8 Cute Halloween Costume Ideas For Teens Out There

Halloween is here and we’re sure you’re all ready for a strong costume game. Dressing up has become all the more fun and exciting with online social media. Be it Tiktok or Instagram, we can make short videos of our cool and spooky costumes and upload them for all to see and who knows we might end up becoming the next viral trend. Come October 31st, even the most cynical teen would love to dress up into a persona starkly different from their own! However, if you’ve not yet finalized on your costume, fret not as we’re here to assist you in just that.

If finding the most creative costume has got you all worked up, take a break. While going as a witch or a vampire is never outdated on Halloween, there is no harm in dressing differently if that makes people laugh or applaud, and you can pull it off like a pro! This Halloween, we’ve got you covered with the fanciest options you’ll surely love! What’s more — each one of these Halloween costumes is adorable: an ode to pop culture and your favorite childhood characters from television and movie shows. Excited? Let’s dive right in and check what these are:

1. American Girl Dolls


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You’re never too old to dress up like a doll, especially if you’ve had a special love for them growing up. Dolls are undoubtedly spooky, and some of our favorite Hollywood horror movies prove it! A cool Halloween costume inspired by the original American Girl Dolls: Samantha, Molly, Felicity, Addy, Josephina, and Kristen could be the most fabulous costume idea for you.

These American Girl dolls are a huge inspiration, particularly for millennials. With the era-specific accessories, you have a lot to get creative with: from cute purses and bonnets to retro-chic sunglasses. Wear an opaque lens for a spine-chilling effect! Plus, if you still own one of those dolls, carry one along on Halloween night.

2. Kiki From Kiki’s Delivery Service


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If you’re contemplating a cool Halloween costume that invokes childhood nostalgia but doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket, go for the adorable witch Kiki’s look from the Japanese-animated fantasy show Kiki’s Delivery Service. Accessorize the costume with a charming big bright red head bow for that extra dash of cuteness. The outfit is bright, happy and easy to put together without needing too much of an effort. Of course, don’t forget to carry the legendary broom and a black cat (if you must) to complete the attire.

3. The K-Girl Band

The K-Girl Band

Image Source: Instagram

If your girl gang is still looking for some dope costume idea, why not try dressing up as a K-pop girl band. After all, K-pop is all the rage in recent times. The Korean sense of style and aesthetics has crept into the world stage off late and there’s no denying that it’s cool as well as classy. And while you’re at it, the choice of band could be…. Drumrolls… BlackPink!

This South Korean girl band has amassed an enormous fanfare and sparked trends with their trend-worthy fashion statements. If black or pink are your favorite colors, and bold prints and graphic tees float your boat, these BLACKPINK inspired costumes will help you nail the Halloween look! Also, don’t skip a bold winged eyeliner, a generous amount of blush, chunky boots, and layered necklaces for that extra oomph!

4. Rosie The Riveter


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Who can forget the cultural icon Rosie the Riveter’s call of smashing the patriarchy? If you feel inspired to go vocal about equality this year, emulate this look with a chambray button-down, a dotted red bandana, and a bold red lip color. To go all out, consider pairing this up with fishnet tights and a pair of heels that make you feel mighty powerful!

5. Morticia Addams From The Addams Family


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Halloween isn’t complete without the mention of Morticia Addams! A cult classic look for Halloween, this get-up never disappoints. The best part: it’s simple but oh-so-glamorous! You can steal this sultry look with a black dress, a slightly pale foundation, smokey eye makeup, and bold red lips.

6. Dorothy From The Wizard Of Oz

Dorothy From The Wizard Of Oz

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The Wizard of Oz is perhaps one of the greatest Hollywood musicals of all time: it’s adored by children and adults alike! Plus, it continues to serve as a reference for designers’ creations on the runway. If Dorothy was (or still is) your fashion inspiration, don her vintage-style blue gingham dress this Halloween, and don’t forget the straw basket!

7. A Lady From Bridgerton


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Look royal this Halloween by sporting a glamorous Regency-era princess look. While you may not find the exact dress, something that‘s close totally works! Woo your audience with an empire waist gown, elegant opera hand gloves, pearl necklace, and let’s not forget the tiara! It’s a bit over-the-top but undoubtedly a stunner! The popular Netflix drama series Bridgerton has won millions of hearts worldwide, and with this attire, you will win the hearts of everyone who lays eyes on you!

8. Ariel From The Little Mermaid

Ariel From The Little Mermaid

Image Source: Instagram

We’ve got to agree: Kylie continues to inspire this generation of teens with her sensational outfits. Copy this style on Halloween if you feel extra bold and sultry! You can turn yourself magically into Ariel with large seashells to cover your chest or a seashell printed t-shirt and a mermaid skirt or mermaid tail leggings. Also, add some glitter and sparkles to finish the look — a tad extra does no harm! Bonus points if you dye your hair red!

Trick or treating may not fit the teenage years, but a cool Halloween costume is never off the table for anyone! Teenagers love to channel their creativity and impress people with their unique sense of humor on Halloween. With these cute Halloween costume ideas, they’re all set! So make some heads move with your creative dress up and don’t forget to take enough photos and videos for the ‘gram. What other teens’ Halloween costume options can you think of? Do share them with us in the comments below!

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