is while blindfolded. It’s a delightful game of culinary discovery and guessing, and the winner is the one who correctly identifies the most food items.

24. Cornhole match

A couples’ cornhole tournament is a fun and friendly outdoor competition that brings couples closer through a bit of wholesome rivalry. To play, each person stands at opposite ends of a rectangular cornhole board. They take turns tossing bean bags towards the board, aiming to land them on the board or, even better, through the hole. Points are earned for bags that stay on the board or go through the hole. The person with the most points at the end wins the round.

25. Gargle and sing

You don’t have to be a professional singer to participate in this activity. It can be delightfully entertaining to sing while having water in your mouth. The goal is to avoid spilling water while singing a song your partner can guess. If your partner can’t guess the song, you lose a point.

26. The floor is lava

This challenge is for couples that like to have fun and be surprised. While you’re out walking or performing errands, one of your partners may declare, ‘the floor is lava’ and count from five to zero. In those five seconds, the other person should try to find something to climb on, such as a sofa or chair, to score a point. If they are unsuccessful, the challenger may propose a humorous punishment.

27. Don’t use hands

In this activity, both of you have to lie face down on the floor with your heads close together and your feet directed in opposing directions. You can place your hands behind your back and try to stand up using only your legs, shoulders, and core muscles. The challenge is won by the first person to stand up without using their hands.

28. Wardrobe makeover challenge

You can both go shopping together and select clothes for each other. When you return home, you can have a try-on session to check out the clothes picked by one another. Opt for cute, funny, or quirky outfits for added laughter and memorable moments. You get a bonus point if your partner adores the outfit chosen by you.

29. Puzzle together

Purchase a few puzzles and set aside one evening per week to work on them together. Choose puzzles with a few hundred pieces to ensure time and teamwork are required. You can place the puzzles on a table or surface you don’t normally use, allowing you to leave them unfinished and return to them if you need extra time to finish them. It’s a fantastic way to relax and have some cooperative puzzle fun.

30. Adventure date day

Plan a day of adventure by trying something new, whether it’s trying a circuit at a nearby adventure park, hiking a new trail, or going on a cycling trip. This way, you can enjoy the thrill of exploring something new together.

31. DIY Project

Pick a do-it-yourself project to work on as a couple, such as building furniture, crafting a personalized gift, or repainting a room. Working together on a creative project may be both enjoyable and rewarding for couples.

32. Book club

Choose a book that both of you enjoy and set a reading goal together. After reading a section, you can casually discuss the plot, characters, and ideas. This challenge strengthens your intellectual connection and broadens your mutual interests.

33. Freeze

This couple’s challenge is simple and can be enjoyed over an extended period of time, such as a day or even a whole week. The rules are simple, when one partner says ‘freeze,’ the other must pause whatever they are doing and remain frozen. You can specify how long each ‘freeze’ should last and how often one partner can ‘freeze’ the other.

34. Card house challenge

Card house building is a fun and engaging couple’s challenge where you work together to build a delicate structure using playing cards. The goal is to create the tallest and most stable card house possible without collapsing. The person who is able to build the most stable and tall card house wins. It’s a lighthearted activity that can bring laughter and add a sense of accomplishment for the couple.

35. Couple’s origami

The couple’s origami challenge adds a competitive element to the traditional art of origami making. In this activity, partners compete to create the most impressive origami creations. Each participant chooses a design and is given a specific amount of time to finish it. For instance, they could make a lovely bunny or a dove. The winner is the one who can fold the origami in the shortest amount of time.

36. Bottle flip

Everybody takes a turn attempting to flip a plastic bottle and land it upright. The catch is that they must take turns, and the bottle must complete a full flip in the air before landing. The goal is to correctly flip and land the bottle within a certain number of attempts. Couples may compete to see who can finish the challenge in the fewest number of tries.

Fitness Challenges For Couples

Couples who lead a sedentary lifestyle need to work extra hard to stay fit. If you are looking for motivation to work out, have a look at these fitness challenges.

37. Weight challenge

Prepare a sheet and write your current weight and the target weight you wish to achieve in a specific time. Workout together and manage a healthy diet to get the determined weight. The one who gets closer to the target wins the game.

38. Fitness chart

It is a fun challenge to lose weight. Prepare a weekly chart and assign one or more exercises to your partner each day. For instance, on Monday, you could assign your partner 50 push-ups, and on Tuesday, you could make them run for 30 minutes on the treadmill. Similarly, your partner will have to give you tasks. The person who completes most tasks in a week wins.

protip_icon Quick tip
‘Husband does my makeup’ is another fun challenge you can try with your partner. Let him go all artsy on your face and flaunt his talent.

39. Skip a habit

It is a detox challenge, wherein you ask your partner to give up a habit of theirs, and they will ask you to give up a habit of yours. For instance, you can ask them to quit smoking for a month, while they can challenge you to quit social media for a month. The one who gives in to the temptation first loses. To make this challenge more effective, you can contribute a certain amount of money so the winner can claim it as soon as they win. 

40. Yoga challenge

Engaging in a couples’ yoga challenge is a delightful way to bond while exploring various poses. One fun pose to try is the partner tree pose. You can stand together, raise one leg, and place the sole against your partner’s inner thigh. You can test your balance and see who can hold the pose the longest. Another enjoyable pose is the partner plank. You may get into a plank position facing each other, with palms touching. Challenge yourselves by shifting weight to one hand and giving a high-five with your opposite hands while holding the plank. Remember to support each other, share a laugh when balance wavers, and savor the chance to deepen your connection through shared yoga adventures.

41. Running challenge

You can work out together by jogging, walking, or running for 20 minutes three to four times per week. Begin with a brisk walk and gradually include 10-30-second bursts of gentle jogging. You can extend your jogging time gradually over an 8-week period until both of you can jog or run continuously for 30-45 minutes.

42. Sweatpants challenge

For this fun challenge, grab a pair of oversized sweatpants. Ask your partner and a friend to hold the sweatpants open on the floor, thereby forming a target for you to land on. Take turns jumping, aiming to land both feet inside the pant legs. Switch roles with your partner and let them give it a try, too. The one who comfortably lands inside the pants is the winner. You may plan this activity in a grassy area to reduce the risk of injuries. It’s a light-hearted activity that’s sure to bring lots of laughs and create some enjoyable memories as you take on this entertaining challenge together.

43. Bicycle race

In this friendly competition, you and your partner engage in an exciting race, pedaling against each other to enjoy the experience. The main aim is simply to have fun while focusing on who crosses the finish line first. This fun challenge may add an extra dose of excitement to your day.

44. Dance-off

This fun activity involves dancing together in a playful or competitive manner. It’s a great approach to improve coordination and rhythm while having fun as a couple. So, put on your favorite music and let your feet do the talking. The first one to stop dancing loses in this fun dancing challenge.

45. Partner’s boxing

Even though boxing is often thought of as a power sport, it may also be a wonderful workout. This activity involves learning and practicing fundamental boxing moves with a partner. You and your partner may step into the boxing ring together and try to win against each other. It’s not about going head-to-head with aggression but rather a playful and energetic way to challenge each other’s boxing skills. You may get a decent workout while improving your coordination and bonding with your partner.

46. Partner planking

The plank exercise, which is well-known for its ability to strengthen the core, may become a lot more challenging yet fun when performed together. In this activity, the one who can hold on to the position for longer wins.

47. Couples triathlon

In a standard triathlon, participants engage in cycling, swimming, and long-distance running individually. However, in this modified version, couples take part in all three events as a team, creating a more inclusive challenge. Although it requires some training and effort, it can be a rewarding endeavor for couples aiming to maintain their well-being and enjoy shared experiences.

48. Two-person push-ups

In this engaging couples’ fitness challenge, each partner faces a different direction. One person lies face-down on top of the other. Both partners begin in a regular push-up position with hands shoulder-width apart. They raise and lower their bodies, but the partner on the bottom has to take the weight of the partner on top. Meanwhile, the partner on the top stays in a plank position. They may also switch roles as per their liking. It’s a great method to enhance both your strength and coordination simultaneously.

49. Indoor rock climbing

Consider going to a climbing gym together and competing on different climbing routes. You can put your power and problem-solving skills to the test as you battle various walls. It’s a fun approach to encourage and support one another, resulting in cherished moments and a closer connection between you two.

Text Challenges For Couples

If you and your partner have been away from each other for a while or are in a long-distance relationship, try these interesting texting games for couples.

50. Answers in a minute

Senda fixed set of questions to each other, and reply with as many answers as possible within a minute. The person who sends the maximum responses or sends all the answers quickly wins the game.

51. Emoji answers

Ask your partner a question, and let them answer with an emoticon. They cannot repeat an emoticon more than two times. It is a good challenge if your partner is quite reserved to give you details about their personal life. With an emoticon, you can get your answer, and they don’t even have to elaborate.

52. Truth or lies

Give your partner three scenarios of which two are false, and one is the truth. They have to guess which one is the truth. The game can help you know what your partner thinks about you.

53. Read my emojis

Read my emojis

Image: IStock

Ever tried to ask someone out through emojis? You can try now. In this challenge, you have to send your partner a string of emojis, and they have to guess what it means. For instance, if you send them the eye emoticon followed by a heart and a young boy’s emoji, you are trying to tell them that you love them.

54. Complete my story

For a creative couple, a game like this will help test and sharpen their creative skills. Send them a sentence, and let them add a sentence to it while you add another sentence after it. Ensure that each sentence you add makes sense and is connected with the previous sentence. Continue to take turns and add sentences, and by the end of it, you will have a funny story written by both of you.

55. Complete the song

As the name suggests, you have to complete the song. Send the first line of a song to your partner and make them complete the song with the remaining lyrics. The one who completes maximum songs correctly wins this challenge.

56. Finish a challenge

This is not a one-day game and will require at least a week. In this game, you need to assign your partner specific tasks, and they have to send you video or picture evidence of task completion. However, if either partner faces any unforeseen problems or obstacles while attempting to complete the tasks, they should communicate with their partner and try to find a solution together. For instance, if you tell them to plant a seed within a week, they have to send you a video or image showing them planting a seed. The one to complete the most number of challenges in a week wins.

57. Name the movie

Give your partner two famous character names, and ask them to guess the movie. You can give them the names of the lead characters or even the supporting cast, provided they are famous.

58. Twenty questions

In this game, one person imagines an item, and the other asks up to 20 questions to figure out what it is. It’s not just a fun way to pass the time but also an excellent way to get to know each other better. You can share laughs and insights as you play this engaging game together.

59. Categories

In this game, you and your partner pick a category such as ‘movies’ or ‘cities.’ One person begins by naming an item from that category, such as ‘Titanic’ for movies. The second person must then think of a movie that begins with the final letter of the previous one, such as ‘Casablanca.’ Continue taking turns until someone can’t think of a movie, at which point the other player wins the round. It’s a mental exercise that promotes word associations and rapid thinking.

60. Rhyme time

Choose a word as your beginning point, such as ‘cat.’ Then, your partner can come up with a word that rhymes with it, such as ‘hat.’ Continue this back-and-forth rhyme exchange, with each person providing a word that rhymes with the last. The goal is to keep the rhymes going until someone runs out of words.

61. Photo captions

This challenge involves sending a random or hilarious photo to your partner and creating innovative, funny, or thought-provoking captions. It’s a chance to show off your wit and humor while enjoying a good laugh over shared images.

62. Trivia challenge

Take turns asking trivia questions to test your knowledge on a particular topic or shared interest. You can keep track of who can answer the most questions correctly. This challenge is a fun way to learn new things, demonstrate your skills, and compete with others.

63. Compliment countdown

Set a daily alarm for a week to remind you to write your partner a meaningful compliment or an appreciation message. The goal is to come up with new compliments every day, deepening your bond with everyday affirmations of love and admiration.

64. Never have I ever

This classic party game can also aid in deepening your understanding of your partner. In this game, you both can alternate, revealing something you’ve never previously done. For instance, you might express, ‘I’ve never stayed up all night.’ If your partner has experienced this, they can either gain or lose a point. The first person to accumulate 10 points is the winner and is entitled to make a unique request that the other person must complete.

65. Guess my location

This challenge is perfect if you’ve traveled to multiple locations together and have shared memories. It’s as simple as describing a location to your partner, sharing some of your experiences there, and having them guess which spot you’re referring to.

Love Challenges For Couples

Here are a few challenges that can spice up your love life.

66. Kiss me challenge

There is no winner or loser in this challenge. It is to add some fun and excitement to your relationship. Blindfold each other and keep your hands locked behind your back. Stand at the two ends of a room or any open space. Next, make your way to each other and try to kiss each other on the lips. You can even record a video to laugh at your mistakes. This is a great game to end any strife between you two.

67. Touch and guess

Touch and guess

Image: IStock

Blindfold your partner. Guide their finger to touch any part of your body. They cannot rub or move their finger, and they can only touch for three seconds. And then, they have to guess which part of your body it is. You have to play at least five rounds, and the one with correct answers wins the challenge.

68. Click a pic

It is your chance to look like your favorite celeb couples. All you need is a camera and pictures of your favorite couples. You should see it only once before you imitate their pose and click a photo like them. Compare the images, and the one who closely resembles the image wins a point.

69. Hug me

Now here is a cute challenge. Stand facing each other. Then on ‘go,’ start hugging each other. The one who stays intact for more time wins the challenge.

70. Guess what you kiss

If you enjoy kissing your partner, you might love this game. Purchase a bunch of chapsticks, each of a different flavor. Blindfold your partner while you apply chapstick and then kiss them. They have to guess the flavor of the chapstick after the kiss. Take turns and the one who gets the most answers right wins.

71. Dare to do

Give each other unusual challenges. The one who refuses to complete a dare gets a penalty. If you have a secret bedroom fantasy, you can live it through this challenge. For instance, you can ask your partner to kiss you for five minutes straight or give you a foot massage.

72. Take a chance

Whatever you want your partner to do, write it on a piece of paper and place those chits in a box. Take turns and pick a chit, and you will have to complete the dare. Write your dare carefully as you might end up doing it yourself.

73. Roleplay

Have you ever loved a romantic scene in a movie and wanted to try it yourself? Here is your chance. Play your favorite romantic scene, dress up like those characters, and then ask your partner to recreate the scene with you. Remember, the scene has to be fun, and you have to speak the correct dialogues.

74. Reverse karaoke

Here is an interesting karaoke game in which you have to ensure that your partner does not complete a song. For instance, if your partner is singing a song, you have to distract them by kissing them in some sensitive area or massaging their sensitive spot. You need to ensure they forget the lyrics. The person who completes more songs without being distracted wins.

75. Time for fun

Spice up your love life by trying something new in the bedroom. Pick any intimate activity or position that you have never tried before. Set a timer until which it has to be done. It is a good way to push the envelope and try new things. Since it is for a set time, you will get time to know if you are comfortable.

76. Love scrabble

It is the same as scrabble, except that you have to form words related to love and romance. And each time there is a verb on the board, you have to enact it with your partner. In case you form the word ‘kiss,’ you have to kiss your partner.

77. Week of love

There is no need to wait for Valentine’s week to celebrate love. Assign each other love duties to complete over one week. It is not a competition per se but a challenge that you both have to give your best shot to complete. For instance, on day one, your partner should make you breakfast, while you should make them their favorite food for dinner.

78. Love poems

It is ok if you haven’t written a single poem in your entire life. Here, all you need to do is turn good poems into funny ones. Take any famous poem and replace the keywords with any word to change the poem’s meaning. The funnier the poem, the more points you win.

79. Ten seconds

This task will put your quick-thinking skills to the test. You can ask your partner questions or assign tasks that must be completed in ten seconds. For example, you could ask for a list of five things they like about you or ask them to get you a chocolate from the fridge quickly. Be innovative and pick tasks that can be completed in the allotted time. One point is awarded for every task successfully performed, and the winner is the first person to get 10 points.

80. Create a reel

Work together with your partner to make short, enjoyable videos for your Instagram reels. Get imaginative with dances, funny skits, or heartwarming moments. The challenge is to see who can come up with the most engaging and amusing reels. Feel free to use props, costumes, or your best dance moves. The person who is able to get the most likes on their reel wins.

81. Juggling competition

Get ready for a juggling showdown between you and your partner. With colorful balls or objects in hand, both of you can take turns demonstrating your juggling skills. It’s a test of coordination and concentration. In the end, whoever manages to keep the balls juggling for the longest amount of time wins.

82. Surprise date

Surprise each other with planned dates, but don’t reveal the details until the date begins. Choose new restaurants, shows, or movies you haven’t seen together, or plan interesting couple activities. The person organizing the date should just give the time, place, and any necessary preparations, such as stating, ‘Bring a swimsuit’ or ‘Wear comfortable dancing shoes,’ to generate excitement and anticipation for what lies ahead.

83. Exchange recipes

You can choose a recipe that both of you are thrilled about. The challenge is that you have to cook it separately. Share your opinions on the ingredients and walk through the process step by step. Then, in a friendly competition of flavors and techniques, you can both put your culinary skills to the test. You may compare your dishes to discover who has created the most exquisite dish.

84. Impersonation challenge

You may impersonate famous celebrities, each other, or any characters you like to put your acting skills to the test. The objective is to see who can impersonate someone in the funniest and most convincing way possible.

85. Trivia jello night

You should both make a list of trivia questions for each other. When one of you answers a question incorrectly or leaves it unanswered, you must gulp a boozy Jelly shot as punishment. This adds a fun element to any trivia game, making it both challenging and engaging.

86. Bubblegum blowing

You and your partner can have a fun bubble gum-blowing contest. With a few gumballs in hand, you both can try to blow the biggest bubble without it popping. It’s all about having a good time and sharing some laughs as you puff, stretch, and make funny faces to see who can blow the biggest bubble.

87. Water balloon fight

Fill up balloons and let the splashing begin. The challenge is to soak each other while avoiding getting wet yourself. You may set up barriers, plan sneak attacks, and embrace the excitement as you dodge and throw balloons. It’s a fantastic way to cool off on a hot day and enjoy some friendly competition.

88. Mocktail mixology

You may challenge each other for a mocktail mixology challenge. Gather various ingredients like syrups, fruit juices, and garnishes, then take turns crafting your signature non-alcoholic beverages. You can experiment with flavor, presentation, and even name your creations. Once your mocktails are ready, sip and compare each other’s delightful inventions to find the perfect mocktail.

89. Musical showdown

You and your partner can pick your favorite instruments, it could be a guitar, keyboard, or any musical tool you fancy. Then, take turns playing songs you love. The one who’s able to create the most soothing melody with the instrument wins.

90. Treasure hunt

Treasure hunt, couple's challenge

Image: IStock

If you like exploring things, plan a treasure hunt with your partner. You can hide a few things  around the house and write clues on the notes.

91. Challenge jar

Get a jar and write all the different things you want your partner to do for you on chits of paper. For instance, you may write tasks like cleaning the fridge, washing utensils, or a dinner date. It’s an enjoyable way to have your desires granted. The fun twist is that requests from both of you can be combined in one jar. This means that either of you can select a request at random, providing both partners an equal opportunity to have their desired task chosen.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is it good to challenge your partner?

Yes. Friendly discords can strengthen your bond while keeping the freshness alive in the relationship. You can try out different challenges with your partner, such as fitness or reading challenges, which will also help in personal growth.

2. What can bored couples do?

A couple can explore common interests to kill boredom and fortify the bond. Going on a date, traveling, camping in the woods, adventures like scuba diving, and visiting a museum or zoo are some fun things to do.

3. What can couples do for fun indoors?

You can start working out together, give the house a makeover, plant a garden, play question games, or watch a movie together. You can also plan a dinner date, picnic in the living room, or simply dance to your heart’s content.

Couple challenges have become quite popular in recent times. They are interesting and fun and allow couples to revitalize their love life. So, if you and your partner are willing to take up some challenges, try exciting activities, such as paint me, make me laugh, swap my routine, and reverse karaoke. These will not only entertain you but also help you recognize each other’s likings, strengths, and weaknesses. The best part about these challenges is they do not need much planning. All you need is the zeal to have a good time.

Infographic: Social Media-Inspired Challenges For Couples

Fun competitions among couples keep the spark and chemistry alive in a relationship, and what better example to take than the hilarious and hot couples on social media? So why not give these challenges a try that seem to be trending and doing wonders for couples by bringing them closer? Go ahead and explore the different ideas below.

trending challenges for couples to try (infographic)

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Key Pointers

  • Strengthen your bond with your partner by participating in fun challenges, such as Paint me, where you draw something on their body.
  • Play the block game Jenga or take up the challenge to make your partner laugh without touching them.
  • Have some blast during Karaoke time or take part in the flexibility game called Twister.
  • Scroll down and enjoy yourself with many game options like Dare to do, Roleplay, Hug me, and more.
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