Is It Safe To Take Dandelion Tea During Pregnancy?

Dandelion Tea During Pregnancy

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Dandelion tea is a popular herbal drink with many health benefits. However, while you are pregnant, it may not be the wisest decision to enjoy the goodness of this tea, as it could lead to complications. If you are looking for some information on dandelion tea and how it affects pregnancy, you can stop looking now. Here, we look at the benefits of dandelion tea during pregnancy and whether it is safe for expectant women.

What Is Dandelion Tea?

Dandelion is a herb. Typically, the top or above ground parts are for medicinal purposes. It helps ease many conditions, but there remains little proof of its efficacy to treat such conditions. Purported to help overcome a loss of appetite, intestinal gas, upset stomach, gallstones, muscle aches, joint pain, bruises, etc., the tea also increases urine. Many cultures use it for a healthy skin tone and quick digestion (1)

Is Dandelion Tea Safe During Pregnancy?

Experts say that consuming dandelion tea in moderation is not bad for health. Pregnant women can have this tea once a day. Moderation is rather important. If you suffer from any allergic reactions or notice any changes in your body, discontinue drinking dandelion tea while pregnant, as it may lead to many problems.

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Although herbal teas are natural, not all herbs are safe during pregnancy. The Food Development Authority recommends pregnant women to avoid taking herbal products without consulting their health care professional. So, ideally you shouldn’t be drinking dandelion tea during pregnancy. However, if you still wish to consume it, consult an experienced and trained herbalist first.

Can Dandelion Tea Replace Medicines?

Although medicines have replaced the natural supplements, many of us still look for natural herbs and vitamins that provide relief as pregnancy is not the time when you want to depend on too many medicines. Many herbalists believe that herbs and better and cheaper than their medicinal counterparts. It has not been proved through research though and hence all brands cannot be trustworthy.

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Benefits Of Dandelion Tea During Pregnancy:

The dandelion is rich in vitamin A, iron, and calcium. The leaf helps nourish the liver and also helps cure mild enema. When people talk about dandelion tea, they talk about two different beverages, and both are safe unless manufacturers don’t treat them with pesticides or herbicides. Some of the benefits of dandelion tea include:

  • It reduces water weight, and so one does not feel bloated. It also makes it a diuretic, and it increases urine output.
  • It promotes liver health; herbalist feels that the tea has the quality of cleansing the liver. It also reduces the symptoms of liver diseases.
  • It is a good substitute for coffee; you can grow your version of the dandelion without pesticides. After steeping it in hot water, it can be enjoyed as a substitute for coffee.
  • Dandelion leaf tea in pregnancy is also said to have anti-cancer applications. The potential of it being an anti-carcinogenic has been explored, but studies aren’t conclusive.

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Preparing Dandelion Tea:

Once you ascertain that the dandelion you use is chemical and herbicide free, you can enjoy cooking dandelion tea. Harvest the plant when it is young, after cleaning it, pour hot water on it, stain and then enjoy. Since the tea has slightly bitter taste, you can add either honey to it or mix it with another tea to reduce the bitterness.

To conclude, Dandelion tea is a good substitute for caffeinated drinks. The tea is said to be rich in Vitamin-C and is said to reduce anxiety and stress. If you have more information on dandelion tea and its effect on pregnant women, please do share with us below. Fellow moms would love to hear from you.

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