20 Most Popular And Cute Love Songs For Teenagers

The first date, the first kiss, first red rose. Teenage is about so many firsts. Isn’t it? Teenage romance is vulnerable, innocent, and uber-cute. If violins are playing in your head when you are around your crush or special someone, there are fair chances you are hit by the cupid.

And if you are looking for some melodies to dedicate to your crush, here are some of the best teen love songs that tell cute tales of teenage love and fondness.

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20 Teen Love Songs

Grab your headphones and explore some of the best romantic melodies that you can enjoy listening to with your crush.

1. Heat Waves – Glass Animals

Watching your crush pass by can give you a million butterflies, and in their absence, the ardor and longing for their presence can be almost unbearable. This song perfectly represents this feeling, as the singer is walking under the hot sun in hopes of meeting his crush.

Listen to it here:

2. Yummy – Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber has stolen the hearts of millions of fans worldwide. Yummy features him expressing his crazy love and affection without any fear or hesitation.

Listen to it here:

3. Fireflies – Owl City

Imagine spending time with a teenage crush under the dark sky with twinkling stars and 1000 fireflies. Sounds dream, right? Fireflies is a fun pop song that makes you feel closer to your crush regardless of the distance.

Listen to it here:

4. Wake Me Up When September Ends – Green Day

Greenday’s most popular song, “Wake me up when September ends” is a soulful melody. The song’s video showcases the heartache of adolescent lovers during the war. The young boy joins the army, leaving his true love behind, and heads on to serve the nation.

Listen to it here:

5. Selfish Love – Selena Gomez ft DJ Snake

Teenage songs are incomplete without the mention of Selena Gomez. This song is about selfish love. Send this to your partner or practice singing before a Karaoke night. The rhythm is sure to get you grooving!

Listen to it here:

6. Perfect – Ed Sheeran

Ed Sheeran’s romantic love songs, which are popular among teenagers, have a special way of capturing the cherishment of a first crush. So, groove to this one and feel the rapture and enchantment of your first crush.

Listen to it here:

7. Thousand Years – Christina Perri

Promises, commitment, adulation, and innocence these factors come between teenagers when they feel infatuated or enamored with someone. Thousand Years is an evergreen love song sung by Christina Perri and was also featured in the Twilight saga.

Listen to it here:

8. Perfect Two – Auburn

You are sugar to my tea; you are the peanut butter to my jelly; we are the perfect two. Yeah! We are the perfect two, yes, baby, you and me. Play this song! It’s one of the cutest teen songs available on YouTube.

Listen to it here:

9. Trap Queen – Fetty Wap – Piano Cover – Josh Levis

Hip Hop and RnB music is the next most loved genre amongst teenagers. Here’s the remake of the original Fetty Wap song “Trap Queen,” performed by talented pianist Josh Levis. His piano skills, along with soulful lyrics can bring out all the emotions in you.

Listen to it here:

10. No Games – Sickick

Video games are boys’ first love and passion, so here’s the perfect song to share with teenage boyfriends. Let your love turn him into a video game character. A true dedication for a PlayStation freak!

Listen to it here:

11. Teenage Dirtbag – Wheatus

American Rock Band “Wheatus” is here to remind you of teenage endearment and attachment. This song became instantly popular during its release year. The rhythm and peppy beats are sure to get you grooving.

Listen to it here:

12. Right Where You Want Me – Jesse McCartney

The American singer-songwriter is the next on the music chart of best teenage songs to play for a crush. Always be there when she wants you. Follow her, keep your eyes glued on her, and take advantage of the right time to express the emotions hidden in your heart.

Listen to it here:

13. Teenage Dream – Kidd G

Do you still dream about your first crush at school? The music and lyrics of this song are synced accurately with perfection. Try to sing Teenage Dream to your crush if the sweet lines touch your heart.

Listen to it here:

14. Crush – David Archuleta

She’s your classmate, you adore her, but you are unable to find words to express your feelings. Try this song, and you will feel confident to say what all is hidden in your heart. Express the true emotions without any hesitation. This song is best to convey your secret feelings to someone you are crushing on.

Listen to it here:

15. What Makes You Beautiful – One Direction

Next on the list is the song from the band that has been rocking since their teenage. Girls love their music, so you need to say it in One Direction style – What makes you beautiful! Dedicate this one to your teen crush at college.

Listen to it here:

16. American Teen – Khalid

Call this one the top-selling teen pop song. Released in 2017, American Teen is Khalid’s debut studio album. He is a popular teen American singer. If you can connect to the longing expressed in the romantic vibes of this song, then maybe create a solo cover of American Teen and surprise someone special.

Listen to it here:

An anonymous blogger shares how much he loves the songs from the American Teen album. Regarding the song Saturday Nights, he says, ”For me the chorus is the best part because I think the lyrics are so cute. “And all the things that I know/That your parents don’t/They don’t care like I do/Know well like I do”. I like them because it shows how much he cares for her and that he listens and actually knows her. I also really like the instrumentation of this song in particular because I like how it begins with a very simple chord progression but the chords are played almost like arpeggios and are strung out which gives it a more relaxed vibe. I also like how there is a click on every beat because it reminds me of sitting around a fire with your friends and playing the guitar while someone clicks and someone sings and it’s all cute and summery (i).”

17. Teenage Romance – Bars and Melody ft Mike

Play this amorous song and try some popping and locking with your teen friends. Teenage romance may seem complicated, but it’s undoubtedly the sweetest feeling in the entire world.

Listen to it here:

18. First Date – Blink 182

Everything is sweet and fantastic about the first date. Typical for a first date is nervousness and uncertainty, described perfectly in the song First Date by Blink 182. Groove to this one, if you are a true metalhead.

Listen to it here:

19. Teenage Mind – Tata McRae

The mind of a teenager is filled with bemusement, this or that, right and wrong. Clear every doubt popping in your mind before you accept or reject the proposal of friendship. Choose the one who is true and knows how to respect you as a partner. Play this song for more inspiration.

Listen to it here:

20. Beautiful Girls – Sean Kingston

So many cute faces at the college fest: she’s the prettiest, she’s the coolest, but where’s the one your heart is searching for? Beautiful Girls says it all. Sean Kingston performance in this song made it one of the best teen pop songs.

Listen to it here:

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do teen love songs affect teens emotionally?

Teen love songs assist teenagers in understanding and safely expressing their emotions. Also, it elevates their mood and, very often, serves as the ideal means of socializing.

2. How are teen love songs changing in the modern era?

Back in the day, love songs were only about falling in love and heartbreaks, but as times have changed, we now hear songs about accepting oneself, recovering from the past, and moving on.

3. How have social media and streaming services impacted the popularity of teen love songs?

Through streaming services and social media use, teen love songs have become incredibly popular with individuals of all ages. The songs, have become popular as they are sung by aspiring singers and used in various videos, have been remixed, and, thanks to networking, have become well-known all over the world.

Teenagers love music and are drawn to songs that describe their feelings. If you love peppy tunes or are a fan of romantic melodies, these teen love songs are perfect to grove to or dedicate to your loved one. These songs are bound to strike a chord with your heart and evoke memories of your special one. Songs by well-known teen sensations like Justin Bieber, Ed Sheeran, and Selena Gomez are a hit among teens. So, grab the earphones, and listen to these famous teen love songs by your favorite artists.

Infographic: Teen Love Songs

Teenage love is primarily about the firsts of experiences and feeling those butterflies whenever you are with or near them. So, if you are looking for songs to dedicate to your crush, this infographic is for you. Here, we list songs to help your crush understand your feelings for them.

songs about teen love (infographic)

Illustration: Momjunction Design Team

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Download Infographic in PDF version

Songs about teenagers in love are all about witnessing them find happiness and companionship. Listen to the playlist in this video and have a great time.

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