Couple Reveal Miscarriage Heartache After Their Surprise Pregnancy Video Went Viral

Miscarriage Heartache

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Sam and Nia Rader, are a rather good-looking couple from Terrell, Texas, and they attracted a lot of attention recently. However, it doesn’t have anything to do with their looks. Their video went viral on YouTube when Sam surprised his wife with a positive pregnancy test even before she knew it. Sam had used the pee that she left in a toilet bowl for the test.

He wanted to create the pregnancy test video without his wife’s knowledge. So he had to do the test when she wasn’t looking. “My wife made this easier,” he said, “because she doesn’t flush the toilet at night to avoid waking our kids, 5-year-old Symphony and Abram, who is nearly 2.”

Sam had videoed the whole event and posted on YouTube. It went viral and racked up about 13 million views on the channel garnering huge fan support and well-wishers. Soon there was a new post titled “WE’RE GOING VIRAL!!”

He said he tested her urine on other times by using a dropper to draw it out of the toilet, but it always showed a negative. One fine morning as he was getting off work, Nia texted him that her period was two weeks late. This time, he tried again and it turned out positive. He broke the news to his wife and children. He captured her reaction on the video as well.

In just three days after the post had gone viral, the Raders posted a new video that broke the excruciating news. It was titled “Our Baby Had a Heartbeat.” They had lost the baby. Apparently Nia had been six weeks pregnant and it was going to be a girl. This video went overboard with over 4 million views soon after.

“We’re so hurt but we’re so thankful that God used us like this,” Sam says in the video, “I just hope this video continues to be a way for God to shine his light through us.”

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There was a mass reaction with well wishes pouring in from fans around the world people who also praised them for breaking the wrong notions about miscarriage.

But while the story has received much sympathy, the skeptics have dismissed it in that the Raders must have faked the miscarriage for attention.

On the other hand, doctors do not approve of the method used by Sam to administer the pregnancy test. It’s a different thing that the high school sweethearts never confirmed the pregnancy test with a doctor. But the test has not been recommended as it may lead to false negatives or false positives. It was not so much to do with the test kit, as it had to do with the fact that the urine in a toilet bowl could be diluted by the toilet water. Also the pregnancy hormone hCG may no longer be detectable this way if performed on a home pregnancy test apparatus. Also, if there is a chemical in the toilet bowl, it’s likely to interfere with the test results.

What attracted further skepticism is that Sam had posted a video the following day saying he had quit his job as a nurse at Texas Regional Medical Center and taken to vlogging full-time. However, his employer refuted that Sam had quit. Sam instead said that perhaps his paperwork weren’t processed yet and technically he was on his last two weeks of work with them, which he had called off due to his wife’s miscarriage. Earlier he had also stated that he was making enough money from vlogging and his side photography business to make ends meet.

There were reports of the couple trying to use their fame to visit Legoland for free, but it backfired.

The Rader couple had been pretty popular by posting videos about their everyday life on YouTube. Their video of the two singing to Frozen in their car was a big hit with more than 20 million views worldwide.

But despite the negativity that they have recently gathered on social media, Sam shrugs it off. “Basically we don’t respond to that, the positivity outweighs the negativity,” he says.

As of the future, the couple still wishes to have a third child. “Our new journey is to keep trying to have another baby,” he says.

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