Creativity With Straws? These 6 Fun Activities For Kids Using Straws Will Leave You Speechless!

Creativity With Straws

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When you think of straws, the first thing that comes to mind is using them for drinking purposes. However, did you know that drinking straws have many uses that are far more exciting? They are the perfect item to keep your kids entertained for hours and hours through games and activities. Plus, you barely have to shell out any money since straws are inexpensive.

Curious yet? Keep reading to know which activities your kids can enjoy performing using straws!

1. DIY Whistle:

To make a homemade whistle, all you need are a pair of scissors and one straw (or more). Cut the end of the straw so that it makes a V shape; blow into it, and voila – you’re done! You should be able to hear the sound of a whistle. You can even use straws of different lengths to see how different the sounds are.

2. Practice Your English:

Did you know that straws could help with your kids’ spelling and vocabulary? No? Well, here’s how you can do it!

Cut the straw into smaller segments so that you can create words and even phrases. This allows your kids to play games like hangman, fill-in-the-missing-letter, or even use the straws to trace letters in sandboxes. Learning doesn’t have to be boring!

3. More Racing Fun:

Here’s another racing idea with the help of candy! Here’s how it goes – create two or more teams and give each kid one straw. Place a candy on the end of each straw. Once you say “Go!”, each member of the team has to transfer the candy to the next team member. Whichever team transfers the candy successfully to all its members is the winner.

4. Flute Of Straws:

For this DIY instrument, you will need a ruler, scissors, 9 straws, and a clear tape. Here’s how it goes: Keep the 1st straw aside, as it needs no cutting. Cut 2 cm of the 2nd straw, 2 additional cm off the 3rd straw, and so on and so forth. Then using the tape, line the straws together (longest to shortest) and wrap it around them. Ensure the top of the straws are even with one another. You’ll notice how the shortest straw makes the highest note and the longest straw makes the lowest.

5. Tug Of War:

A twist in the classic game, this activity is about a different kind of strength. Here’s how it goes – each player has to sit at a table across from each other, and then place a straw horizontally on the table in front of each player. When they get the “Go” signal, your kids must blow the straw towards the other side of the table (towards the opponent), and whoever blows the straw across first, wins! May the best set of lungs win ;)

6. Indoor Water Race:

This activity is exciting, competitive, and requires certain skills and a lot of patience. You will need two teams, two glasses for each team, and of course, straws. Here’s how it goes – fill one glass with water and leave the other one empty. Using only their straws, each team must transfer water from the filled cup into the empty cup. Quick tip – once you place the straw in the water-filled cup, pinch the end so that the water doesn’t leak too much. Whoever fills their empty cup the quickest, wins!

Whenever your kids are bored, look for things around the house that can entertain them. You’ll be surprised at how easy it is to create activities with regular household objects. You just have to let your creativity flow! Look how handy drinking straws can be!

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