These 11 Creative Ideas Will Turn Your Kid Into An 'Addictive' Wizkid! Number 11 Is A Must Try!

Creative Ideas Will Turn Your Kid Into An 'Addictive' Wizkid

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Kids are used to repeat activities. While some of them may be annoying, you could turn it to your mutual advantage. Some could get them to get creative. And some might help them resurface with hidden talents. Here are 11 addictive ideas we recommend for kids:

1. A cardboard graffiti corner:

A cardboard graffiti corner

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Aren’t you tired of telling your child not to draw or paint on the walls of your home? You could have him succumb to this addiction in a cardboard box instead. Get him to sit and draw, paint or ruin the cardboard walls as long as he wants until you can get him another box to do the same 

2. Making his concert:

When your kitchenware is seemingly accessible to the little monster, and he can’t stop drumming them around, ask him to take utensils to his space and make a cute studio.  It may be very noisy, but will allow you to do your own thing while he is in his room.

3. Get help in kneading the dough:

Get help in kneading the dough

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Each time you begin to knead the dough; your kids habitually swarm around pulling out chunks from it. Not a great idea! Instead give them extra material to make the dough so they could make their bread or pizzas!

4. Straw architecture:

Straw architecture

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Imagine the amazing things children could make out of straws. Don’t dispose them. Ask them to join the ends, twist and turn them, tape them if need be, and they could create an interesting creature or an architecture marvel out of them!

5. Funky salad making:

If kids are habitually pulling out all the veggies you have chopped and stored, they are strewing them apart, ask them to make some creative salads. Few crackers, cheese and mayonnaise could add more to it. Gain the advantage of kids loving to eat salads this way.

6. Pyramid-building:


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A pack of cards, recyclable brochures or flyers will do the trick. Stack them one over the other in pyramids, the larger sized cards to form a supportive skeleton. The one who makes the biggest pyramid wins.

7. Aiming the turnpike right:

Some naughty boys keep aiming their turnpike on people. Pretty annoying… especially to strangers. Allow them to handle them, but in a neat way. Ask them not to aim at someone, but an object more interesting. Stick a dartboard or pin a monster eye to a tree instead.

8. Teaching the adamant shopper:

Teaching the adamant shopper

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Sure your stubborn child asks you to buy her a surprise every single day. And you do as much as possible to satiate her demands. But there must be a limit on your little shopper. What do you do? Buy her a piggy bank! Get her to save a penny every single day. It could as well be her first lessons towards investments 

9. Making the drive-way colorful:

Your driveway might have just begun to look funkier! I know how kids can manhandle dark surfaces when they have chalk pieces in hands. Better allow them take on the drive-ways than pull apart your furniture. Be watchful lest they cross the boundaries.

10. Making an early Easter-eggs:

It might not be a bad idea to paint Easter eggs after all! If your kids are getting fussy, get them to paint their Easter eggs ahead of time. It’s likely that they will make so many that will be good enough to make an Easter Egg Tree! 

11. Discover your child’s talent:

You never know what your child is ready for in the future. But you could identify her talents through playacts. Does she want to be a news anchor? Make props if possible. She could read out the news for the day or do some live reporting!

The next time you see your child nitpicking put them to one of these activities. He is sure to ask for more!

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