Darvi Anti-Dandruff Hair Oil Review: A Permanent Cure For Dandruff?

Darvi Anti-Dandruff Hair Oil Review A Permanent Cure For Dandruff

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I got to try out Royal Indulgence Darvi over the last few months. And I can’t wait to reveal the what kind of results I got. While not suggested for pregnant women, the reviews this oil has got from other women and postpartum mothers, is refreshingly assuring as a one-stop dandruff solution.

The remedies that most people like me rely on are regular dandruff treatments. Shampoos, creams, lotions, hair-masks. They’ve just not gotten rid of the problem.

My flakes and the itchiness, came back within a few days of not using them. Before Royal Indulgence Darvi, I used my anti-dandruff shampoo twice a week. I’d get by with once a week… but not without consequences. I’d constantly try to hide it, or be conscious of others discovering my scalp condition.

That’s why when I heard Royal Indulgence Darvi Anti-Dandruff Oil can permanently reduce your dandruff, I wanted to try it right away. In just 10 applications, up to 70% of your dandruff symptoms are to permanently disappear. And in a month, 90% – never to return in it’s former severity.

The Hidden Power Behind Ayurveda: Why Royal Indulgence Darvi Works

Darvi Anti-Dandruff Hair Oil Review

Age lifestyle, infection and allergies are just the tip of the iceberg. Most all dandruff remedies today do not treat all of the causes of dandruff.

Royal Indulgence Darvi is uniquely made of 54 herb and plant extracts! Each has a particular purpose, addressing all of the dandruff-causing factors at once. These 8 especially vital components in Darvi ensure you can say goodbye to dandruff for good.

  1. Neem: To fight fungal infections and allergies
  1. Tulsi: To reduce inflammation
  1. Durva: To relieve itching
  1. Cinnamon: To fight fungal infection
  1. Lemongrass: To accelerate hair growth and prevent hair fall
  1. Gandhak (natural Sulphur): To remove all visible flakes
  1. Karpoora: To soothes irritation by cooling your scalp
  1. Karanja: To hydrate your scalp while also soothing it
  1. Jatamansi: To fight fungal infections and promote hair-growth
  1. Nutmeg: To stimulate your scalp for better blood-circulation

Royal Indulgence Darvi clears, protects and nourishes your scalp. It basically acts as a 360 degree scalp remedy –

  1. The ingredients neutralize the Malassezia fungus causing your dandruff
  1. Calm the scalp itchiness and irritation
  1. Hydrate any and all dryness
  1. Give you a long-term, permanent relief from dandruff

Ia also had an easy time using Darvi, as it took no more than 20 minutes of use before I slept.

 How To Use Darvi Anti-Dandruff Oil

For the first 10 applications use Darvi on every alternate night. Simply apply onto your scalp before you sleep, and massage for 20 minutes. Leave on overnight for best results, and wash off in the morning.

Use Darvi Anti-Dandruff Oil every alternate night for the first 10 days. Before sleeping, I massaged the oil into my hair for about 15 minutes. Laying a towel on my pillow, I woke up the morning after to wash it off in the shower.

I used a mild shampoo to wash it off, but cleaned my hair and scalp thoroughly. After the first 10 applications, I used Darvi twice a week, for 30 days.

The results surprised me

The Results Surprised Me

When I use my regular anti-dandruff shampoo (that’s sitting unused after a month of using Darvi) – I always get itchy and flaky even the same day. Also, I find the need to re-use my dandruff shampoo in 4 days, sometimes 3. The flakes and itchiness return by then.

Now, 2 and a half months into using it, Royal Indulgence Darvi has eliminated almost all of my flakes. Like I said, the first few days seemed like any other day, but around the 5-day mark is when I noticed changes. My scalp wasn’t itchy – or flaky – even by the very end of the day. I went to bed with a clean, soothed scalp.

After about 2 weeks, my dandruff flakes, along with the dryness and itchiness were immensely reduced. I’d say a 60-65% reduction. And after the first month, 30 days, is when I truly saw long-lasting results. The flakes and itchiness did not return before I had to use the oil again.

Now I use Darvi once a month, and I’m still yet to use it again, which would make it my 3rd month. What this afforded me is switching to a milder shampoo for my hair, instead of my scalp-drying dandruff shampoo. I think of this remedy only when I have to apply it. Because I’d say my scalp is all round calmer and cleaner.

My Top 9 Reasons Why Darvi IS Better Than Any Other Dandruff Treatment Today

  1. Provides long-lasting relief from dandruff. Don’t accept using potentially harmful synthetic shampoos and treatments twice or thrice a week. Use Royal Indulgence Darvi only once or twice a month, after the initial 7-week intensive treatment period.
  1. Targets ALL the main causes of dandruff. Whether you have it from an infection, dry scalp, or bodily factors. All the 50+ herbal extracts and oils treat dandruff from all angles. ALL problems solved, for much more than just 3 days.
  1. Intensive, one-time treatment. Instead of applying damagingly weak treatments for years, completely get rid of 70% of the problem in the 10-day sitting. 90% of your dandruff GONE in 30 days.
  1. Most effective, gentlest way to get a flake-free head. Other non-natural solutions strip hair of oil, nutrients, and moisture. Natural Sulphur is extremely effective and very gentle at removing dandruff. No damaging your scalp, only destroy your worries.
  1. Recurrence is greatly diminished. As all main causes are treated, dandruff will NEVER return like it used to. No 3-4 treatment applications every week. Only once or twice a month after the initial usage.
  1. Moisturize and nourish your scalp. Olive and Coconut oil richly moisturize your scalp without blocking your pores. Karanja oil, Bakuchi, and Tuvarak heal inflammation, itching, and add ensure you have a healthy scalp. For the first time – kill the infection and solve your dry scalp issue. NO FLAKES in sight!
  1. Save on money. You don’t have to buy ineffective treatments frequently. Beyond 2 or 3 months, only twice per month usage is needed. That means eventually, ONE bottle will last you for many, many months.
  1. Zero side-effects. This is entirely all-natural. Made from fresh, quality, purified ingredients. Cannot affect skin, scalp, or hair in any adverse way. Colored hair can use it. People with allergies to Sulphur shouldn’t use this.
  1. Less hair fall, stronger hair, more shine. This unique blend of Ayurvedic ingredients also reduces hair fall by removing majority of your dandruff problem. The result: healthy scalp and hair follicles that can grow strong, shiny hair.

My Final Rating For Darvi Dandruff Oil

Royal Indulgence Darvi was a purchase I made just to test it out. I was finished with using the regular remedies that were pointlessly harmful in the first place. I wanted a product that could get me long-lasting dandruff-relief.

Darvi a has now made me feel clean, calm, and like myself. I hardly even think of dandruff, except when a sigh a relief every time I think of how bad my dandruff was. The time that I’ve been using Darvi, I haven’t had to itch, or think about my dandruff.

I’ll continue to use Royal Indulgence Darvi once or twice a month. Try Darvi for yourself, and get these results you’ve wished for, but not had till now. I know you’ll be as relieved as I am. This is my rating for this permanent remedy for dandruff.

I give it a whole-hearted 4.6 out of 5 stars!

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