25 Cute Monkey Coloring Pages Your Toddler Will Love

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Monkeys are arboreal creatures who spend most of their time on treetops. They interact with humans in mischievous and quick-witted ways. They are also known for playing pranks on the humans. This makes them great attractions in zoos and other natural grounds across the world.

Monkeys are considered the most intelligent animal. Several movies have been made describing the intelligence of the monkeys. So why don’t you gift your kid a good set of monkey coloring pages for him or her to enjoy and know more about the species?

Top Monkeys Coloring Pages For Kids

Monkey coloring sheets are both fun and educational. Your child can learn about the different kinds of monkeys while having fun coloring the diagrams. Here are 20 monkey coloring pages to print for your kids to color:

1. ‘M’ For Monkey:

This alphabet-coloring sheet featuring the letter M and a cute monkey will turn your kid’s coloring time into a fun learning session.

  • Ask your child to trace the letter M with a sharp crayon and then fill the letter and the monkey with any color of their choice.
  • You can also ask your child to come up with other animals’ names that start with M.

2. Golden Lion Monkey:

Here is a coloring sheet featuring the Golden Lion Monkey on the tree branch. The golden lion monkey has a bright reddish-orange pelage and extra-long hairs around the face and ear, giving him an appearance of a lion.

  • The golden lion monkey, also known as golden marmoset, is a small new monkey belonging to Callitrichidae family.
  • It is an endangered species with less than 1500 remaining in the whole world.

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3. Squirrel Monkey:

Did you know that squirrel monkey once traveled into space and back to earth? It was sent to test whether humans and animals would be safe in outer space or not.

  • The squirrel monkey resides in the tropical forest of Central and South America.
  • It has short, olive fur at its shoulder and yellowish orange furs on its back. Its throat and ears are white and mouth is black.
  • Squirrel monkey lives together in groups with up to 500 members. They can, however, break into smaller groups.

4. Connect- the-Dots:

Here is a connect-the-dots coloring sheet for your preschoolers. What type of monkey is hidden among the numbers? Ask your child to join the numbers to reveal the image. This coloring sheet will surely intrigue your kids.

  • Make sure your child colors the sheet when he is done joining the letters.
  • Your second grader will have a gala time practicing their math skills while coloring the sheet.

5. Howler Monkey:

The howler monkeys are known for their loud and unique howl. Their howl can travel three miles through the dense forest.

  • Howler monkeys are one of the largest New World monkeys.
  • They are touted as the largest land animal in the world. They are native to the South and Central American forests.
  • Howler monkeys have wide set nostrils and short snouts. They can smell the food up to 2km away.
  • They are quite aggressive and do not take well to captivity.

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6. Trapeze Monkey:

Does your child like circus? Then he will surely have a blast coloring this cute little monkey hanging on the trapeze.

  • This multi-talented monkey is in need of some color to complement his juggling skills.
  • Present this coloring sheet to your child and his friends and let them have a fun coloring session.

7. Baboon:

This coloring sheet features a baboon sitting quietly in the jungle. Baboons use more than ten different types of vocalization to communicate with their baboon friends. Explain more facts about baboon to your child as he colors the diagram.

  • Baboons are Old World monkeys belong to the Papaio genus.
  • They are found in open savannah, hills across Africa and open woodland.
  • They have dog like muzzles and powerful jaws with sharp canine teeth.

8. Pygmy Marmosets:

The cute, little monkey you see in this coloring sheet is pygmy marmosets. The monkey in this coloring sheet is looking for a friend to play with. Ask your child to add a little color to make him feel better.

  • Pygmy marmosets are small monkeys who live in the canopy of the South American forest.
  • They are notable for being the smallest monkey and one of the smallest primates in the world. Their size ranges from 300 to 1352 millimeters.

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9. Capuchin:

Here is a coloring sheet of capuchin monkey hanging on the tree branch. Capuchin monkeys are found only in parts of South Africa. Give your child capuchin coloring sheet and teach him a bit more about this monkey specie.

  • The capuchin monkey is a New World monkey belonging to the subfamily of Cebinae.
  • They come in colors like black, brown, white and buff. Their color and pattern depends on the species involved.

10. Mandrill:

Mandrills are colorful monkeys with blue and red on their cheeks. This sweet mandrill monkey will make a fun coloring sheet for your kids.

  • Mandrill is a primate of the Old World monkey closely related to the baboons and drill.
  • It is found in the Southern Cameroon, Congo and Guinea.
  • Mandrills are world’s largest monkey. They have also featured in several animation movies.

11. Monkey Eating A Banana:

This little monkey looks all excited to have banana for the dinner.

  • Tell your child more about monkeys and their love for bananas with this coloring sheet.
  • You can also tell your child about the importance of developing healthy eating habits with this coloring sheet.

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12. Monkeys On Branch:

This monkey coloring sheet features two monkeys swinging on a tree branch. This simple coloring sheet is ideal for both younger and older kids.

  • Ask your child to color the monkey in light brown, as most of the monkeys are light brown in color. He can use dark brown for the tree and its branches. These leaves should preferably be bright green in color.
  • Color the background in light yellow or blue. This will transform the coloring sheet to a jungle scene.

13. Night Monkey:

Brighten your child’s day with the night monkey coloring sheet. The coloring sheet features a cartoon form of the night monkey. Night monkeys are the nocturnal kind of monkey. They are active mostly at night. Ask your child to color the background in dark shades to create a nighttime scene.

  • The night monkeys, also known as owl monkeys are the members of Aotus genus.
  • They have large brown eyes, which help them in their nocturnal vision. They are also notable for the different kinds of vocal sounds they make.

14. Three Wise Monkeys:

This coloring sheet features the three wise monkeys- Mizaru, Kikszaru and Iwazaru. Together they embody the principle “see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil”.

  • The three wise monkeys signify the importance of good mind, speech and action.
  • The image and proverb are used to refer to the lack of moral responsibility on the part of the people.

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15. Barrel of Monkeys:

These adorable primates are busy monkeying around with each other and a barrel. Add a splash of color to these primitive pals to bring life to this scene.

  • Ask your child to use different shades of brown for the barrels and monkey.
  • This coloring sheet will also help your child to practice inside the lines.

16. Gorilla:

This coloring sheet features a grumpy gorilla. It looks like he is angry about something. Ask your brave little child to add color to this stern monkey’s portrait. This might cheer him up.

  • Gorillas are the largest extant genus of primates in terms of physical size. These herbivorous apes are found mostly in the forests of central Africa.
  • Gorillas are usually found in dark shades. The eastern gorilla is darker than the western gorilla. They also have thick hair.

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17. Boots:

The sweet monkey coloring picture is Boots, a character from “Dora and Friends”. Boots is the monkey Dora met during one of her expeditions. He helps Dora solve clues and puzzles.

  • This friendly and enthusiastic monkey wears nothing but his beloved boots, hence the name.
  • He is a blue colored monkey with yellow stomach.

18. Mama Monkey With Her Baby:

Mama monkeys are very protective about their offspring. They express love and affection to their children by grooming them.

  • We are sure your child will have a great time coloring this baby monkey with his mama.
  • You can also discuss the importance of mother and child relation while your child colors the sheet.

19. Abu:

This is a coloring image of Abu, Aladdin’s pet monkey. He is one of the closest friends and side kick of Aladdin.

  • Abu is a kleptomaniac monkey obsessed with shiny items like gold and diamonds.
  • He is a sneaky and scheming monkey and hates getting into danger. He gets frustrated easily, especially when he is made a fool by his friends.

20. Monkey Family:

Here is an adorable coloring sheet featuring a monkey family. Ask your child to fill in the colors to bring this scene to life. Make sure he uses the same shade for all the monkeys.

  • This coloring sheet will surely bring a smile on your kids face.
  • You can also print out this coloring sheet to create your own monkey coloring book.

Hope you liked our collection of monkey coloring pages printable. These free printable monkey coloring pages online will help your kid learn about different kinds of monkeys and will also provide fun hours for kids too. Do share your views with us.

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