Creative Pregnant Halloween Costumes That Showcase The Bump

Halloween is celebrated on October 31st, but it’s not every year that pregnant mommies get to showcase their bumps with creative Halloween-themed costumes. But if you happen to be pregnant at this moment, it’s an extra special Halloween for you! You’re lucky to have a baby bump that you can use to don a fancy Halloween maternity attire. Show off your creative talent this year on All Hallows’ Eve and make the best of your pregnancy!

If you’re tired or lethargic, you can keep your Halloween costume simple and cool. Plus, if you’re on a budget or running short of a mind-blowing last-minute plan, these pregnant Halloween costume ideas we’ve listed below will save your day (or your night, haha). You can also re-use them. The good news is that the items involved are perhaps already available in your closet. So, even if you aren’t too crafty or have genius costume ideas up your sleeves, these simple Halloween-inspired costumes are easy to put together. Both you and your baby bump will look super cute — guaranteed!

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1. The One-Eyed Monster DIY Belly-Paint Costume

Create this classic Monster’s Inc. cute one-eyed character on your baby bump with some face paints, and you’re all set for the Halloween party! It’s a DIY costume that’s easy, colorful, and hassle-free! If you have some other villainous cartoon character in your mind go ahead and try that instead. Feeling extra sassy? You can put on devil horns or a dripping blood choker for the ultimate spooky effect! Don’t forget to get a little movement going in your tummy to give it the appearance of a face actually making expressions.

2. The DIY Man-Eater Shark Costume

The DIY Man-Eater Shark Costume
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Image: Twitter

If your sewing game is on point, this costume is a great inspiration for your Halloween night out. Simply cut out the anterior portion of a sturdy shark toy and sew it on your tank top or a full-sleeve tee (whatever you fancy). The shark jutting out of that big belly is definitely spooktacular! Take some red paint and splash it around your belly to display an extra-gory effect. Or, you could always stencil the shark face on a white t-shirt and sport this look.

3. Beyonce’s Floral Maternity Costume

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Image: @beyonce/Instagram

If you’re obsessed with florals, Beyonce’s surreal look from her 2020 maternity photoshoot is quite a stunning maternity Halloween costume inspiration! Channel your inner Beyonce this Halloween with chiffon or silk lingerie (if you feel bold enough to pull off this attire). Curl your locks, and don’t forget the floral crown and veil to complete the ensemble. You’ll steal hearts just like our legendary queen!

4. Text Emoji Maternity Costume

Text Emoji Maternity Costume
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Image: @britandco/Instagram

Emojis have taken the world by storm! They are expressive and even funny! This DIY Halloween costume is easy-breezy and super-cool for to-be-mommies who wish to keep the fuss out and the cuteness in! Get into a black dress, wear chic sunglasses, and paste a tummy-sized emoji sticker on your prego belly! You can make the costume all the more fun with an emoji that best suits your mood: hand clap, smiley face, the cat with heart eyes, to name a few. The best part: with this costume, you’ll stay stylish and comfy throughout!

5. The Cute Kitty Costume

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Image: @blanqigirls/Instagram

Feeling the meow vibe? Emulate this cute look for Halloween as you eagerly anticipate your baby’s homecoming. This kitty look is adorable and so easy to pull off! Go for a smokey eye if you wish to turn into a hypnotizing black cat. Do a sharp winged eyeliner and draw a black heart-shaped cute kitty nose and whiskers with white face paint. Accessorize with pretty cat-ear hair bands. Plus, if the Halloween party means being a tad bit active, get your adorable bump some extra support with black leggings or pajamas underneath a long blacktop or a maxi dress.

If you prefer foxy over cute, another cat costume idea is that of the comic book character “Cat Woman” from the Batman series. Though cat woman prefers her tights, you can keep it loose for your pregnancy’s sake and just go for the all-black attire along with the iconic half-cover mask. You can also purchase stretchable tights specifically designed for pregnant women.

6. Humpty’s “Fall” Costume

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Image: @babylist/Instagram

To be in sync with the spirit of Halloween, draw a Jack-O-Lantern on an orange tee right over your belly. Cut out the eyes, nose, and mouth off a black paper and stick it on. It’s officially the fall season, and this image brings up memories of Humpty Dumpty’s “fall” off the wall! Doesn’t it remind you of the lovely childhood poem? It surely does! To imitate this look, cut out two sections of cardboard and trace out the walls with a marker — these are props you’ll carry alongside your baby bump. If you’re already experiencing the chills, wear a cardigan to keep yourself and the “bun in the oven” warm!

  1. Baby Bump To Show Mother Earth
Baby Bump To Show Mother Earth
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Image: Shutterstock

The earth is the mother to all of humanity and we all should care about it. But as we know, humanity has managed to cause much turmoil be it global warming, deforestation, war and the list would go on. So why not use the occasion of Halloween to create some awareness about how important mother earth is to us all. It might not fully match with the spook-inducing theme of Halloween. So to match the theme, you could show the earth on fire, red flames surrounding. If scary is what you’re looking for, the earth burning should be scary to us all. Gatherings like these are rare, so use this opportunity to speak out on real-world problems.

Make the most of your holidays while pregnant, as those Halloween celebrations hereafter will never be the same. If you’re already far along with your pregnancy this month, there’s no reason to take a raincheck on a fun, pregnant Halloween costume. It’ll remain a priceless memory for the years to come. Which of these maternity Halloween costumes inspired you the most? Do let us know in the comments section below!

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