40 Cute Angry Birds Coloring Pages Your Toddler Will Love

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Vacations or no vacations, kids these days spend most of their time either in front of the television, on mobile phones or on tablets playing games! First there were car games which parents resented. Not content with that, video game developers went a level ahead to develop something that was specifically meant for the kids. Angry birds was perhaps developed keeping a child in mind, but it went on to become an addictive game for youngsters and adults alike. It is now being made into a movie too.

About Angry Birds

Developed by Finnish computer game developer Rovio Entertainment. Angry birds were primarily inspired by stylized wingless birds. Angry Birds has become a favorite with gaming lovers for its successful combination of addictive game play and comical style. Different versions of the game have been introduced for kids and adults alike. Some of the famous angry bird versions include Angry Birds Halloween, Angry Birds Space, Angry Birds Star Wars, Angry Birds Friends, Angry Birds Go, Angry Birds Epic, etc. You should not be too surprised if your child and you find yourself competing on the Angry Bird scores on your smartphone. While it sure is addictive, there are some more interesting ways to be involved with Angry Birds, other than the screen!

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Top 25 Angry Birds Coloring Pages for Kids

Keeping the love of Angry Birds alive, here are our top 25 coloring pages of angry birds to print and color. We are sure your child will enjoy these as a fun activity in his free time. Now you can get your kid stay away from the screen and yet have some fun time with his favorite gaming character! What makes angry bird printable coloring pages more fun is that it has simple designs with attractive bright colors. These will make art and coloring a child’s play in real words. Print out these color pages and watch your child enjoy creating the magic and fun of those characters that are a favorite from the gaming series. To encourage your kid’s creativity you could even help him cut out the characters after coloring and stick it up on a chart paper. This would make for a great Angry Bird collage that your kid would cherish and you would be proud of.

1. Pick Your Favorite Angry Bird Character:

This one is a must have for your collage. It has all the cute Angry Birds in one go. The angry faces, birdies, and of course the cute little pigs for kids to color and enjoy. To make it more interesting you could even ask your kid to mark out which Angry Bird character is whose favorite in the family. Sounds fun isn’t it!

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2. Angry Birds In Action:

To watch the Angry Birds in action is always a lot of fun. Let your child enjoy and live the game. As he paints these adorable characters, enjoy with him asking what exactly the birds do in the game.

3. Angry Birds Universe, Epic Battle:

This angry bird coloring sheet is a fun-filled one. It showcases the battle of the Angry Birds and their dimensional counterparts as they get together to fight the bad pigs and their counterparts to protect the eggs at any cost.

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4. 3-D Images Of Angry Bird Characters:

Your kid would love to paint these 3D faces of the Angry Bird characters with their cute and angry expressions caught best. You would be surprised at how well your kid remembers the colors of each Angry Bird character; well it may surprise him as well!

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5. Cool Ice Angry Bird:

If you don’t know this Angry Bird, ask your kid about it. This bird is as cold as ice and it’s called Ice Angry Bird. This one looks like ice cubes from the Angry Bird space series. It’s really easy and fun to draw and color. Love how they make faces from weird shapes isn’t it!

6. Angry Birds Versus The Bad Pigs:

In this picture we see Angry Birds are at war with the Pigs. The pigs are mischievous and they are portrayed as the villain in the video game series and also in this coloring page. Just notice your little one’s expression while he colors the bad pigs.

Your child must have encountered the bad pigs already while playing the game, but now they are facing these naughty pigs while coloring too!

7. Angry Birds Waiting Eagerly:

The angry Birds are waiting eagerly in front of a nest, waiting for an egg to be hatched. There is both confusion and excitement. You can see question marks on the heads of the angry birds. All are worried about the kind of bird is about to come out from the egg. The birds are also worried that the bad pigs will come and destroy the egg, so they are sitting close next to the egg as the sun shines brightly.

8. Angry Birds And The Slingshot:

Initially, when the first game was released in December 10, 2009 for iOS, the players used to use slingshots to launch the birds to destroy all the pigs. These birds were located on different structures. As the players advanced through the games different types of birds became available with special abilities that can be activated by the player. So the game became interesting as the player crossed each level, it became more challenging and addictive.

Your child must have played Angry Birds numerous times and this coloring page is just for your little one. After all the game’s target audience was children.

9. Cute Looking Bird:

Give this picture to any child and see their excitement. They will simply love coloring this bird. They will use their imagination and favorite colors to make this bird look even more appealing. Don’t forget to pin up this picture in your kid’s room once he or she finishes coloring it.

The little heathers and the head and side, the big eyes and the tiny beak make this bird look so adorable!

10. Angry Birds Space:

The Angry Bird Space video game was released on March 22, 2012. This game includes features from previous Angry Birds game and introduces new play mechanics into it to make the game more challenging and enjoyable. After all takes pride in crossing hurdles successfully and winning rewards or points, be it children or adults. In Angry Birds Space the stage is no longer flat. Each stage comprises of different plants which have their own gravitational forces which affects the bird’s path of movement once released from the slingshot.

This game is a very interesting way to show your kids different planets that exist in the solar system. You can teach your little child the names of different plants and find out more facts about them. It is a great way to make learning new things enjoyable. This will make your child curious to know more.

11. Angry Birds Star Wars:

Angry Birds Star Wars was released on November 8, 2012. This Angry Birds game is based on the popular Star Wars Movie trilogy, in this game Angry Birds are portrayed as Rebels and Pig as the Empire. The Second part of this game was released on September 19, 2013. This second version is compatible with Hasbro Telepod Technology which enables players to take sides. So it makes the game all the more competitive and fun. You can take the Pigs side while your little one takes the bird’s side and have a great time together.

Your child must have watched Star Wars, both the film and animation series. They must have loved to see the spaceships and the action scenes. He will also enjoy coloring this picture.

12. The Romantic Birds:

This is a very sweet picture of two little birds; they love each other a lot. One bird has a cute bow on the hair. There are hearts in the background depicting love and affection.

You can teach your child the importance of respecting and loving everyone.

13. Angry Bird Seasons:

Angry Birds Seasons was first released on October 21, 2010 as Angry Bird Halloween. This game features holiday themed levels like Christmas, Halloween and other holidays that are celebrated throughout the world. This will give your child a fair idea about different festivals celebrated globally. Don’t forget to tell him the significance of each festival and all the customs that make the festival joyous. Everyone loves holidays, especially children. Each season brings with it a happy occasion to celebrate! Children will love to color this cheerful picture.

14. Irish Angry Bird:

This Angry Bird is wearing an Irish hat and a flower on the head. He looks smart, even though the expression on his face is somber. The bird is obviously living up to its name!

You can show him pictures of different types of hats and the names. You can show him different kind of hats worn in the past. Usually English men wore black felt hats and they used to lift it up gently as a mark of respect and greeting.

15. Singing Birds:

In this picture we can see birds singing aloud. Each bird has a sheet in hand with musical notes written on it. The bird with the bow on her head looks a little cheerful compared to the angry looking bird. Perhaps they are not getting much response from the audience.

When we participate in a stage show we all want the audience to clap loudly and appreciate the performance. If your child sings for you or recites a nursery rhyme in a sing song voice appreciate him and clap for him. He will get a lot of confidence and encouragement.

The song becomes special when your child sings it. You can sing along with him or teach him many more songs other than nursery rhyme. If you know how to play the guitar, you can strum some chords while your child sings with his sweet voice.

16. Bird With Big Beak:

This is a picture of a bird with big beak. While your child colors this picture you can tell him or her names of birds with long and big beaks. You can also tell him how the beak helps a bird to catch a prey and eat it. The beak is a bird’s survival tool and mode of self-defense. If you poke a bird it will get angry and bite you. So just like you shouldn’t disturb humans, you should also give other living creatures some space. Everyone appreciates freedom.

Teach your child the name of different birds with help of flash cards or picture books to make learning more fun. You can pin up this picture in your kid’s room so that he remembers how a big beaked bird looks like.

17. Friends Together:

It is always great to have friends around you. This picture shows many happy birds assembled together. Your child will simply love to color this picture since he can use his imagination to color the various birds. You have the Angry Birds logo too! Encourage the child to make this page look really colorful, you can use it as a poster in your kid’s room. He will feel happy to know that his work is appreciated.

Your child will be able to associate with this picture, since he is making new friends now and he feels really happy when his friends are around.

18. Building Sandcastles:

The angry bird is sitting on the beach under the shade of an umbrella. The bird has an unusual company, the mischievous pig wearing goggles. They are taking some rest after making a sandcastle on the beach. We see a trowel in the picture too. The landscape is really beautiful.

Guide your little one as he colors the picture, especially the background. If your child has already been to a beach and made sandcastles then he can associate with this picture. You can also show him pictures of sandcastles and sand art to make the concept clearer.

19. At a Picnic:

It is always great to have picnic with friends and eat delicious food together. The bonding becomes really strong. You can also organize a family picnic or outing sometime. It is equally important to strengthen family bonds and have a quality time with your child. You can also invite his close friends in the family picnic to make it more enjoyable.

Your child will love coloring this picture and all the delicious goodies too! This picture is also very interesting, since we see the naughty pigs enjoying a nice picnic while angry birds are spying on them. They also want to join the picnic maybe!

20. Naughty Pigs and the Cereal Bowl:

This picture will definitely create suspense! Your little one will be really bird who has fallen into the bowl of breakfast cereals, carried by the pigs. The pigs are the rivals and this bird will be eaten up by the pigs if not rescued. The little bird landed in the bowl of cupcake crisps after being thrown from the slingshot. The other birds look angry and worried. We see a possibility of other two birds landing into the bowl.

21. The Bird Bomb:

This picture is a scene from Angry Birds Space, the popular video game loved by all. This bird bomb that is about to go boom and there will be mayhem! It has to be diffused at the earliest; the birds will make an attempt to prevent this bomb from bursting. This will make your child anxious if he happens to know how dangerous bombs are and what dangers a bomb blast can cause. Guide him while he colors this picture.

22. Ready for Christmas:

Angry Birds don’t always fights, they also like to relax and enjoy. Don’t get deceived by their angry faces! This bird is ready for Christmas and is wearing the Christmas cap, the symbol of the grand festival.

Your child will simply love coloring this picture. He will be happy to know even angry birds like to enjoy festivals like him.

23. Blue Birds from Space:

This picture is of blue birds from the video game series Angry Birds in Space. These birds look different from other characters of the video games. The bird characters remain the same but their look is different based on the game’s theme.

If you and your child play Angry Birds in Space, then your child will be really excited to color this picture. You can stick this picture in his room to create an Angry Birds Theme collage with other coloring pictures your child has already completed coloring.

24. Angry Rebels:

In Angry Birds Star Wars video game the birds were shown as rebels while the Pigs had their own empire. The player can take sides. Young children mostly take the bird’s side because they can associate with their rebellious nature. They look at the Pigs as tyrannical kings running their empire. The Bird are the real heroes in the eyes of your child, they earn more respect.

Your child will definitely love coloring this heroic bird.

25. Daggers Drawn:

The angry bird and his arch rival the mischievous pig is at daggers drawn at each other. They are locked in an intense battle of life and death. Young children love to watch action sequences in games and cartoons, they will like the picture. They will take sides, so you can ask him who he issupporting.Most probably he will say the birds. No harm in striking a conversation even if you know the answer beforehand.

26. Basket Full of Angry Birds:

This is an interesting picture of basket full of angry birds with a cute little bunny in it. You can even see a pig king popping its head out of the basket.

Angry birds merchandise like soft toys, balls and cupcakes have become really popular. You can gift your child these merchandise on his birthday or if he colors this picture really beautifully. Your little angel will find great joy in coloring this basket full of cute little angry birds.

It is always fun to play video games with your child but make sure he doesn’t become addicted to it. Also encourage him to do some coloring, as it improves eye and hand coordination. Also strike conversation with him so that he learns to talk properly and also strike a conversation all by himself. He should learn social skills and this is the best age to teach him those skills that will help him throughout his life.

Coloring and drawing also helps the child to think creatively and use his vivid imagination. These free printable angry birds coloring pages online will keep him busy. You can sit by his side and spend some quality time together. Make every moment a memorable learning experience.

Share your memorable experiences on free angry birds coloring pages for kids with us.

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