19 Best Gifts For One Year Old Baby

Best Gifts For 1 Year Old

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What do you gift a one-year-old baby? You can either give them a tiny dress just like many others do or go for something special. A special gift reflects the effort you have put into selecting it and your host will be glad you did.

So, how do you choose a gift that is special, useful and keeps the host happy? MomJunction has compiled a list of such gifts for one-year-olds.

Gift Ideas For 1 Year Old Baby Girl

Girls can spend hours playing with dolls, cooking sets, and make-up sets. Here are some gift ideas for girls:

1. Baby dolls:

Baby dolls Unique Gift for One Year Old Girl

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Whether it’s Barbie, Dora or Rapunzel, girls embrace them all. They have an inbuilt liking for dolls.
Age: 5 – 24 months
Development: Enhances speaking skills
What we like about it: Girls can lug along their doll wherever they go while the mother can take some rest.

2. Picnic basket:

Picnic Basket Gift for 1 Year Old

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With this gift, the little one can have a picnic anytime she wants. This basket consists of a set of plates, forks, cups, and snacks.
Age: 5 – 24 months
Development: Enhances motor skills and helps learn the shapes.
What we like about it: The basket set is attractive, colorful and perfect.

3. Tiny handbag:

Tiny handbag Gift for 1 Year Old Baby Girl

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A small soft teddy bear bag just enough to hold a little girl’s stuff, such as her tiny purse, lip balm, and her little doll.
Age: 5 – 24 months
Development: Helps the child learn to take care of her things.
What we like about it: Girls love to flaunt their bags during their travel and practically all the time.

4. Pull and sing puppy (pull toy):

Pull and Sing Puppy Gift for 1 Year Baby Girl

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The second love for babies is puppies. And this pull version walks and sings with her too!
Age: 8 – 24 months
Development: Encourages the child to walk as she wants to pull the puppy along.
What we like about it: This puppy can sing as the kid pulls it by the leash. Some pull-on toys have songs, phrases, and phonics too.

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5. Cooking set:

Cooking Gift Set Ideas for One Year Old

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Girls can spend hours playing ‘cooking-cooking’ and not get tired of it. It includes a mini kitchen set with a small plate, spoon and fork, bowl, and sippy cup. You can choose the cartoon characters variety, animals, or one based on the birthday party theme.
Age: 6 – 24 months
Development: Helps develop the child’s social skills.
What we like about it: The miniature crockery and dining set looks so cute that the baby just won’t let it go.

6. Doctor set:

Doctor Set for Baby Girl

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Girls are not just into dolls, they love anything that lets them take different roles, for instance, the role of a surgeon or a doctor.
Age: 6 – 24 months
Development: The role-play helps improve the child’s language skills.
What we like about it: The child is introduced to all the hospital apparatus, such as, the thermometer, stethoscope, first-aid kit, and injection syringe. It keeps them informed and not get cranky during their hospital visits.

7. Squeaky rubber animals (bath toys):

Squeaky Rubber Animals Gifts for 1 Year Old

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These squeaky rubber animals are affordable, cute, and appealing and they are inexpensive too.
Age: 4 – 18 months
Development: Helps babies learn about the animals.
What we like about it: The material is soft and safe for babies to play. They would want to have a shower anytime.

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Gift Ideas For One Year Old Boys

Boys need something that can keep them busy always. Here are some such gift ideas:

8. Sit-to-stand learning walker (ride-on toy):

One Year Old Gift Sit-to-stand Learning Walker for Boys

Image: Shutterstock

This toy is good for sitting, standing, walking, and even crawling. It is designed to suit all the stages of toddlerhood. When they become pros at walking, they can still play with this toy by riding it.
Age: 6-18 months
Development: Improves the child’s gross-motor skills.
What we like about it: This is appropriate for all stages of toddlerhood.

9. Baby’s first blocks (sorting toy):

Baby's First Blocks Gifts for Boys

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Blocks can keep the baby engaged for hours. They can arrange the blocks in several ways.
Age: 12 – 36 months
Development: Helps the one-year-old to learn the shapes through sorting and slotting.
What we like about it: It unleashes the creativity in the child.

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10. Push and pull toy:

Push and pull toy Gifts for Boys Whose is one Year Old

Image: Shutterstock

This toy train has a string attached to it. When the child pulls the string, the toy moves forward.
Age: 6-18 months
Development: Improves eye-hand coordination and helps understand cause and effect concept.
What we like about it: The infant will get ample exercise as he crawls and walks pulling the toy along.

11. A colorful ball:

A Colorful Ball - 1 Year old gifts boy

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The little one will not rest but play the whole day with the ball. Don’t buy a hard one but a soft one which would not hurt the infant.
Age: 12-24 months
Development: Encourages the baby to crawl and run behind it.
What we like about it: The child will have his daily dose of exercise.

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Unique Gift Ideas For One Year Old Babies

If you are looking to buy some unique gifts, here are some ideas for you:

12. Clown in the box:

Clown in the box Gifts for Baby Boy

Image: Istock

A good-old-fashioned gift but a nice one which kids will love. Give the lever a turn and the clown pops up from the box.
Age: 12-36 months
Development: This toy teaches the concept of ‘object permanence’ (things exist even when you don’t see them).
What we like about it: The clown that pops out from the box surprises babies and they find it amusing.

13. Wooden toys:

Wooden Toys are Unique Gifts for 1 Year old Babies

Image: Shutterstock

If you like gifting eco-friendly toys, then this is the one for you.
Age: 12-24 months
Development: The toys give them the feel and smell of wood.
What we like about it: The wooden toys are non-toxic, kid-friendly, and long-lasting.

14. Baby’s first 100 words:

Baby's first 100 Words Gift for Boy

Image: Shutterstock

Pictures of fruits, animals, birds, things and more – that’s what this book contains and the most likely things that a toddler comes across in their daily life.
Development: Helps in associating the picture with the real object and improves your baby’s vocabulary.
What we like about it: The extensive list of attractive words is sure to engage a one-year-old.

15. Magnetic blocks:

Magnetic blocks Gifts for Baby Boy

Image: Istock

These are regular blocks but with an inbuilt magnet. They come in varied shapes from small to big.
Development: Promotes science and math concepts.
What we like about it: You can play along with the child building structures with the blocks.

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Educational Gifts For One Year Old

In these days of educating babies right from the womb, there is no dearth for educational toys. Here are a few of them:

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16. Xylophone (cause and effect toy):

Xylophone One Year Old Baby Gifts

Image: Istock

The toddlers can play music by hitting the balls with the wooden hammer on the xylophone.
Age: Above 6 months
Development: Introduces children to the concept of cause and effect.
What we like about it: The baby gets their first lessons in music.

17. Baby car:

Baby Car Gifts for Babies

Image: Shutterstock

The baby car is spacious for the baby to sit in it and small enough to fit into a cupboard.
Age: Above 6 months
Development: Promotes motor and visual skills.
What we like about it: The car is lightweight, and moves without any effort.

18. Bowling set:

1 Year Old Baby Gift Bowling Set

Image: Shutterstock

The attractive bowling pins come in different shapes. They have a good base support which helps kids to pick up easily and arrange them after bowling.
Age: Above 9 months
Development: Promotes eye-hand coordination and gross motor skills.
What we like about it: The colorful pins keep the baby hooked. The parents, too, can try their hand at bowling.

19. Dancing toys:

Dancing Toy Gift for Baby Girl

Image: Shutterstock

Key up the toy or put some batteries in them for the toy to entertain the baby as long as they want.
Age: 9+months
Development: Improves gross motor skills and helps in coordination
What we like about it: Watching the baby while they dance along with the toy is sheer fun.

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While buying a gift for an infant, ensure that it improves the baby’s skills. A gift that is useful, as well as fun-filled will be cherished for long.

Which of these ideas did you like? Let us know in the comments section below.

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