350+ Flirty Texts For Him To Miss Your Presence

Flirting is an essential part of a romantic relationship, and flirty text messages for him can draw your partner close to you and spice up your love life. So if you think your relationship needs a booster dose, flirting is the best option. When you flirt or send with your boyfriend or husband, you keep them thinking about you. They will eagerly wait for your texts and will be excited to meet you in person. Also, flirting can help keep your relationship lively and exciting, retaining the spark even when you don’t have enough time or opportunities to meet your partner. It lets you draw your partner into a captivating mind game when you send subtle or intimate texts and compel them to come up with an even better response. We have listed some best flirty, naughty, and romantic text messages for you to send to your boyfriend or husband. These flirtatious messages will make your partner fall in love with you all over again.

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Sweet Texts For Him

A sweet text from you can make him smile when he is stressed. These coquettish texts are sweet and a bit flirty, and can be great for couples who are in a new relationship.

  1. Good morning, handsome!
  1. I dreamt of you last night.
  1. I listened to a romantic song, and it reminded me of you.
  1. Life makes so much more sense with you.
  1. I love how you make every ordinary moment extraordinary.
  1. Your laughter is my oasis of peace.
  1. Admiring you is my favorite pastime.
  1. I like you a lot. More than a lot, really.
  1. I can’t believe you are still single.
  1. Your smile is contagious. May God save me!
  1. You are cheesier than my favorite mac and cheese.
  1. You make me laugh until my stomach hurts.
  1. You remind me of my future boyfriend!
  1. Seeing your name on my phone makes me grin like an idiot.
  1. You make me laugh as no one has done in so many years.
  1. I’m not sure what’s stuck in my eyes. Ohh..it’s you!
  1. I hope your day is as amazing as you make mine.
  1. Every time I drink coffee, it reminds me of your aroma.
  1. I can’t wait to be in your dreams again.
  1. Thinking of you now, right now!
  1. Today would be better if I had you in it.
  1. I just felt a strong pull. You really are a magnet!
  1. You make my heart fly out of my chest.
  1. My heart skips a beat every time you wink at me.
  1. I can’t seem to get you out of my head!
  1. I can share my pizza and chocolate with you! And you know how much I love them!
  1. You make the world a brighter place.
  1. I never knew I would fall for someone so hard.
  1. Hey handsome! I will be in your dreams tonight.
  1. Don’t look at me like that; I will faint in your love!
  1. I’ve been thinking about you quite a lot, and it’s only 9 am.
  1. I feel like I am the luckiest woman in the whole world because you are with me.
  1. Your love is the reason I believe in magic.
  1. Hey sunshine, I wish you a day as bright as you!
  1. You take my breath away just with that faint smile.
  1. My mind freezes the moment I see your face shining in the sunshine.
  1. I get butterflies in my stomach just thinking about you.
  1. I do not want to spend a single day without you.
  1. Even your text messages are adorable.
  1. Your touch is what I need to caress my feminine soul.
  1. Hey! Just wanted to remind you how incredible you are.
  1. You are my handsome knight in shining armor!
  1. Every day with you is an adventure trip I never want to end.
  1. Talking to you makes me feel so much better.
  1. I wish I had met you earlier.
  1. I just woke up with you on my mind.
  1. I want to dream of you tonight.
  1. You are the calm in my storm.
  1. Your love is my oasis; let me soak my soul.
  1. You are the firefly that brightens my nights!
  1. Do you know how easily you make me forget the world?
  1. I can’t wait to kiss you tonight!
  1. Guess what I am wearing now?
  1. I wish you were here to hug me to sleep.
I wish you were here to hug me to sleep.

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  1. I keep dreaming of you even when I am wide awake.
  1. You are my world. I love you so much.
  1. Thanks for making my day wonderful!
  1. You’re the most handsome man I know.
  1. I’m wearing something really special for you tonight.
  1. You look no less than a celebrity when you wear that smile.
  1. I am busy! Please stop running in my head.
  1. Did you just smile when you saw my name on your screen?
  1. I just checked out your Instagram. You are hot.
  1. Hey, did you see that cute actor in the new show? You remind me of him.
  1. Why are you so sweet?
  1. I’m so lucky to have you in my life.
  1. I want to gaze at you for hours. Hope you won’t mind?
  1. Those cute dimples make my heart go, ‘Aww!’
  1. Did anyone ever tell you that you are just amazing?
  1. Goodnight handsome!
  1. I feel safe when I am with you.
  1. You are my dream, my man.
  1. I am crushing over you. Please save me!
  1. You are the earthquake that rocks my world.
  1. Hey, handsome! Will you help me pick up my jaw off the floor?
  1. Miss me yet?
  1. Are you up for dinner tonight?
  1. Hey, are you missing me as hard as I do?
  1. I wish I could wrap you around me and sleep.
  1. You are the most shining star in my galaxy.

Cute Flirty Texts For Him

If you have been on a couple of dates with a guy and you really like him, you might want to take things to the next level. These cute flirty messages can keep your man hooked on you.

  1. I can’t stop thinking about you. Do you think I should see you soon?
  1. Hey, would you like to join me over coffee?
  1. I can’t remember what I was thinking of before you.
  1. Do you think we should talk to know each other more?
  1. I’ve got an extra ticket for a movie. Interested?
  1. Hey stranger. Talk to me.
  1. I don’t have anything to say but just wanted to talk to you. Hi.
  1. Hey there, handsome! Let’s meet this evening?
  1. Hey, if you were up in my dreams all night, when did you sleep?
  1. Would you like to call in sick? I promise to cuddle with you all day!
  1. Would you prefer pancakes or waffles for breakfast tomorrow?
  1. I wish we could hold hands and walk.
  1. Just saw a cute couple and started missing you.
  1. Dinner on me tonight?
  1. Can we start a conversation? I miss talking to you.
  1. I am making something special tonight. Want to come over for dinner?
  1. You must be a magician because you make everyone else disappear from my sight.
  1. Hey, let’s listen to some songs together.
  1. If you were a star, you’d be the brightest one!
  1. Would you lend me a kiss? I will be sure to return it!
  1. I wish we could go stargazing tonight.
  1. You are so sinfully cute that you’d get arrested for stealing hearts!
  1. I am so bored. Come and rescue me.
  1. Everything around me makes me think of you.
  1. I like you more than a lot.
  1. What’s your favorite way to unwind after a long day? I might want to join you.
  1. Do you believe in love at first text, or should I send you a second one?
  1. Man! You undoubtedly know how to dress and impress.
  1. Even a cup of coffee with you feels so special.
  1. I can still feel the touch of your hand on mine.
  1. Date night? It’s me and you on today’s menu!
  1. I have been hearing romantic songs since morning, and all songs make me think of you.
  1. Let’s meet this weekend?
  1. It was nice spending time with you. I feel we should do this more often.
  1. I think you owe me a date. When may I collect you?
  1. If we were together right now, what would we be doing?
  1. If you haven’t got a lunch plan yet, shall we plan for one together?
  1. Is it wrong to think about someone like you all day long?
  1. Every message you send to me is like a sweet gift.
  1. I’m on cloud nine whenever you are around me.
  1. I loved the time we spent together yesterday and want to meet you again soon.
  1. Where were you all my life?
  1. I become a happier person when you are with me. Make me happier more often, please?
  1. Do you believe in love at first sight, or should I walk by again?
  1. Even in the chaos of everyday life, you’re the calm that I always find comfort in.
  1. In case you forgot, you’re stronger than you think!
  1. I’m already missing you again.
  1. I’m wearing your favorite shirt today. I hope you like it.
I become a happier person when you are with me.

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Flirty Text Messages For Him

Are things moving along fast? These flirty messages for him are bolder than the sweet ones and are more apt when you have established a good rapport with him. Moreover, some of these inviting and sultry texts could give off “come-hither” vibes.

  1. I just picked a new set of innerwear, and I can’t wait to show it to you.
  1. Send me a naughty picture and get one right back.
  1. You tick every box – smart, funny, romantic, AND sexy!
  1. Hey there, cutie! Is it the weather outside or you that’s making me sweat?
  1. Do you have any plans tonight? I heard cuddling is a great way to stay warm!
  1. Hey, guess what? If you were a meal, you’d be a sweet surprise.
  1. I want to feel your hands moving over my body.
  1. I have been thinking about nothing but you…and I haven’t even left for work yet.
  1. You make me feel hot.
  1. Should we talk about this in person?
  1. I was dreaming about you all day. Didn’t get my work done as a result.
  1. I need you so much right now.
  1. I just got out of the shower.
  1. I am having inappropriate thoughts. It’s all your fault.
  1. You are such a good kisser.
  1. Would you like to be the picker of my guitar?
  1. If kisses were raindrops, you’d be drenched by now.
  1. I am not a photographer, but I can picture us hugging each other tightly.
  1. Why don’t you come over right now?
  1. I can’t believe we just spent a whole day together. I just can’t get enough of you.
  1. I love the way your body feels on mine.
  1. I can’t wait to be alone with you.
  1. You’re too hot to handle!
  1. Did you ever imagine us kissing and cuddling in bed?
  1. You manage to make me drool with no effort!
  1. I love being loved passionately. What about you?
  1. If kisses were snowflakes, I would send you a blizzard and sweep you over your feet.
  1. I wish we could snuggle and make love all night.
  1. I badly want to kiss you. What about you?
  1. My bed seems empty. Want to fill it up?
  1. Shall we skip work and do something naughty together instead?
  1. Tell me one thing you always wanted to do to me.
  1. Are you free? I would love to add you to my to-do list.
  1. Are you a perfume? Because you smell heavenly!
  1. If I were a daisy, would you be the gardener who watered me?
  1. I think you are the gasoline that keeps my fire burning. Wish to test my theory?
  1. You were amazing yesterday! I can’t wait for a repeat performance today.
  1. I grant you one free kiss on any body part you wish. Choose well!
  1. Let us do some things we “should not be doing.”
  1. Why are you so hot?
  1. I woke up sweating and not because it was hot outside.
  1. I just remembered how soft your lips feel on mine.
  1. Hey, are you a rainbow? Because you have colored me red, pink, and purple!
  1. I was just thinking about you and couldn’t resist sending you a message.
  1. Your sense of humor is dangerously charming! And that’s what I love about you.
  1. My thoughts are super inappropriate right now. Want to hear them?
  1. Do you want to mess the bed with me tonight?
  1. I will always be by your side. Or underneath or on top.
  1. I am not wearing any underwear right now. Just saying.
  1. Come over and kiss me.
  1. I should be working, but all I can think of is my hands on your sexy body.
  1. If you were a movie, I would buy a ticket every day.
  1. If you were a vegetable, you would be a hearty-choke!
  1. Roses are red, violets are blue, I can’t wait to spend more time with you.
  1. I want to touch you right now.
I want to touch you right now.

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  1. Do you want a naked bear hug tonight? Yes or yes?
  1. You are such an incredible kisser! I need your lips on mine right now!
  1. What is something you always wanted to do in bed? Let’s do it tonight.
  1. Where do you want me tonight? Over or under?
  1. I love your taste.
  1. Hey, handsome. Could you send me a picture? I want to prove to my friends that Greek gods exist.
  1. I have a challenge: Send me an emoji to describe how you feel now.
  1. If you were a superhero, what would your superpower be? Magnetic eyes??
  1. I am craving you. Want to come over?
  1. You on top of me is the best feeling ever.
  1. You know how exactly to turn me on.
  1. I want ice cream. And you to lick it off from.
  1. Tonight’s dessert is me.
  1. I heard flirting is good for your health. So here’s some dose of wellness for you!
  1. If you were a fruit, you would be mine-apple.
  1. You won’t guess what I am wearing under my clothes right now.
  1. Tonight is your night. We will do whatever you want.
  1. I want you to tie my hands and do things to me.
  1. Is it your birthday today? Because I am your gift, I am waiting to be unwrapped.
  1. Do you wanna know more about my wildest fantasy?
  1. I was wondering how it would feel if you and I hugged tightly.
  1. If you were my blanket, I would never get out of bed.
  1. Hey, handsome. What if I say I am home alone for the rest of the day?
  1. Just thinking about when you will be home so that I can feel your body on mine.
  1. I want to tie you up tonight and have my way with you.
  1. Have you made love in a car? Let’s go for a drive tonight.
  1. I was thinking of you kissing me, and I am so turned on right now.
  1. This weekend. You, me, the bed. How does it sound?
  1. Would you like to be the bowl for my ice cream?
  1. I wouldn’t mind sweating if you were the trainer helping with my workouts.
  1. Every time I look up into the sky, I see your name written on the stars. Should I see a doctor?
  1. Ever since we met, I have been sneezing all day. Is that because you are missing me?
  1. I love your touch so much; even thinking about it gets me wet.
  1. Come home early. We will spend time exploring each other slowly.
  1. I wish we were together in my bed right now.
  1. What role do you want us to play tonight?
  1. The kitchen slab looks cold, do you wanna warm it up with me?
  1. If you were the dare, I would happily do you!
  1. I wish I could wake up next to someone as adorable as you.
  1. Are you a drug? You got me addicted!
  1. I wanted to remind you of your appointment in my pants.
  1. Let’s play strip poker.
  1. I am lying on bed and thinking about what I’d do to you if you were here.

Flirty Texts For A Long-term Relationship And Marriage

When you have been in a relationship with him for a long time, the love you share is something special. These flirty texts for him will convey your deep love and feelings with a touch of fun and passion. When in a long-term relationship, there is scope for all kinds of messages.

  1. You are still my favorite distraction from work.
  1. I hope you know that you’re the hottest person I know.
  1. You make every day feel like a new beginning.
  1. Your hot hugs and flirty smiles still make my legs feel like jello.
  1. It is difficult to fall asleep without you beside me.
  1. Since you came into my life, I feel everything has gone right.
  1. I want you to myself every single night of my life.
  1. I am thinking of our first kiss.
  1. Hey, my favorite partner in crime, let’s make some more memories.
  1. Are you the incubus? If not, how would you keep me seduced all this time?
  1. I may not say it often enough, but I am still head over heels in love with you.
  1. I can’t wait to kiss you later today.
  1. I wish I could go back in time. I would find you sooner and love you more.
  1. I love it when you hold my hand while crossing the road.
  1. I feel my life with you is absolutely perfect.
  1. I love how we communicate, even with a glance or a touch.
  1. Life with you is like a romantic movie; I can’t wait to see the next scene unfold.
  1. You still make me feel nervous with that naughty look.
  1. We fit like pieces in a jigsaw. Don’t you think?
  1. You are the yin to my yang, and I love you for it.
  1. You have my whole heart forever and ever.
You have my whole heart forever and ever.

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  1. You are my world. Just wanted to let you know.
  1. I am so grateful you’re mine. Please be with me forever.
  1. Honey, I’d say it’s time the kids had a sleepover with their grandma, wouldn’t you?
  1. I secretly love how you look at me when you think I’m not watching.
  1. Your gentle touch still gives me goosebumps.
  1. I love our life together.
  1. I just felt a huge wave of love for you.
  1. What do you want me to wear tonight?
  1. I am eagerly waiting for you, counting each minute to see you.
  1. I’m counting down the seconds until I can embrace you again.
  1. Life with you feels like a nature trail full of beautiful surprises.
  1. I may not often say, but I love listening to your thoughts about me.
  1. The way we complement each other is adorable and unique.
  1. I love to see your face the first thing every morning.
  1. You are the most important person in my life.
  1. How do you manage to look better every time I see you?
  1. You work so hard. I am so proud of you.
  1. I still can’t believe that someone so incredible like you is with me.
  1. Our love story is not the perfect one, but it gets as close as possible.
  1. You’re not just my partner; you’re my whole world.
  1. You make even the mundane moments of life feel like an adventure.
  1. I will continue to love you even when we turn old and wrinkly.
  1. Our love is like a fine art piece that turns priceless with time.
  1. You matter the most to me.
  1. You are so handsome.
  1. I love it when you take me in your arms.
  1. I am feeling a need to redraw myself a map of you. Are you willing to help?
  1. I am interested in a game of treasure hunting. Are you ready to be a pirate?
  1. I may have a bottle of wine awaiting us to have a cozy drink. Do you want to indulge?
  1. You are invited to a fashion show tonight. Venue: Our bedroom.
  1. You looked gorgeous today morning when you stepped out of the shower.
  1. Let us go on a date to the place we went to on our first date?
  1. Our fairytale has only one ending…happily ever after.
  1. Our love is like fine whiskey: smooth, rich, and with a hint of playful fire.
  1. Let’s have a date night tonight and see how far our flirting takes us!
  1. The way we hug reminds me of what comfort and contentment mean.
  1. Our love story is one I don’t wish to stop writing new chapters to.
  1. Your touch does things to me that I cannot describe.
  1. Your kiss still sets off butterflies in my stomach.
  1. I just can’t get enough of you even after so many years.
  1. I am so glad you are always by my side to share my good and bad moments.
  1. I was thinking of the day we first met. It was the best day of my life.
  1. You are always on my mind.
  1. Your warm breath and gentle touch are all I need to forget the world.
  1. I can’t believe how lucky I am to have you as my forever.
  1. Remember our first date? Let’s relive some of that tonight!
  1. You are the island I wouldn’t mind being stranded upon.
  1. Hey there, sexy!
protip_icon Quick tip
Sending a text that says, “My love language is physical touch” can be one more interesting way to let the love of your life know how you feel about them and make him miss you more.

Feel-Good Text Messages For Him

These adoring and sweet text messages will act as stress busters and even help strengthen your relationship after a fight or a particularly bad day at work.

  1. Don’t worry if I fight with you. Worry if I stop. Because that means there is nothing left to fight for.
  1. Even when we fight, I love you.
  1. You do so many things that I love.
  1. I hope your day is filled with moments of pure joy.
  1. Hey, precious! I love how you brighten my world with your presence.
  1. You’re why my heart beats faster, and my smile shines slightly brighter.
  1. You are perfect, and I don’t want you to know that. That’s why I fight with you.
  1. I want all of you with all your imperfections.
  1. I am sorry you are having a hard day. Will a kiss or some caressing make you feel better?
  1. You are so perfect, even on such an imperfect day.
  1. Life can get hard, but when we are together, we can overcome even the greatest difficulties.
  1. No matter what happens, I will always love you.
  1. I love how we complement each other’s strengths and weaknesses.
  1. Regardless of how stressful my day may be, one hug from you is all I need to regain my spirit.
  1. No matter where life takes us, you’ll always be the center of my gravity.
  1. Your love is the place where I find inner peace.
  1. You make me know what love feels like.
  1. I can’t imagine not having you in my life.
  1. Our love story is my favorite fairytale of all time.
  1. Tonight, let us turn a page that we have left unturned from the book of love.
  1. You are in my heart, and I never want you to leave.
  1. Tomorrow will be as perfect as you are.
  1. You are special to me.
  1. Your positivity is contagious; I hope to see it touch the world.
  1. I hope today brings you all the success you deserve.
  1. My love, you make my reality seem better than my best dreams.
  1. You make even the simplest moments feel like special memories.
  1. You are my hero, no matter what.
  1. I miss you.
  1. We are meant to be together despite all the fights. Who could be more perfect than us?
We are meant to be together.

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  1. I wish you were here or I was there or we were together somewhere.
  1. I never knew I would miss someone so badly as I miss you.
  1. My hot showers still run cold whenever I am lost dreaming of you.
  1. Everything beautiful and melodious reminds me of you.
  1. I know I don’t tell this to you every day, but you mean the world to me.
  1. You make me want to let you know how much I love you every day.
  1. I want to spoil you silly.
  1. My world feels less colorful and lively when you are not around.
  1. Your laughter is the only music I wish to hear every day.
  1. You have a heart of gold, and I’m lucky to be the one who received it.
  1. No matter how far we stay, our love will guide the way and bring us closer.
  1. Even on your worst day, I want to be the woman who can bring a smile to your face.
  1. You might be stressed out. But know this, that you are still the sunshine of my life.
  1. I love how you appreciate every little thing I do for you.
  1. You make me want to prove to the world that we are made for each other.
  1. No matter what happens today, know that I always believe in you.
  1. I would not mind growing older if it means that I get to spend more time with you.
  1. My heart longs to hear you sing and see you laugh.
  1. Your kindness and support inspire me to be the best version of myself.
  1. The way you look at me when you think I am not looking is my favorite.
  1. You stole my heart, and now I am yours.
  1. These five emojis will tell you how I am feeling about you right now.
  1. I really like being with you. I think I am a very lucky woman.
  1. I love you.
  1. Your love is the cocoon that makes me feel safe and comforted even when we’re apart.
  1. Like a moth drawn to a flame, I am drawn to you.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I know if my flirty text messages are being well-received by him?

If your flirty text messages are being well-received by him, he will likely respond to them by starting a conversation, engaging in flirtation, and reciprocating the messages with flirty messages However, infrequent replies, disinterest, or a lack of reciprocal flirtation may indicate that he is not interested.

2. What are some tips for crafting the perfect flirty text message for him?

Crafting the perfect flirty text message for him requires you to keep it short and sweet using emojis and humor. In addition, showing confidence, creativity, and respectfulness can make your messages stand out and express your feelings while still keeping them playful and personal.

3. What are some common mistakes to avoid when sending flirty text messages?

It is best to check flirty messages for undertones of aggressiveness, vagueness, desperation or clinginess, and explicitness. In addition, it is vital to ensure a measured use of emojis and consistent proofreading while sending flirty text messages to provide clarity and conciseness in your messages.

Flirting is an effective way to add some spice to your relationship and convey your deepest feelings. So pick one or more of these flirty text messages for him and share them with your boyfriend or husband. These short yet naughty, sweet, and flirty things to say to a guy will make your partner feel loved and put a smile on his face. So keep them busy with your memories and make them miss you hard with these flirty messages that convey what you can’t tell them in person.

Infographic: Flirty Text A Guy

You can’t stop gushing about him, and he’s on your mind 24×7! You want him to get a hint about your feelings but are not sure how? Scroll through this infographic, choose a fun, flirty riddle, and slide it into his chatbox.

flirty texts (infographic)

Illustration: Momjunction Design Team

Get high-quality PDF version by clicking below.

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Download Infographic in PDF version

Texts are a great way to communicate and get a man’s attention. Learn how to make him pay attention to you with flirty text messages! Get tips and tricks to craft the perfect message and make him yours!

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