31 Cool And Best Hairstyles & Haircuts For Boys

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Spikey, undercut, shaggy, hipster, or tapared. These are just a few of the many best hairstyles for boys that you can try on your child. Is styling not enough to tame your son’s unruly hair? Then you should try some of the new cool haircuts for boys we talk about in this article.

Whether you choose a new hairstyle or a stylish haircut for your boy,  the right hair makeover will only make your good looking boy more handsome.

Help your little man look smart, handsome, or classy with this list of cute hairstyles and super cool haircuts compiled by MomJunction.

16 Cute And Best Hairstyles For Boys

When you don’t want to chop off your boy’s hair, styling is a good idea. There are different ways to style hair, regardless of how long or short it is. Here are some that we think your son will look good in.

1. Short Dreads

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When your kid has medium length hair and wants to look as cool as Lenny Kravitz or Bob Marley, short dreads can be an excellent choice.

Dreads are small and wave-like. They stand, bluntly pointing upwards, around the head. For this, the sides are usually shaved or closely trimmed. The hair should be medium to long – at least two inches or more to achieve this style. The style is especially cool for African Americans.

How to:

  • The simplest way to create dreads is to use a soft-toothed comb and circle tiny portions of hair into dread balls.
  • Wet the hair a little if your kid already has dreadlocks, then all you need to is keep them short for this style.
  • Cut the dreads a little if they grow longer to maintain the style.

If you have never tried this and want to get it right, go to a professional.

Occasion: Casual, pop star, or musician look
Face type: Angular, oval
Hair type: Long, medium long – straight or medium curly
Celebrities: Jaden Smith
Expert tip: Dreads are low maintenance, once you get them styled. But getting them right is important to get an authentic look.

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2. Quiff For Boys

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Your little boy will look cuter with a quiff than without it. A quiff makes the hair noticeable, but it can be subtle or bold depending on how your boy wants it. For a quiff, the hair has to be longer on the top of the head, especially towards the front. The hair on the sides and the back is usually shorter. The classic quiff has more hair on top, at the front and little at the back and on the sides.

How to:

  • Style the top hair using a gel.
  • Brush the top hair back to create a “wall” or quiff, right above the forehead.
  • Use a comb or a brush to smooth the quiff.
  • You can use the comb to slightly bend the edges of the quiff forward or backward.

Occasion: Casual, party style, classy appeal
Face type: Round face – a quiff elongates the face
Hair type: Straight, short, or medium length
Celebrities: Justin Bieber, Douglas Booth, David Beckham
Expert tip: Boys prefer a shorter quiff – longer hair is ideal for the messy quiff or the pompadour style.

3. Pompadour Hairstyle

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The pompadour is a bigger quiff and looks classy. The hairstyle was made popular by Elvis Presley and is still a cool idea for teenage boys who want the slick look. The hair has to be short on the sides and at the back. Top hair should be longer, or at least of medium length.

How to:

  • Take some pomade or hair styling gel to get the pomp.
  • Apply the pomade and brush the hair front upward – first with the hand, along with the comb. The pomp has to be bigger than the quiff – more hair is better.
  • You can use a little hairspray to keep the pomp in place.
  • You may have to try styling the hair more than once to get the desired look.

Occasion: Party, fashion
Face type: Round face, short foreheads, and sharp cheekbones
Hair type: Straight hair, long to medium length
Celebrities: Elvis Presley
Expert tip: You may have to use a lot of gel to keep the hair in place and get that slick, classy look.

4. Natural Curls

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When you have naturally curly hair, all you need to do is accentuate them with a little styling. If your boy’s hair is straight and thin, you can make it voluminous by turning it into natural curls. If your son has wavy, medium length hair, getting curls is easier.

How to:

  • To begin, wash the hair with a sulfur-free, organic shampoo.
  • Rinse the hair and dry it with a towel.
  • While the hair is still damp, try to form short curls with your fingers.
  • Wrap a few strands of hair onto your fingers, hold it for a while, and then leave it.
  • Repeat the same for the rest of the hair.

The curls should be wrapped tight, but not so much that they hurt the kid.

Occasion: Everyday
Face type: All face shapes
Hair type: Straight hair, thin hair
Celebrities: Justin Timberlake, Bradley Cooper, Tom Hanks
Expert tip: If your boy’s hair is smooth and straight, getting natural curls could take time. Even if you do, they may not last for more than a few days. Avoid using curlers or curling irons fro kids.

5. Messy Fringe Hairstyle

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When your boy wants to cover his broad forehead in a stylish way, without ‘girly’ bangs, a messy fringe should work. This modern boy hairstyle needs medium length hair on top.

How to:

  • Apply some wax or styling gel to the hair and brush the front top hair onto the forehead.
  • Create the fringe as messy as you want by brushing the hair to the front – use your hands to get an unkempt look.
  • Tousle the hair around the crown a little. The messy fringe is all set!

Occasion: Casual, everyday
Face type: All face shapes
Hair type: All hair types – medium and long
Celebrities: Ashton Kutcher, James Dornan
Expert tip: Use the comb minimally to keep that messy look.

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6. Combed Back Hair

Image: instagram

Combed back hair is one of the simplest hairstyles for kids. If your boy wants something formal, ‘Godfather’ style, the combed back hairstyle is what you should try.

All you need is some hair gel or pomade with a strong to medium hold, and a comb. The hair should be short to medium length on the top and the sides as well. It is short at the back.

How to:

  • Apply the gel and comb the hair backward, in a slightly diagonal direction.
  • You can also brush it back for the slick combed look.
  • Comb it such that no loose strands come out.
  • Pat down the hair on the top and sides if needed.

Occasion: Party, formal dance
Face type: Oval, angular
Hair type: Straight, medium curly – medium or short
Celebrities: Bradley Cooper
Expert tip: The key to a perfectly combed back hair is a good haircut.

7. Side Parting Hairstyle

Image: instagram

There is not a lot to do when you want this hairstyle, except finding the right place to split the hair and figure out which side you want the hair combed. The side parting hairstyle is for young boys who want to look dapper in their sports jerseys or suits.

For this style, the top left side should have longer hair while the sides have buzzed, short hair. The style is reminiscent of the 60s.

How to:

  • To style, apply a decent amount of pomade to the hair.
  • Starting from the left temple, comb the hair in the opposite direction – this will leave a little hair on the left side.
  • Comb in such a way that the emphasis is not on the top.
  • Spread the hair evenly towards the side.

Occasion: Formal
Face type: All face shapes, find the best side parting that suits you
Hair type: Straight, medium-length
Celebrities: Daniel Radcliffe, Liam Hemsworth
Expert tip: There are 40 different side parting styles – make sure you pick one that suits your face shape best.

8. Spiky Fringe

Image: Shutterstock

The spiky fringe is the alternative to the porcupine spikes of the 1990s. A little bit of mousse is what you need to obtain this cool, spiky look for the kid. The hair needs to be short, but not too short, on the top.

How to:

  • To begin, apply a little bit of good mouse to the hair.
  • Once you apply the gel, spike the top front hair upwards – use your hands to create the fringe and not a comb.
  • The fringe will stay only if the gel or mousse used is good enough to hold it in place.

The spikes need not be very sharp in the edges, as they would’ve been in the case of the porcupine spikes.

Occasion: Casual, everyday
Face type: People with strong cheekbones and jawlines, and short foreheads
Hair type: Straight, short
Celebrities: Daniel Radcliffe, David Beckham
Expert tip: This style looks really good with short hair.

9. Wavy Shag

Shaggy hair is cool, especially if your boy is a teenager. This hairstyle is just what your boy needs to make his curls work for him. If the hair is wavy, a little bit of gel is required to get this style. The hair should have a consistent volume all around the head. The hairstyle gives you a messy, casual look.

How to:

  • To style, shampoo and rinse the hair.
  • Tousle the hair using your fingers and dry it with a towel or a blow dryer.
  • Do not comb it when it is wet, or the shaggy look would be lost after the hair dries.

Occasion: Casual, everyday
Face type: Round face with high cheekbones, high foreheads
Hair type: Medium curly
Celebrities: Orlando Bloom, Avan Jogia
Expert tip: If your hair is not very curly, using a comb often to brush the hair can prevent the wavy look.

10. Samurai Bun

Image: instagram

A cool hairstyle for boys with medium to long hair, the Samurai Bun style is easy to achieve. Your hair should be at least six inches in length to get the bun. You will need a hair tie and some styling gel.

How to:

  • Scoop up the hair into your hands, as you would to make a ponytail.
  • Smooth the top hair and pull it back from the forehead to the back, for the tail.
  • Knot the ponytail – pull the tail back up and fold it on the top with the help of a hair band.
  • You can fold it as many times as you can depending on how long or short the hair is.
  • You could also fold the bun at the back for a variation of this style – there are 40 ways to make a Samurai bun!

Occasion: Everyday style
Face type: All face shapes
Hair type: Medium curly – wavy, straight and fine
Celebrities: Brad Pitt, Leonardo DiCaprio, Collin Farrell, Orlando Bloom
Expert tip: A very rare style choice – your boy will stand out in the crowd with this hairdo.

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11. Side Swept Hair

Image: instagram

Side part or side-swept haircut is one of the simplest styles you can try for kids. It gives the kid a ‘good boy’ look, making him cuter as can be.

How to:

  • You can achieve this style by natural division of hair.
  • Part the hair at the left or right side and comb it to the opposite side.
  • Brush the hair on either side to keep it in place. You may not need a styling gel or lotion to achieve that if your boy’s hair is straight.
  • If the boy’s hair is thin, you could use hair sprays that add volume.

The key is to keep one side of the hair longer than the other.

Occasion: Casual, school year
Face type: Oval, triangular faces
Hair type: Straight, medium curly
Celebrities: Ryan Gosling
Expert tip: This hairstyle keeps the hair from falling on the forehead – not suitable if your child has a big forehead.

12. Center Spikes

Image: instagram

Add an inch or two to your little boy’s height with this fun hairdo. It is easy to achieve and takes no time at all.

How to:

  • While the hair is damp, comb the top hair forward and the side hair down.
  • Take a little pomade or styling gel and apply to the entire hair.
  • Now use both your hands to raise the hair in the center into a Faux Hawk – pull the hair up and spike it as much as you can.
  • Set the spikes with hairspray.

Occasion: Casual, fun
Face type: Round or square faces
Hair type: Fine, medium textured hair
Celebrities: Zayn Malik, Jude Law, Zac
Expert tip: Style the hair when it is wet or damp to give a slightly messy look.

13. Vertical Hairstyle

Image: instagram

The perfect summer hairstyle if your boy has thick hair, the Vertical cut brushes the hair up and keeps it from falling over the forehead. This is one such cute boy hairstyles that looks nice if he has a rounded or a square face.

How to:

  • To style, use a kid-friendly hairspray or pomade on damp hair.
  • Use your fingers or a fine toothed comb to style the hair up vertically.
  • Tease the hair vertically on the top.
  • You could use some hairspray to hold it in place.

Occasion: Casual, summer style
Face type: Square or round
Hair type: Coarse and thick
Celebrities: Zac Efron
Expert tip: Getting the right haircut is key. If the top hair is too short, you may end up with spikes.

14. Ivy League Hairstyle

Image: instagram

The name says it all – this hairstyle gives your boy an elegant, classy look. In this style, your boy’s hair would be slightly longer than it would’ve been with the crew cut. The length of the hair is between 0.5 to 1.5 inches. Ideally, the hair on the sides and the back is tapered off to different lengths.

How to:

  • Apply wax or gel to comb the hair to a side with a parting at the left or right temple.
  • Comb or brush the hair neatly to a side so that it stays in its place.
  • You could also brush it up instead of the sides.

Occasion: School, formal, business-like
Face type: Oval
Hair type: Short, straight, and wavy
Celebrities: Anderson Cooper, Matt Damon, Xabi Alonso
Expert tip: For the Ivy League look, use the fingers to brush the boy’s hair to a side. Spikes and combing back of hair do not go well with this style.

15. Tousle

Image: Shutterstock

The tousle is the perfect hairstyle to give your boy a disheveled, cool look.

How to:

  • Apply some soft hold hair gel to the hair. Take no more than a pea-sized drop of the gel, or you could end up with hair that looks oily and wet.
  • Use a teasing comb to draw the hair from the roots – avoid touching the top layer.
  • Use your fingers to create a few spikes here and there while keeping the sideburns smooth.
  • You could also just tousle the hair with your fingers if you do not want the spikes.

Occasion: Casual, everyday
Face type: All face shapes
Hair type: Short, straight, medium-wavy
Celebrities: Collin Farrell, Ashton Kutcher
Expert tip: This is the perfect ‘get-out-of-bed’ hairstyle for teenage boys who want a cool, laid-back look.

16. Framing Fringe

If your kid has an elongated face, or a broad forehead, you could try covering it with fringe that frames his cute little face.

How to:

  • The fringe should be set soon after your boy takes a shower.
  • Brush the front top hair forward – you could use a hairbrush or just use your hands.
  • Apply a little pomade and use your fingers to untangle and break up the hair that is stuck together.
  • Comb the fringe to give it a smooth look – don’t overdo it, though.

Occasion: Casual, everyday
Face type: All face shapes
Hair type: Short, straight, medium-wavy
Celebrities: Collin Farrell, Ashton Kutcher
Expert tip: This hairstyle is easy to achieve – all it needs is combing in the right direction.

15 Stylish And Cool Haircuts For Boys

The boys’ haircut styles are an ideal option when you are considering a significant transformation. But before you go ahead and get the kid a haircut, you need to ask a few important questions.

  • Is it necessary?
  • Will it suit your kid?
  • Will your boy be comfortable with the new look?

Don’t surprise your boy at the barber shop. Talk about it beforehand – we guarantee that your kid will love the ‘new’ him.

17. Mushroom Cut

Image: Shutterstock

Mushroom cut is one of the cutest hairstyles for little boys. Also known as the bowl cut, this hairstyle looks like a ‘bowl of hair’ has been inverted on top of the head. If your kid has golden or blonde hair, this is a great cut to go for. It is easy and can be done by any hairstylist.

Occasion: Everyday, casual
Face type: All face shapes
Hair type: Short, slightly wavy, or straight
Celebrities: Jim Carrey, Captain Spock (fictional character), The Beatles
Expert tip: Mushroom cut is not for coarse hair and may not always be a great idea for round faces.

18. Crew Cut

Image: Shutterstock

The crew cut is perhaps the most popular everyday hairstyles for boys. For one, it is very short and simple, and easy to maintain too. The haircut gives the kid a neat and smart look and also exposes the face. That’s right, no more long hair or bangs that obstruct the boy’s vision with a crew cut.

Occasion: Everyday, casual
Face type: All face shapes, mostly round with broad foreheads
Hair type: All hair types
Celebrities: Zac Efron, Ryan Gosling, Christian Bale
Expert tip: There are a variety of different crew cuts like the buzz cut, Ivy league cut, etc.

19. Mohawk

Image: instagram

The Mohawk is the coolest, funkiest haircut for baby boys and kids as well. The hairstyle is inspired by the natives of the Mohawk tribe who would often shave off their head, leaving only one strip of hair in the center. It is for kids who don’t mind looking different and adventurous. The good news is that it is easy too!

Occasion: Summer, casual teen fashion
Face type: Long faces, round, or angular
Hair type: Short and straight
Celebrities: Jared Leto, David Beckham
Expert tip: Unless you are trained to use a shaver or know the style well, it is best to get this haircut at the hairdressers.

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20. Taper Cut

Image: instagram

Is your boy’s hair always a mess? The Taper haircut could be the solution you need. It is short, easy to maintain, and has a masculine look to it. Try this for your five-year-old, or your 15-year-old. They are sure to look smart and chic in this simple, classic hairstyle.

Occasion: School hairstyles, formal, old school look
Face type: Oval faces with high cheekbones and short forehead
Hair type: Straight hair
Celebrities: Ryan Gosling
Expert tip: There are different ways to get a taper cut – make sure you pick the one that suits your kid best.

21. Surfer Haircut

Image: instagram

Surfer haircut leaves your cute boy with a tousled hairstyle. The surfer cut you choose for your boy should depend on the type of hair he has. You could go for a long straight style, a messy style, shaggy, or short tousled hair. Usually, surfer hairstyle is longer on the top than it is on the sides – it is fuller on the sides and has a cool vibe to it.

Surfer style is low maintenance – your kid could just go out with a bed-head and still be stylish. If you want him ready for something formal, like school or dance, you could use a styling gel and comb his hair back.

Occasion: Casual, summer vacation
Face type: Oval
Hair type: Straight, slightly curly blonde hair
Celebrities: Matthew McConaughey, Brad Pitt
Expert tip: Surfer hairstyle is usually messy, unkempt and wavy – it is not meant to give you a polished look.

22. Undercut

Image: Shutterstock

The Undercut is perhaps the most common and convenient hairstyles for men and boys. Undercut hair is easy to maintain and can be adapted to different styles. This haircut is distinctive and accentuates a boy’s facial features. The hair is buzzed short on the sides and of medium length on the top. It clearly distinguishes between the top and the sides. The popular haircut has many variations you can choose from, today.

Occasion: Everyday hairstyle
Face type: Square
Hair type: All hair types
Celebrities: Brad Pitt, Cristiano Ronaldo, Justin Bieber
Expert tip: You’ll know an undercut when you see it.

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23. Caesar Cut

Image: instagram

Caesar is a buzz hair cut for boys that is ideal for summer time when long hair can make them muggy. It is short and easy to maintain too – sometimes you won’t even have to comb it. The low-profile hairstyle has a fringe, and the hair can be as short as 0.5 inches or up to three inches long. But the classic style warrants short hair.

Occasion: Everyday, casual
Face type: Oval faces with high foreheads
Hair type: All hair types
Celebrities: George Clooney
Expert tip: The most important part is that the length hair is of the same length on top, sides and back.

24. Hipster Haircut

Image: instagram

Inspired from the 1920s to the 1950s, hipster is one of the popular boys’ haircuts with a modern touch. The hair on the sides is usually shaved or buzzed. The hair on top is left as it is – ideally medium-long. Like most other haircuts, the hipster cut also has many variations.

Occasion: Casual, everyday
Face type: Oval shaped faces
Hair type: Straight to medium wavy, fine to medium coarse
Celebrities: Jake Gyllenhaal and Brad Pitt once donned this hairstyle
Expert tip: You can try the combed back variation if you do not want the hair on one side.

25. Emo Haircut

The Emo Cut was made popular during the Emo rebellion of the 2000s. It is a cool cut for a rebellious teen, where a chunk of hair covers almost the entire forehead. The hairstyle is cool, but you do not want to go for the original Emo cut (almost covers the eyes too) for your little boy. Make sure your barber knows what an Emo cut (show a picture if you have to) is and tell him how long or short the hair should be in the front.

Occasion: Casual, keep warm during winters
Face type: Round face
Hair type: Straight, fine black hair – works with other colors too
Celebrities: Justin Bieber
Expert tip: Emo haircut is best for medium and long hair – but short emo cuts look good on kids. Ideal for older boys who want to experiment with their hair.

26. Short Afro Cut

Image: instagram

Inspired by the 80s style, short Afro haircut style for boys keeps the length of the hair short and less bulky. If your boy has natural black curls, this is a great style to try.

For this, the hair should be medium to short in length. In fact, the shorter it is, the cuter your boy will look. The hair is of uniform length and covers the head completely. This style is cool for African Americans who have naturally black, curly hair. You could try this with blond, curly hair with a little help with styling gel.

Occasion: Everyday, casual
Face type: Round, oval face with short forehead
Hair type: Curly and black, blond
Celebrities: Will Smith, Justin Timberlake (medium length)
Expert tip: This haircut is best for boys who have thick, curly hair. It won’t work with medium curly or wavy hair.

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27. Haircut With Bangs

Image: Shutterstock

Bangs are not just for little girls. These hairstyles look great on your toddler boy if he has a broad forehead. There are different ways to style bangs for boys. You should pick a style that leans towards ‘masculine’. Hair should be medium or long enough in the front to cover the forehead. You can style the bangs to cover the entire forehead – a messy tousle is what you should aim at. You could also try the side-swept bangs, blunt bangs (ideal for toddlers), or Emo bangs.

Occasion: Casual, vacation
Face type: All face structures with a wide/broad forehead
Hair type: Long, fine textured hair
Celebrities: Jesse Eisenberg, Zac Efron
Expert tip: How you style the fringe makes a lot of difference to how your boy looks.

28. French Crop

Image: instagram

The French Crop is a classic cut and is easy to maintain too. It is a short haircut – you can cut the top hair in many ways. You could go for a blunt cut to give the hair a neat look. Or you could ask the barber for a point cut if you want the boy to have a rugged look. French Crop is also an excellent cut to accentuate natural curls.

You can style a French Crop cut in any way you want – make spikes with gel or wax, hair lotion to give it a little shine. This is a low maintenance hairstyle, and there is little you can do to style it.

Occasion: Everyday, casual
Face type: All but round faces
Hair type: All hair types
Celebrities: George Clooney, Gary Barlow
Expert tip: It is similar to the Caesar’s cut but not the same. It also has more variations that you can try with kids.

29. Curly Undercut

Image: instagram

The Undercut looks is one amazing little boy hairstyles that would be great on naturally curly hair. It lets you curl the hair on top and gives the boy a clean look. Curly undercut is also a great style to lessen the weight of thick, bulky hair on your little boy’s head. With this style, there is more hair on top and little on the sides. Ideal for summer months, this haircut needs little maintenance.

Occasion: Casual
Face type: Oval
Hair type: Curly, thick
Celebrities: Joe Jonas
Expert tip: Curly undercut looks nicer when you cut the hair short.

30. Mop Top Haircut

Image: iStock

As the name says it, Mop Top looks like the boy’s wearing one on his head. But, it looks cool and covers the forehead and ears – the perfect winter hairstyle. The hair is evenly trimmed around the head – it could be blunt or layered. The hair should be long enough to cover the ears and the forehead. You can keep the hair at the same length at the back too.

You can style it with hair gel or wax to give it a wet look.

Occasion: Casual, musician look
Face type: Long faces with a broad forehead
Hair type: Straight, medium curly – wavy
Celebrities: The Beatles, Justin Bieber (when he was younger)
Expert tip: The cut makes your face look smaller as it compresses it a little. This is not recommended for round faces.

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31. Diagonal Fringe

Image: instagram

This haircut is short and spiky in the front, except the fringe is shorter to one side. The fringe is of unequal length and goes from low to high from left to right, or right to left, on the forehead. It could also be shorter on either side and longer in the center, forming a ‘v’ on the forehead. The fringe is one of the many ways to style bangs and make them look more ‘cool’.

Occasion: Casual fashion
Face type: Oval, long faces
Hair type: Straight, medium wavy
Celebrities: Ewan McGregor, Jack Black
Expert tip: The fringe should not cover the entire forehead.

Whatever haircut or hairstyle you choose – curly, cute, or a long hair style – make sure that it suits your boy. The important things to consider when choosing the hairstyle are the shape of the face, the hair type, and the mood or look you are aiming at. Ignore these and your boy might not be happy with your choice of hairstyles for him.

Do you have any tips on how to choose the right hairstyles for young boys? Share them with us in the comments section.

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