17 Fun Dance Games And Activities For Kids

Handling a bunch of energetic children is never easy. Kids are restless, and they can’t sit in one place for a long time. If you are looking for ways to keep them engaged, dance activities for kids are the best way to burn their excess energy. Dancing is a fun physical activity for children, allowing them to enjoy and learn new skills simultaneously. We share some unique dance activities for kids to have a fun learning experience in this post.

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10 Fun Dance Games For Kids

Dance games can significantly enhance a child’s physical and mental abilities while boosting their confidence. Additionally, learning different dancing techniques can expose children to various cultural traditions from around the globe, providing a fun and educational experience. Here we have ten energetic dance games ideas for children.

1. Spotlight dance

Dancing to the spotlight is an exciting dance game for kids that can add life to any celebration. All you need is a handy spotlight, a music system, and a dance floor to pull off the game.

How to play:

  • Form a group of 4-5 kids. Select one kid to hold the spotlight and another one to work on the music. The one with the spotlight should be made to stand in the middle of the dance floor.
  • As the music starts the kids should start dancing, and the person holding the spotlight should shine the flashlight on the dancers one by one.
  • The one that controls the music can stop it at any point.
  • When the music stops, the kid with the spotlight should freeze and hold the light on the dancer it was on when the music stopped. The dancer with the spotlight on will be considered out.
  • The game continues until one dancer is left.

2. Dance with the hula

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It is a modified and simplified version of a Hawaiian dance form that is quite interesting and fun for kids. You need the hula hoops to start the game.

How to play:

  • Give a hula loop to each kid and play good party dance music.
  • Let them move the hula loop around the waist. Kids who are not comfortable doing it can swirl it around their arms. Either way, this dance is good for fostering agility and grace in their body movements.
  • The one who showcases the best hula dance with a great level of energy will be the entertainer of the day.

3. Dance with a balloon

Image: Shutterstock

If you are hosting a birthday party, then do try this dance party game for kids. It emphasizes on leg and hand coordination. All you need is a few balloons to start the game.

How to play:

  • Get the kids on to the dance floor.
  • The kids need to juggle the balloons while they dance to the music. The balloon should not fall on the floor until the music stops.
  • The one who stays longer on the dance floor juggling the balloons will be the winner.

4. Shake a leg with a partner

Image: Shutterstock

More than fun, this dance game lets the kids mingle with each other. All you need is a paper and a pencil.

How to play:

  • Make a few chits and write the name of a pair on each chit.
  • Put the chits in a bowl and pick one randomly.
  • Call out the name of the couple on the chit and give them some time to interact and prepare a few dance steps for a chosen song.
  • Let them tap their feet together on the dance floor.
  • The pair that has the most fun dance will be the winner.

Free Worksheets and Printables for Kids

5. Gunny bag dance

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Turn a sport into a dance that boosts the physical activity and brings out laughter. All you need are some clean gunny bags.

How to play:

  • Let the children get inside the gunny bag and hold it.
  • The rule is that they should not fall while dancing with the sack.
  • Play music and ask the kids to dance in the bag. The ones who fall will be out.
  • Continue the game until one player remains at the end.

6. The ball dance

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No, we are not talking about the royal ball dance. This is a fun ball dance game that your kids can play at parties or picnics. All you need is a ball, a timer, and a dance floor to get started.

How to play:

  • Line up the children in a row.
  • One child is given the ball first, He or she dances to the music with the ball and passes it on to the next child when the timer beeps.
  • The next kid will continue that dance and perform for a set time.
  • After passing the ball, the child will move out of the row to give other kids a chance. It encourages the participation of each child.

7. The emoji dance

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Kids are fascinated with emojis, so this makes an excellent kids’ dance party game. An emoji-style dance brings out their creativity. All you need are a few large emoji flashcards with expressions like angry, sad, happy, etc.

How to play:

  • The rule is to dance to an emoji expression or theme.
  • The parent can raise a flash card for the kids, and they need to dance to the theme of that emoji.
  • Pick music or songs that match the mood or emotion of the emojis. For example, play a peppy number for a ‘happy’ emoji and some slow music for a ‘sad’ emoji.
  • It is not necessary to play only songs. You can also play instrumental music that is relevant to the expressions.
protip_icon Quick tip
Ballet bingo is another fun dance activity you could try with your children. There are plenty of themes and printables available online. Download, start dancing, and see who wins by getting all the boxes checked.

8. The clapping dance

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This dance game is a great way to connect the children and improve their interaction skills. A group of kids is all you need to get started.

How to play:

  • Get all the kids on to the dance floor and team them up in pairs.
  • Ask them to come up with dance moves that need them to clap or give a high-five.
  • Give them some time to discuss and prepare the steps.
  • You can either play music or use the claps for the rhythm.
  • The pair that comes up with the most creative dance moves gets rewarded.

9. Jump to the beats

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Children are full of bubbling energy, so jumping to the beats will keep them physically active and excited. Pick up a few peppy numbers to set the mood and get a blackboard and chalk ready to get this game started.

How to play:

  • Get the kids on to the dance floor.
  • Play a peppy number to which they have to dance as jumping jacks.
  • The children’s performance will be rated with stars, which will be written on the blackboard.
  • The kid who jumps freely and wildly to the music will be the Jumping Jack of the day.

10. Dance with hats

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This is a fun-filled, dance warm-up game for kids and can get competitive when you have a large group. You need a hat, some gifts, and peppy music to start the game.

How to play:

  • One child will wear a hat before the music starts.
  • As the music plays, the kid needs to dance and simultaneously pass on the hat to others.
  • When the music stops, the kid with the hat will be out of the game.
  • The game continues until one player is left dancing. He/she will be declared as the winner.

Dancing needn’t just be fun. It can also be educational and used to teach kids essential skills such as teamwork.

7 Best Dance Activities for Kids

Children can enjoy dance activities that promote their creativity and team-building skills. For instance, playing freeze dance can improve their choreography abilities and provide ample physical activity or exercise. Below are some suggested dance activities to try.

11. Balancing the book dance

Image: IStock

It is a simple and interesting dance activity that teaches children about body control and posture while enhancing their concentration. You will need some lightweight books to start the game.

How to play:

  • The kids need to place a book over their head before the music is played.
  • As the music starts, they need to dance and balance the book without letting it fall on the ground.
  • They can catch the book if it’s falling and place it back over the head to continue dancing.
  • If they miss and the book hits the floor, the player is out.

12. Dancing with claves (clah-vays)

Image: IStock

Claves is a percussive instrument made of wood. Using it in a dance activity for kids will help develop their gross-motor skills and also improve their eye-hand coordination.

How to play:

  • Make the children sit on the floor.
  • Tell them to hold one stick in their hand and the other stick beside them.
  • Now you tell them to hammer the floor thrice with one stick while singing, “Hammer the floor 1, hammer the floor 1, and hammer the floor 1.”
  • Then, let them use both the sticks and hammer the floor while singing, “
  • Hammer the floor 2, hammer the floor 2, and hammer the floor 2.”
  • In the third round, let them hammer the floor using the two sticks and one foot simultaneously.
  • In the next round, they use both the sticks and both feet. For round number five, they also start shaking their head along with the moves using the sticks and the feet. And for each round, the song should include the number of parts that they are using.

Thus, you can ask the kids to create as many creative dance moves as they can while holding the claves.

13. Painting dance

Image: IStock

Painting is a form of creative expression, as is dance. Combine them, and you have a dance activity that is fun and interesting. You need some kid-friendly paints, a few bowls to make the colors, and a non-skid, washable plain mat for the floor.

How to play:

  • Make a kid stand on the mat.
  • Let him/her dip the feet into a color bowl of choice and take a position.
  • Start playing music and ask the child to tap and move the feet.
  • One by one, each kid dances on the mat with their feet smeared in the color of their choice.
  • When the children are done dancing, you will have a colorful abstract painting on the mat.

14. Ribbon dance

Image: Shutterstock

This activity requires the kids to dance while twirling ribbons tied to a stick. The activity develops their creativity, imagination, flexibility, and eye-hand coordination. You can prepare the ribbon-sticks beforehand to save time for the activity.

How to play:

  • Give one or two ribbon sticks to each kid.
  • Tell them to dance to the music using the ribbon stick as their prop.
  • You can make the kids dance individually, in a group or by dividing them into teams.
  • If it is a team activity, you could ask them to choreograph a dance routine and compete for a reward.
  • Once they are ready, play the music and let them perform.

15. Rainbow parachute dance

Image: Shutterstock

The curiousity in kids lets them take their creativity to the next level. This activity is all about making creative formations with a parachute. You will need a rainbow parachute and some space to dance.

How to play:

  • Make the kids hold the elastic handle of the parachute and form a circle.
  • Ask them to move and make random formations as the music plays.
  • They can jump, sit, or run in a circular motion as the music plays.

16. The animal mask dance

Image: IStock

The kids have to observe and learn the movements of different animals and convert them into dance steps. The activity improves their observation skills as well as creativity. For this activity, you need some animal masks and a phone or a TV.

How to play:

  • Give a mask to each kid. Make sure that everyone has a unique animal mask.
  • Before starting the activity, show them the behavior and movement of animals on your mobile or TV. This helps them understand how to dance.
  • Give them some time to practice.
  • Play the music and let them dance. Record and show them how they danced; it could bring out a lot of giggles from the bunch!

17. Dance to hip hop

Image: IStock

Just play hip hop music and let the kids groove to it. Freestyle hip hop dancing is an excellent physical activity if you have some peppy numbers to play.

How to play:

  • Let the kids explore different hip-hop songs and choose the one that they would like to dance to the most.
  • Let them listen to the rhythm, get into the mood, and create their steps.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the benefits of dance for kids?

Dance can be a beneficial activity for children, improving their cognitive and physical abilities and social and emotional well-being. It can improve brain function, calm troubled minds, develop muscles, and improve flexibility. Additionally, dance can improve creativity and discipline, promote sensitivity and understanding of others, awaken the consciousness of beauty, boost self-confidence, and improve coordination and fine motor skills. Dance can be enjoyable for children to enhance their overall well-being.

2. How do you engage children in dance?

Instilling a love of dance in children involves encouraging them to control their movement and self-expression, explaining the enjoyment and importance of dance, and making them participate in group dance activities.

3. What is the appropriate age to start dance activities for kids?

Children can generally start dance activities around the age of three or four. However, assessing their physical capabilities, attention span, and interest in dance is crucial before enrolling them in formal dance classes.

4. What common mistakes do parents make when introducing kids to dance activities?

Common mistakes parents make when introducing children to dance activities include setting unrealistic expectations, prioritizing competition over fun and self-expression, and disregarding the child’s input in choosing their dance activities. It is crucial for parents to offer support, encouragement, and a positive environment that values their child’s enjoyment and individuality.

5. How can dance activities help increase a child’s confidence?

Dance activities can boost a child’s confidence by allowing them to express themselves, improve their physical abilities, and feel a sense of achievement when learning and performing routines. It also helps promote a positive body image and self-esteem. Dance classes’ supportive and inclusive atmosphere further enhances a child’s confidence and social skills.

6. Which music is suitable for kids’ dance activities?

Good music for kids’ dance activities is typically lively, energetic and features catchy rhythms and melodies that inspire movement and fun. Popular genres for such activities include pop, hip-hop, children’s music, and songs with a positive and exciting ambiance.

It can be fun and exciting to organize dance activities for kids and watch your little ones perform. Spotlight dance, dance with hula, dance with a balloon, gunny bag dance, the ball dance, and the emoji dance are some of the best dance activities for children. You may also try outdoor team dance activities such as rainbow parachute dance, and animal mask dance can double the joy. You may ensure that the dancing floors are not slippery to avoid falls. It can be interesting to include dance activities for kids during picnics.

Infographic: Fun Dance Games For Children

If your little one loves dancing and playing games, you can combine two of their favorite activities and give them a chance to have double fun. In the following infographic, we have listed a few dance games to which you can introduce your children, and we assure you that they will love them. So, read on and share it with your friends as well.

games that will make children dance (infographic)

Illustration: Momjunction Design Team

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Download Infographic in PDF version

Let your kids have fun and get moving with these 11 fun dance games! Perfect for birthday parties or just a fun day at home.

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