50+ All-New Couple Photo Pose Ideas In 2021

50+ All-New Couple Photo Pose Ideas In 2021

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A couple photoshoot is a lovely opportunity to create beautiful memories that can be cherished for a lifetime. You get to express yourself and capture the essence of your relationship.

The key for any successful couple photoshoot is getting your poses right. Poses, if chosen well, can bring a photograph to life, reflecting your love story. If you plan for a couple photoshoot and are looking for couple pose ideas, you are at the right place.

Scroll through this post for a collection of beautiful couple pose ideas. From funny, cute, romantic poses to formal and prom photos, you can pick any based on your romantic story.

Cute Couple Poses

If you are a couple who makes everyone go, “Aww, so adorable you two!”, then cute poses can be the best way to bring out your charm in front of the camera.

1. A surprise embrace from behind

A surprise embrace from behind

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The adorable pose oozes protectiveness and care. The picture will look more natural if the shot is captured as a surprise. You can take the help of the photographer for the same.

2. Lie down with heads together

Lie down with heads together

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For this pose, you can lie down with your heads side by side facing the camera above. Relax, and give your full wattage smile. You can hold hands to show how connected you are.

3. A piggyback ride

A piggyback ride

Image: Shutterstock

The cute pose reflects playfulness and fun. Hold on to each other tightly and share a laugh or two.

4. Kissing the nose

Kissing the nose

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Another pose that brings out your cuteness is the nose kiss. A shy smile in response to a light kiss on the nose will give you a perfectly innocent and adorable snap.

5. Pinching cheeks and smiling

Pinching cheeks and smiling

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Pinching cheeks is an endearing way to show your affection. It can up the cuteness quotient of any photo. So go ahead and give their cheeks a light squeeze and watch that special smile light up the face.

6. Teasing each other

Teasing each other

Image: iStock

Teasing can automatically light up the face with amusement and give you a fantastic shot. So hold each other close and tease each other to get that perfect shot filled with playfulness and joy.

Couple Selfie Poses

The selfie trend is still going popular, and mobile companies are coming up with better front cameras to help you get the best pictures. However, while taking a selfie, couples always end up with the same poses making every shot look the same. Here are some selfie poses you can emulate the next time you are trying to take a selfie.

7. Wide smile with a scenic backdrop

Wide smile with a scenic backdrop

Image: Shutterstock

The pose would look amazing with a scenic background and the sun shining between the two of you. Touch your cheeks, give your best smiles, and click away. If you are not fond of public display of affection, it can be a good pose to show your love without physical intimacy.

8. Kissing cheeks

Kissing cheeks

Image: iStock

A sweet kiss on the cheek is a cute way to show your love. Ask your partner to hold the mobile slightly downwards to get the best shot. Don’t forget to smile.

9. The irresistible pout

The irresistible pout

Image: iStock

Pouting can make you look stylish and cute at the same time. So give your best pouts and take the shot.

10. Teasing the camera

Teasing the camera

Image: iStock

Bring out your playful side and tease the camera. The pose shows that you two are a lot of fun together.

11. Hands around their neck

Hands around their neck

Image: Shutterstock

The pose shows the friendship and the comfort you both share. Choose a beautiful backdrop and take the shot.

12. Posing on a motorbike with sunglasses

Posing on a motorbike with sunglasses

Image: Shutterstock

Posing on a motorbike will help you show your adventurous and cool side. Raise your coolness level by posing with glares.

Romantic Couple Poses

If you love romantic movies, this is your chance to play the lead. Here are some poses that will help you shoot the best romantic photos.

13. Forehead kiss

Forehead kiss

Image: Shutterstock

A forehead kiss is the best way to show love and respect. For a perfect pose, get into a romantic mood by closing your eyes and relax.

14. Gaze into each other’s eyes

Gaze into each other’s eyes

Image: Shutterstock

They say eyes are windows to the soul. This pose gives you a perfect opportunity to look deep into each other’s soulful eyes and feel your love. So, enjoy this moment and let the world around you disappear.

15. Lift and kiss

Lift and kiss

Image: Shutterstock

If you are a romantic person who loves romance in movies, this is a chance to live your fantasy. It might be a little awkward at first, but you will get the hang of it. Just be comfortable and enjoy the moment. A long empty road can serve as a perfect setting for this pose.

16. Whisper sweet nothings

Whisper sweet nothings

Image: iStock

The pose creates an air of secrecy and mystery around the two of you. Whisper something wicked in your partner’s ear and watch their face light up with surprise and laughter.

17. Holding hands

Holding hands

Image: iStock

The simple and classic pose can show a deep connection between you. So hold those hands tight and show the world your beautiful bond.

18. Foreheads touch

Foreheads touch

Image: iStock

It is an amazing way to show your intimacy and connection. Just smile and gently touch your foreheads together. The pose looks incredible with the backdrop of a sunset, the golden light shining between the two of you depicting the magical love that you share.

19. Embrace of love

Embrace of love

Image: iStock

A hug beautifully portrays affection, care, and security between a couple. Hug without fear or care for the world and allow your photographer to capture the essence of your relationship.

Funny Poses For Couples

Are you a couple with a good sense of humor? Then funny poses are a great way to show your humorous side. The plus is that you would share many laughs while shooting the pictures.

20. Portray a plane

Portray a plane

Image: Shutterstock

The key to this pose is trust and balance. Trust your partner to hold you and enjoy. To be extra safe, do this on the bed.

21. Ice cream fun

Ice cream fun

Image: Shutterstock

Bring out the crazy person in you for this fun pose. Express a surprise to see the ice cream near your face. The backdrop for this photo can be an outdoor restaurant.

22. Sneakily look at each other’s phones

Sneakily look at each other’s phones

Image: iStock

The pose is a fun depiction of our desire to look into our partner’s phone and life. One person can try to hide their phone, while the other peeps sneakily.

23. Use props

Use props

Image: iStock

Certain props can add a fun element to your photo, making it look cute and amusing. You can pose with simple cardboard props of mustache and lips and make funny faces.

24. Snow fight

Snow fight

Image: Shutterstock

The pose depicts the playfulness of your relationship. Allow your partner to dump a handful of ice on your hand while you react with a happy and surprising face. Winter is the perfect season for this pose.

25. Shopping fun

Shopping fun

Image: Shutterstock

To get the funny model pose right, let your partner push the cart while you sit on the edge of the cart and raise your one hand in the air like a flying action. Don’t forget to show the excitement and joy on your faces.

Beach Poses For Couples

Nothing screams romance like beach photographs. The magnificent blue sea, wide blue sky, and golden beach can make even the hardest of hearts fall in love. The setting is perfect for showing your romance and making everyone feel the love.

26. A walk on the beach

A walk on the beach

Image: iStock

The setting gives you a chance to wear your comfortable clothes. To get this pose right, relax and stroll towards the photographer along the sea, arm in arms, staring into each other’s eyes. The scenic location and your camaraderie will create a picture-perfect moment.

27. Watch the sunset at the beach

Watch the sunset at the beach

Image: Shutterstock

A shot during the golden hour depicts romance. The golden hour at the beach can make your photo look magical. Sit close together on the sand and enjoy the beauty of the sunset. Allow the golden rays of the sun to spin their magic.

28. Hold arms

Hold arms

Image: iStock

The azure sea and sky, coupled with this enchanting pose, paint a dreamy picture. The key is to forget the awkwardness and go with the flow. Hold on to your partner for extra support.

29. Touching noses

Touching noses

Image: iStock

To give a perfectly perfect pose, move close, look into each other’s eyes, and lightly touch your noses together. Your affection and chemistry will come through in the photograph.

30. A beach picnic

A beach picnic

Image: iStock

The pose will allow you to enjoy a date on the beach. Just spread out a blanket, lie comfortably on it, and share laughter and some wine. The photographer will do the rest.

31. Lift and hug

Lift and hug

Image: iStock

The pose is great for showing passionate and carefree love. Jump into your partner’s arms and hold your legs off the ground. Lose yourself in the hug to get the most natural shot.

Prom Couple Poses

The prom is a special occasion in a teenager’s life. It is a memory that you will cherish for a lifetime, so the photo has to be perfect. Here are a few poses that will help you get some beautiful shots to cherish for years to come.

32. Hold her fingers

Hold her fingers

Image: iStock

The pose is not too intimate but shows young romance wonderfully. Just stand close, hold hands, and smile at the camera.

33. The dance pose

The dance pose

Image: iStock

You can play soft, romantic music for a perfect pose. Just hold each other, close your eyes, and feel the music. Your faces will automatically reflect the joy and affection, making a beautiful shot.

34. Cheek to cheek

Cheeck to check

Image: iStock

It is a simple yet charming pose. Place your cheeks together and give the camera your best smile.

35. Pose on the chair

Pose on the chair

Image: Shutterstock

Beautiful interiors are essential to get this pose right. Sit on the chair while your date sits behind you on the armrest. Look at the camera without cracking a full smile. This pose depicts power and royalty.

36. Give a flower

Give a flower

Image: iStock

Gifting a flower is a good way to show romance without getting intimate. It’s a sweet pose portraying budding romance. Just smile and look into each other’s eyes. The outdoor setting amidst greenery can be perfect for this pose.

37. A walk with balloons

A walk with balloons

Image: iStock

It is another simple yet beautiful pose. Balloons can be used as a prop for the pose, and the couple can coordinate outfits. Hold your hands, smile sweetly, and walk for a perfect shot.

Couple Sitting Poses

Sitting poses can help you show the comfort you share. These poses don’t require you to stand, so you can relax and enjoy the shoot. Check out these beautiful couple sitting poses for inspiration.

38. Wrapped in the blanket, enjoying the view

Wrapped in the blanket, enjoying the view

Image: Shutterstock

The pose symbolizes relaxation and contentment. Wrap a blanket around and sit close together. The girl can lay her head on your guy’s shoulder and smile serenely at the camera while your guy observes the view.

39. Lean on the shoulder

Lean on the shoulder

Image: iStock

The pose is also a picture of serenity. Sit with your shoulders against each other. Smile, and enjoy each other’s company.

40. Almost kiss

Almost kiss

Image: iStock

If you feel awkward to kiss in front of an audience, go for this pose. In this pose, you are closing in for the kiss but are not kissing. It reflects anticipation and romance.

41. Sit close to each other

Sit close to each other

Image: iStock

A picnic set up on the grass can be used for a perfect pose. Feel the peace and forget the camera and people around. It will help you get the most amazing shot.

42. Head on her lap

Head on her lap

Image: Shutterstock

The pose portrays security and comfort. The girl has to sit with her legs straight while the guy places his head on her lap to emulate this pose. Then stare into each other’s eyes and smile. The girl can also run fingers through the guy’s hair to show your affection.

43. Close to each other

Close to each other

Image: Shutterstock

It is a stylish and fun pose full of vibrance. For this pose, the girl should place her one leg on the guy’s thigh and cover his shoulders lovingly using both hands. Smile carefree to get the best shot.

Formal Couple Poses

The formal couple poses portray love along with poise and power and is perfect for couple portraits. If you are looking for poses for any formal event like an engagement shoot or wedding photography, we have some amazing formal couple poses which will make you look the best.

44. Dinner date

Dinner date

Image: Shutterstock

With the formal dinner setting and kiss on the hand, this pose oozes chivalry and old school charm. The guy needs to stare at you intensely to get this perfect, while the girl, can look away shyly with a small smile.

45. Hold arm to arm

Hold arm to arm

Image: iStock

Pose arm in arm with wide smiles showing your solid love and partnership. It is a great pose for a formal event.

46. Hands on her waist

Hands on her waist

Image: Shutterstock

The girl can place her hand on the guy’s chest while his hands lightly envelop her waist. Your smiles will complete the pose. The picture shows a sense of intimacy and elegance.

47. Head on his shoulder

Head on his shoulder

Image: Shutterstock

While the guy can stand tall and strong, the girl can lean on his shoulder with one hand encompassing his shoulder and the other on his chest. The pose portrays feelings of contentment, comfort, and security.

48. Hands on his chest

Hands on his chest

Image: Shutterstock

In this photo, the girl can stand while the guy sits in the chair, holding by the waist. It is a balanced pose depicting your combined power and charisma.

49. Look back at the camera

Look back at the camera

Image: iStock

In this pose, the guy stands straight facing the camera, while the girl stands facing him and looking back to face the camera. His hand goes around her waist while the girl’s hand is on his chest. If you are aiming to portray sophistication and glamor, this can be the perfect pose for you.

Christmas Poses For Couples

Christmas is a beautiful time of the year, filled with cheer, laughter, and love. Good photos can serve as the best reminder for such a joyous occasion. Here are some perfect Christmas poses to celebrate the spirit of this beautiful day.

50. Nose touching her forehead

Nose touching her forehead

Image: iStock

The backward leaning kiss pose depicts love and trust. The two of you need to align your bodies front and back to complement the tree’s structure in the background to emulate this pose.

51. Sit behind the guy

Sit behind the guy

Image: iStock

What is Christmas without gifts? And when we think of Christmas poses, gifts need to feature in them. A couple sitting in front of the Christmas tree with the guy holding a gift reflects the cozy family vibe of Christmas eve. It is a perfect picture to showcase the couple’s bond.

52. Decorate the Christmas tree together

Decorate the Christmas tree together

Image: iStock

A couple that works together stays together. Bonding and partnership while working is a crucial couple quality, and what better way to represent it than Christmas tree decoration. The pose showcases the excitement of the upcoming holiday season.

53. Light the sparkler together

Light the sparkler together

Image: iStock

To get this pose right, use a simple sparkler as a prop and get cozy in front of the Christmas tree. While the hug and head bump represent your love and comfort levels, the sparkler will add that magical glow to your happy faces.

54. Dancing together on Christmas

Dancing together on Christmas

Image: iStock

Christmas celebrations are incomplete without a romantic couple dance. So dim the lights, play your favorite couple song in the background and get into that perfect mood. You don’t need to pose for this one as a candid shot will encapsulate the emotions perfectly

55. Open gift wearing Christmas caps

Open gift wearing Christmas caps

Image: iStock

For this pose, sit on the floor in front of the Christmas tree together, opening a Christmas gift. Ensure that the gift box has a bulb or flashlight in it, as the light needs to shine on your face as you two look at it. The happiness on your face in this image will make this picture a treat.

How To Pose For A Couple Photoshoot?

Thorough preparation is the key to ace a couple photoshoot. If you have planned how to go about it and have arranged everything accordingly, the photoshoot will be a breeze, and you will get photographs that you can cherish for life. Here are some tips on how to go about it.

  1. Research: It is a good idea to research different types of couple poses before your photoshoot. While the photographer might suggest a few, a little online research could give unique ideas. You can pick and choose the poses you like that suit you as a couple. Share them with your photographer to know what is expected and share their opinions.
  1. Practice: After poses have been shortlisted, start practicing them in the mirror to figure out if the poses look good on you and whether you are comfortable with them.
  1. Decide the concept: The photos will communicate your love and connection to your loved ones, so have a theme in mind. Are you trying to show yourself as a fun couple or a romantic couple? Should you act casual or formal? Do you want to have a color theme? Discuss all these with the photographer.
  1. Interact with the photographer: It is essential to have a good relationship with the photographer as he/she is the one who would make you look beautiful and natural. You should feel comfortable in front of the photographer and trust them. Speak to them and consider their opinions to ensure a smooth photoshoot with beautiful pictures.
  1. Be ready to experiment on the spot: Sometimes, you get the best shots impromptu without any practice or preparation. So, if you or your photographer is inspired to take some unique shots, go for it. Also, discuss with your photographer to capture the candid moments.
  1. Stay comfortable: While shooting, relax, and have fun. The camera would capture your body language and mood, so ensure that you are happy and comfortable. If some shots are making you uncomfortable, discuss them with your photographer.
  1. Find a good location: Location is an integral part of any photo shoot. Considering factors like comfort, travel time, crowd, and your personal preference (indoor or outdoor, mountain or beach) will help you zero in on the locations. Sit down with your photographer and discuss before finalizing any place for the shoot.
  1. Pick the best clothes: Clothes add to the beauty of any photograph. So, put on comfortable clothes, suitable as per the climate, and something that goes with the theme. Decide how many outfits you will have to change during the shoot.

Use any of these poses as a reference and add your flair and individuality to them. Enjoy spending quality time together and relive your romance. If you are relaxed and happy, the poses look more natural, giving you the most incredible shots. You can then share your journey of love with your family and friends.