21 Creative Pregnancy Announcement Ideas To Totally Steal

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Pregnancy makes any parent excited. But how do you break out this news to your partner or your loved ones? “I am pregnant” sounds okay-ish. But what if you want to add a bit of creativity when sharing this joyous news? You might want to find fun and interesting ways to spread the word about your pregnancy. You can go all out with clever and funny ways or you can do something more heartfelt. One of the most popular ways of doing it since ages has been sharing the sonogram copy with your family and friends. Parents today are getting more creative and indulgent when it comes to sharing the news with photoshoots and movie posters. Future parents, if you are in dire need of some inspiration, these ideas are sure to get you inspired:

1. When The Fur Baby Got A Human Baby

carlosmty88 / Instagram

This couple chose to say it with their dog and a beautiful sonogram picture. We have to say, the dog’s expression is too cute for words.

2. The Book Says It All

insta_margo_gram / Instagram

You can get creative if you are already parents. Here, the kid says it with a book. We wonder where they got the book from.

3. Expanding Their Fleet

mals_85 / Instagram

What better way to share the news than with your canine friend? This couple sure knows how to do it right.

4. Grandma Will Be Happy

/tgxphotos.crystal / Instagram

Wondering how to share the news with your parents? This photo must have given you some ideas for sure.

5. Guess What?

luxeian / Instagram

Just a onesie will do the trick. This couple said everything without saying anything. Get inspired, people!

6. Some Humor Wouldn’t Hurt

dearmaternity / Instagram

There’s no better way to share the joyful news of your little one than with some humor. This post is sure to make anyone laugh.

7. Christmas Baby

makeupbyramagian / Instagram

If your baby is due in December, a board and some jingles are all you need to share the news with your close ones.

8. For The Gamers

For The Gamers

mercedes_elena / Instagram

This post is for the gamer in you. Who said you need a maternity photographer to spread the word? You can do it in your living room with some clever thinking.

9. Big Sisters

melly_morgs / Instagram

Involving the gorgeous golden retrievers is a foolproof way to share the news. Just looking at the expressions of those two is enough to get us swooning over them.

10. Mom And Dad

mainstreetbarn / Instagram

Can’t you feel the love and excitement just looking at the couple’s faces?

11. The Witty One

momthesedays / Instagram

This is one of the best pregnancy announcements in our opinion. What do you think?

12. The Honest Couple

theprodaddy / Instagram

Can you dare say it like this couple? It is as honest as it gets when it comes to pregnancy announcements.

13. A Classic Family Portrait

justrapthampers / Instagram

That is a beautiful family picture. Any picture with smiles and a sonogram will never disappoint us.

14. The Shark Siblings

lindseyrranger / Instagram

The expression of the big sister is hilarious. We love how this family chose a unique way to share the news.

15. The Love Story Of Crystal And Phillip

mzcrystalbabe / Instagram

This couple seems to be inspired by Knocked Up. Look at the detailing on that poster. We give this movie 5/5 ratings.

16. For The Chef In You

Looking for the recipe of a lightfoot baby? You don’t have to look any further.

17. On A Sailboat Ride

This couple sure has a way with words. Are you guys on board with the idea?

18. Awaiting The Co-Pilot

lainybugsdesigns / Instagram

The baby would be lucky to have a big brother to play with.

19. With A Laugh

greerswish / Instagram

Any announcement that is witty and clever will never go out of style. And this post is sure to make you think.

20. Pop, Crackle, Snap!

positivelyabbey / Instagram

We are sure it’s not the Rice Krispies that will be popping and snapping. Hint: It’s the lady with the sonogram.

21. With Some Balloons

wandaanicole / Instagram

Revealing the pregnancy news with some balloons is a simple yet classic way to share the news.

We hope you liked our list of creative pregnancy announcement ideas. Are there any ideas of your own which you would like to add to the list? Feel free to share with us in the comment section below.

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