19 DIY Halloween Couple Costume Ideas For 2023

You can always think of simple yet fun ideas to make your boring routine interesting. Couple costume ideas can help you dress up in matching outfits with your partner. It’s fun to stand out as a couple in casual outings, parties, or even on Halloween. Click photos to display your spark on social media as it can add to all the excitement. If you are searching for some interesting couple costumes, read this post to know about some amazing, unique, and easy ideas.

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Funny Couple Costumes

Add some humor to the get-together with a funny costume. Here are some hilarious couple costume ideas.

1. Clowns:

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Clowns are goofy and funny too. You and your partner can dress in clown outfits with details such as face paints, bushy hair masks, and clown noses. Carry balloons to enhance the look or do some funny acts together.

2. Santa and His Reindeer:

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This is a perfect couple’s costume for a Christmas costume party. You can dress up as either Santa Claus and his reindeer or Santa and his little helper. The humor comes in when the wife dresses up as Santa and the husband becomes the reindeer or helper.

3. Panda and Teddy:

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This is a funny and cute couple’s costume idea. Become that panda and teddy pair who would waltz around the party eating, dancing and having fun. You may also try some variations like one being the Panda bear, and the other dressing up like a bamboo shoot.

4. Mugshot Couple:

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It is a pretty funny idea as both the partners would dress up as reckless criminals with untamed hair, ugly clothes, and band-aids. Chew gum and hold placards to add to the drama.

Easy Couple Costumes

You need not always burn your pocket or go for a sophisticated design to look unique. Simple ideas like these can not only save money and time but also give some serious competition to others.

5. Thieves:

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This is quite a simple look to pull together as a couple. All you need is white t-shirts with black stripes and a pair of thief eye patches. Additionally, you can have a few scary marks on your face to attain that mischievous look.

6. Ghost Couple Costume:

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All you need is two white blankets with holes poked near the eyes. Voila! Your scary ghost costume is ready.

7. James Bond and His Girl:

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In this idea, the man wears a sleek black suit with black tie, cufflinks, and gelled and neatly combed hair; he can also hold a toy gun. His partner wears a red carpet dress with red lipstick and red pumps.

Matching Couple Costumes

You can try twinning in matching outfits or t-shirts with adorable messages, while you go out for shopping or a movie. Here are some such ideas.

8. Color Coordinated:

Wearing similar colored t-shirts is a beautiful idea to show off your relationship. Take care while choosing the tone as both must be comfortable wearing it.

  • Grey T-Shirts:

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Grey is the new black. This chic color looks dapper on both you and your partner. If you want a casual look, then pair it with jeans and sneakers.

  • White t-shirts:

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This idea is elegant and is perfect for a day out during summertime. You can pair them with denim shorts or the usual denim jeans.

  • Checks Love:

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If you are bored with t-shirts then pick up some check shirts for you and your partner. These are stylish and are suitable for a movie or a casual lunch date.

9. T-Shirts with Quotes:

Another cool couple’s costume idea is wearing t-shirts with funny and captivating quotes.

  • Deep down, every husband knows the wife is right, but they just cannot admit it. Wear this to bring lots of smiles.

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Halloween Couple Costume Ideas

Halloween is the season for costume parties. Here are some scary Halloween couple costume ideas to make a stunning appearance at the parties.

10. Count Dracula and his Bride:

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The Dracula costume is the first idea to strike for a Halloween party. The good old Count Dracula and his bride would make a perfect couples costume as it is classy and scary at the same time. Pale skin, Dracula teeth, a black and red cape are must for the Drac, whereas the bride can be the female version of Dracula or you can adopt the look from the movie Van Helsing.

11. Witch and the Scarecrow:

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Witches, Jack-O-Lanterns, and scarecrows have been the symbols of Halloween for centuries. Why not try this idea next time? Dress up as the mean green witch and the scarecrow.

12. King and Queen:

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Experience the grandeur of royalty with this costume idea. You may want to be Cleopatra and Caesar, Czar and Czarina, Prince Williams and the Duchess… the choice is yours.

13. The Victorian Era Couple:

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This look is straight out of a Jane Austen novel. The lady can dress up wearing a crinoline, petticoat, corsets and long skirts, curly hair and dense makeup. The man can dress up in a suit with waistcoat and gloves. A hat, handkerchief, and gloves will complete the look.

14. Spartan Warrior and Queen:

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The popular 300 movie has sparked the idea for this Halloween costume. If the man has a body worth flaunting, then dress him up as King Leonidas and the woman can drape a white shimmer flowy dress, to be his queen Gorgo.

15. Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf:

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This children’s classic is funny and apt for a Halloween costume party. The man can be the big bad wolf, and woman the Red Riding Hood.

16. Harley Quinn and the Joker:

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If you are in the mood for some craziness, then the deranged couple (Joker and Harley Quinn) is your best pick.

17. Frankenstein and his Bride:

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If the man is tall and sturdy, then Frankenstein is a costume to try; the woman can be the bride.

18. Prom King and Prom Queen:

Recycle that old formal wear. Add jewelry, sashes, and crowns, of course.

19. Salt and Pepper:

One wears all white and the other all black. Use large iron on letters to put a white “P” on the pepper and a black “S” on the salt.

So this Halloween, make heads turn by thinking of some fun ideas to dress up and get the perfectly spooky and exciting look that is unique and attractive. These couple costume ideas are wearable and suit any occasion. However, remember to match the costumes with the right makeup, postures, and gestures to make them look realistic. These costumes are catchy, and you will enjoy flaunting them with your partner. You may even share the ideas and tips you learned with your friends and have a great time ahead.

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