15 Engaging Activities For Preschoolers To Try At Home

Preschoolers, or children aged two to five, are in the formative years of their lives. Activities for preschoolers can help in developing their gross and fine motor skills. During these formative years, they develop leaps and bounds in their reasoning, thinking, questioning, and comprehension of the world around them.

Your child matures from a reliant toddler to a self-assured, inquisitive, and turns into an explorer. In the domains of social, cognitive, verbal, physical, sensory/motor, and emotional development, they make significant progress.

Your preschooler is going through a lot of physical growth right now, and they will soon be able to climb, walk, and run independently. With the ability to go up and downstairs, use pencils and crayons, dress and groom, write, and so on, sensory and motor progress will occur. Their social abilities start to develop quickly, and they transition from egocentric to cooperative play, make friends, control emotions, etc.

Why Activities Are Important For Your Preschooler?

This crucial stage of development in preschoolers needs to be supported by all possible means. Exposing children to constructive experiences during this period will gear them up for their life. This can include imaginative play, make-believe, creativity and other activities for preschoolers.

It would not be wrong to say that the preschool years are a busy time of change and learning. It is not easy to cope with these enormous transformations, for both you and your child.

Energy levels are very high during this age and you might find it quite tricky to keep your preschooler in control.

Keeping him occupied, channelizing all that bubbling energy, answering the thousands of questions he shoots at you, ensuring that he stays safe and builds skills in the right way, can be a monumental task for you as a parent.

At this stage, you may enroll him in a pre-school, play-home or kindergarten simply to keep him busy and gainfully occupied.

Many of these institutions are little more than day-care centers with activity-based learning, music, dance, art etc. to keep your child engaged. However, you must ensure that formal academic training is not forced upon your child before he is ready for it.

Top 15 Activities For Preschoolers:

Here are the top 15 toddlers activities that you can safely include your preschooler in. Most of these are great ways to mix play with learning. Not only will these keep your child occupied, but will also help teach about various things that will come in handy later once school begins.

1. Name Games:

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This is a fun ways to help your child learn his name.

  • Write out your child’s name with a yellow or fluorescent high-lighter and get him to trace it out.
  • Write your child’s name in large letters on a piece of card.
  • You could cut up colored, shiny paper into small pieces and get your child to glue them on in the form of a mosaic.

2. Cardboard Creativity:

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At home, you can arrange a set of cardboard boxes or cartons and let your child create different things from these. Your child could make trains, buildings, furniture, ramps, airplanes, cooking-range, stairs, buses, etc. This will improve his creative skills. Ensure that you play this in a carpeted area so that your child doesn’t hurt himself in case of a.

3. Cooking & Eating:

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Simple recipes like mini-burgers, carrot and cucumber sticks with dips, fridge-cakes, milk-shakes, smoothies, rice crispy balls, mini pizzas, etc. are fun to make and eat too.

For busy moms, this may well take care of lunch too! Make sure you don’t select recipes that call for sharp knives, frying, boiling, working with open flames, etc. This is one of the exciting mother toddler activities, provides a great way to get your child familiar with the kitchen.

Lay down your kitchen rules:

  • Lay down your kitchen rules
  • Wash hands first
  • Don’t touch anything with sticky fingers
  • Wear an apron
  • Keep your hair out of the way
  • Tidy up afterwards

4. Vegetable Prints:

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These are simple to make:

  • You need to cut okra, carrots, potatoes, onions etc.
  • Dip in poster colors to make great designs which your child can hang up on the wall.
  • You can also trace out a simple picture and ask your toddler to stamp and fill it out.

5. Young Yoga:

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Get your exercise along with your child. Teach him simple bending and stretching exercises, breathing and repeating different mantras. Also focus on how yoga and other meditative practices help him- this will help him develop this healthy habit right from the beginning.

6. Indoor Basketball:

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This one will get your kid more active and will help him develop his motor skills. Fix a hoop over your doorway and make newspaper balls for your child to throw into the hoop. Basketball and other similar indoor activities are a good way to develop the habit of physical activity in your kid.

7. Puppets:

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Toddlers love everything that’s colorful and playful, and there’s nothing better than getting him engaged in a playful puppet act. Make paper-bag puppets and create a story which your child and his friends can enact. You can also get your toddler to create some simple paper puppets himself to help him explore his artsy side.

8. Concert Fun:

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Invite all the parents over and have a regular concert evening where your child and his friends can showcase their talents like singing, dancing, skits, gymnastics, etc.

Since this will need weeks of practice, this can occupy most of the summer holidays!

Charge a small fee for tickets and the children can get themselves ice-creams or soda at the end.

9. Table Tents:

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This can be fun and can go on for hours!

Hang a large bed sheet across your dining table and another one round the legs.

This makes a cute, cozy tent for your preschoolers.

10. Gardening:

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Teach your child to grow plants and care for them:

  • Buy small pots and fill with garden soil.
  • Get easy and fast growing plants/seeds which your child can water and care for every day.
  • Write your child’s name on the pot.

11. Outings:

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Day outings are the best thing you can have with your tot. Make sure to have a wonderful time together!

Take your child to banks, post-offices, railway stations, parks, zoo and other places of interest.

Carry a picnic lunch and make it a fun day for both of you.

12. Sorting:

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How about some sorting games? Try these with your tot:

Mix a huge jar with beans, grains, pulses etc. and get your child to sort out the different items.

This is a great activity for learning sorting skills.

13. Dress-Up Fun:

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Collect different items of clothing, old jewelry, hats, bags, shoes etc.

Your child will have hours of fun dressing up as a favorite movie star/celeb.

Make sure you click lots of pictures and upload on your computer!

14. Cotton-Swab Painting:

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Fix some large sheets of paper on your wall.

Get cotton swabs, poster colors and aprons.

Let your child paint on the sheets of paper by dipping the cotton-swabs in the paint.

15. Sound Recording Studio:

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Does your tot sings in his own unique voice? Why don’t you encourage it with a simple activity?

Get a pair of headphones and a karaoke mike.

Hours of fun for your child to record his own favorite musical numbers!

When your baby transforms into a preschooler, you watch them evolve into an ever-energetic, inquisitive, and exploring individual. It is essential to keep them engaged with the right kind of activities for preschoolers that are age-appropriate, fun, and interesting. These activities are bound to keep them busy and aid in the development of several vital skills, gearing them up for the rapid learning process. You may pick an activity as per the time and preference of your little one and watch them explore, learn, and develop.

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