30 Fun Date Night Games For Couples To Play

Date nights boost your relationship and keep the passion alive between you and your lover. While you may be wondering what else to do on a date night other than cooking and eating a delicious meal, playing some date night games for couples is a fantastic option. Even if you’ve been together for a long time, date nights will make you feel like you’re meeting your spouse for the first time, dressed up in your best clothes, just as you did when you first met. Keep reading this post for a list of fun and fascinating games that add color to your date night.

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30 Date Night Games For Couples

Date night games can be enjoyed by any couple that wants to rekindle the passion and strengthen their bond. You can be creative and customize the game by adding ideas to get intimate while enjoying your game.

1. One word answer

You can play the game in two ways. First, you can ask each other a few questions from your past. Go down the memory lane of how you met and how you got closer. It is a simple and engaging game to build a connection between you and your partner.

The second version is funnier. You both need to give each other only one word and build a story. It will help improve your compatibility and understanding of each other. Not to mention, it will give you two a good laugh.

2. Eye for an eye

Couple playing eye for an eye

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You both have to look into each other’s eyes until one of you blinks. The person who blinks loses the game. You can use your imagination here and make the game more amusing. For instance, the person who loses would kiss or would do something for the winner. Take your call!

3. Sing and dare

If you and your significant other like singing songs, then how about having a harmonious date night? Start singing a song, and your partner will have to proceed with the last word of your song. Challenge each other by stopping at a difficult word, and let’s see how it goes. You may also put on your dancing shoes to make it more fun.

4. Movie guess

This guessing game is suitable for movie buffs. You can provide hints to your partner and let them guess the movie name. Alternatively, you can hum a popular song from the movie, and ask the movie’s name. It is surely a fun-filled game.

5. Bowling night

Couples enjoying bowling

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Go bowling, munch on finger foods, sip on your favorite drink, and have an enjoyable night with your love. A fun game night once in a while can help you unwind while also letting you bond with your significant other.

6. Emoji translation

Let emojis convey your feelings to your significant other. All you have to do is send emojis through text and let your partner find the meaning. The date idea could sound silly, but it is an excellent way to have fun and express what you cannot through words.

7. Yes or No for shots

It can also be called a ‘yes or no’ game, and you can try it on your next date night. You will require some drinks; they can be soft drinks, or hard drinks such as the one you love the most in wine tasting, or any other beverage. Start asking questions to each other. If your partner answers ‘yes,’ you will have to take a shot of the drink. However, if it is a ‘no,’ then they have to take a shot. You can change the rules as per your preferences and the level of fun you want to have.

8. Card games

A classic game night can be incomplete without a card game. You can arrange a date anywhere, be it on a beach, a fancy hotel, or on your terrace. Get a deck of cards and play blackjack, slap jack, strip poker, or any game that you and your partner would enjoy the most.

9. Charades

You and your better half can play this game without any teams. Write the movie names on a few paper chits and drop them in a box. Pick a random chit and enact the clues for the movie. You can give inside jokes, dialogues, or share the incident about the film that only you both know.

10. This or that

If you are looking for home date ideas, then you should consider this entertaining game. Make a list of ‘this or that’ about yourself and ask your partner — for instance, mountains or beach, beer or wine, Netflix or games, and so on. Your partner has to choose this or that about you. You can make the game challenging and fun by giving plus and minus points.

11. Do you know the lyrics?

Make a playlist of your favorite songs. Play the song, and pause anywhere you want. Now your partner has to continue the song from where it stopped. If they fail, they get a penalty, and they have to do any task you assign. Then, they pick a song, and it is your turn to continue the song from where they stop it.

12. Trivia game

You can ask random questions about your love story and see who knows more. A few example questions include, ‘who proposed?’ ‘what is my favorite dessert?’ ‘who was flirty and naughty?’ and ‘what is it that I don’t like about you?’ The game would bring you both back from your busy life and help you get closer.

protip_icon Quick tip
Use the Trivia game to discover unknown facets of each other’s personalities.

13. Karaoke night

Couples enjoying karaoke night

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Play karaoke songs and start singing at the top of your voice. Dedicate songs to each other or challenge to sing a couple of songs from different languages. You can have a duet and find out who has the best voice.

14. Never have I ever

It is a popular and common game played by couples. Create a list of random questions to ask your partner. Some examples include, ‘Never have I ever violated a traffic rule,’ ‘Never have I ever friend-zoned a person,’ or Never have I ever got jealous of you.’They answer these questions about you. If they get it wrong, then you get to play any trick or ask them to perform any task. Remember to be honest!

15. Romantic treasure hunt

This can be an exciting bedroom game for couples. You can create a fun hide-and-seek game by writing sweet messages on pieces of paper and hiding them in your bedroom. Make it enjoyable by including gifts and desserts that your partner likes. You can end the date with a romantic dinner.

16. Scrabble of love

Scrabble of love

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You must have played Scrabble with friends and family. However, this Scrabble is to have fun with your partner on your date night. Here, you have to make words related to your love story and justify your answer, too. You can make your own rules to make it exciting.

17. Truth or dare

Remember playing this game with your friends in college? You can customize the game and play it with your partner on a date night. Play it at home or in an amusement park or at a restaurant; the choice is yours. You can come up with funny or romantic questions if your partner chooses ‘truth.’ Otherwise, make them do what they hesitate to do if they choose a ‘dare.’ Either way, you can enjoy playing it.

protip_icon Be watchful
Don’t ask controversial or sensitive questions like the ones about their exes or flings during “Truth or dare.”

18. I love you because…

Do you want to know why your partner loves you? You can know the answer by playing this interesting game on your date night. Keep taking turns and continue the game. Some examples of adorable answers are, ‘I love you because you make the best tea,’ ‘I love you because you care for me like no other,’ and ‘I love you because you are the cutest person I know.’

19. Question conversation

If you are looking for a super fun game, then here it is. You need to make a conversation with questions and not statements. For instance, ‘what is your name?’ The answer should be in a question form – ‘Don’t you what my name is?’The game continues and lets you have a good laugh.

20. Play your favorite character

If you and your partner are movie buffs, then you can play this amusing game. Pick a popular movie and choose the characters that you want to play. For instance, you pick the film ‘Avengers.’Pick characters such as Captain America, Hulk, Iron Man, and Thor and enact them in your style. Record the game with your phone’s camera to have a good laugh later.

21. Jenga

Jenga blocks, with a dare written on each one, can be a fun two-player game. You and your partner can play this game at home by setting up a table and a few snacks and drinks. For some extra laughter, customize the dares on the Jenga blocks. You can also add your own custom rules for more fun.

22. Fill in the ____

The game lets you ask your loved one some cheesy questions. You can even request a few questions about yourself and check how well your partner knows about you. We have some examples for you that you may use on your date night.

  • My favorite dessert is _______
  • I love ______ the most
  • Our first date was at _______
  • My first crush was _______
  • Our favorite holiday destination is _______

23. Who’s better?

Make a list of random questions on a paper or a board. Who’s better at brewing coffee? Who’s better at cleaning the house? Who’s better at making chicken? Who’s better at shopping?,and anything else you want to add. You can keep adding the questions while playing the game, too. Find who gets a higher score, and that person gets discounted from household chores for a  month.

24. Shot glass roulette

It is a delightful version of the classic roulette. Buy it before you plan your next date with your love. You get a roulette wheel and shot glasses in the set. You can use any of your favorite drinks or pour different beverages in the shot glasses for added excitement.

25. Would you rather?

This game would make your date night extra-long and exciting. The informative yet straightforward game is suitable for new lovers or a newly married couple who want to know more about each other. You may ask funny or serious questions and gather more information about your partner.

26. Board games

Couples playing a board game

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A board game with your beloved can let you enjoy and spend quality time. Fog of love, Play nine, Pass the Pigs, Sequence, or the classic jigsaw puzzles are a few games you may try. You can play your favorite songs in the background, and brew special-flavored coffee. It could be a relaxing setting for a couple’s game night.

27. Cards against humanity

It is a funny game to play and have loads of laughter together. The set includes white and black cards. You need to pick one color card and read out the sentence, while your partner has to select one card and read to complete the previous sentence. You can add your own twists and turns to spice things up.

28. Monogamy

It is one of the famous couple games for getting close to one another. The board game comes with a set of cards with a task written on each card. The tasks range from romantic to raunchy, thus guaranteeing you some fun time together. Try it out once, and you may want to play the game again on your next date night.

29. A truth and a lie

In this game, you and your partner have to write down two sentences on a paper. One will be the truth and the other a lie. Your partner has to guess which is true and which is a lie. It can be a conversation starter for a new couple in love.

30. Othello

If you want to pick a mentally stimulating theme for your date night, then pick an Othello game. The strategic game lets you challenge each other and spend hours together. You may customize the game rules as per your preferences. Play it all night and have great fun.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are any video games great for a date night with my partner?

Video games such as Heave-Ho!, Wattam, Until Dawn, and Push Me Pull You are some popular options designed for couples.

2. What date night games are suitable for long-distance couples?

Online couple games such as Wordle, Hangman, Paired, and Uno are some interesting options for long-distance couples.

3. Can you suggest some DIY date night games that couples can make at home?

Games such as Tic-Tac-Toe, Spin the Bottle, and word games can be made by couples at home. Additionally, setting up a romantic space on the roof to stargazing or taking a dip in the pool with some wine can also make the night special.

Date night games for couples can help increase their intimacy and strengthen their bond. Games involving questions can help partners better understand each other’s interests and cherish beautiful memories together. You could also play games such as movie guests, bowling lights, sing and dare, emoji translation, or card games as part of a date to make it more fun and memorable. Karaoke night and treasure hunt can also be enjoyable. These games may help improve your compatibility and offer an opportunity to spend quality time together.

Infographic: Date Night Games For Couples

Not all date nights have to be only romantic, some can be adventurous and thrilling too. So if you and your date are ready for some challenges, this infographic has exciting date night games that are worth a try.

date night games for couples (infographic)

Illustration: Momjunction Design Team

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Key Takeaways

  • Regular date nights and fun games strengthen the bond between couples.
  • Spending time together with simple activities like playing cards, bowling, scrabble, and board games is a great way to bond.
  • Date nights can be enhanced with interactive activities like trivia, scavenger hunts, and charades.
  • Couples can enjoy fun and interesting date night games such as Truth or Dare, Question Conversation, Fill in the Blanks, Would You Rather, and A Truth and A Lie.

Discover unforgettable date nights with these 20 best couple games. Spice up your romance and make your bond even stronger!

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