71 Romantic And Creative Date Night Ideas For Married Couples

Life is not the same when you start sharing your life with your partner under the same roof. Going on a date with your spouse once in a while helps keep the spark in the relationship alive. If you are looking for some date night ideas, this post is for you.

You fall into the routine life and spend less time with your partner once married. So if it’s been quite a while since you went out with your spouse, take them on a romantic date. In this post, we have combined some amazing date night ideas that will give your relationship the much-needed impetus and help you have a good time with the love of your life.

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Date Night Ideas For Married Couples

Date nights are fun – there’s the excitement of getting dressed up, an eagerness to do something special for your love, and spend as much time as you can with them.

Here are 35 fun and exciting date night ideas that allow you to spend more time together, fall in love with each other all over again, and strengthen your bond with every passing day.

1. Plan a game night at home

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When was the last time you played a board game with your partner? If you can’t remember, you should plan it soon. Game nights are refreshing, especially when it is with your husband or wife. You fight, you cheat, you try to win, but most of all, you have utmost fun.

2. Go to a concert

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If you both enjoy music, then attending a live concert of your favorite band with your partner would be an amazing date night idea. A rocking concert can relieve your stress and let your hair loose for a while.

3. Stroll through a night street fair

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An evening fair or a night market would be a colorful atmosphere for a date night for a married couple. You can just walk together holding hands, try street food together, go to a spa, and buy funky items for each other or your sweet home. Sounds relaxing?

4. Dance in a pub

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Dancing could bring out the madness in you. It can also help you unwind and just be yourself. So pick a place with good music and dance it out with your husband or wife.

5. Watch a movie

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If you and your partner are movie buffs, then what could be better than a movie night. You can watch your favorite movie, or go to a drive-in movie, or surprise your partner with tickets to the latest movie at the cinemas.

6. Cook a meal together

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You might have gone to a lot of restaurants for a date night. Why not do something different now? Get in the car, shop for the ingredients, come home, and prepare a delicious meal together. It could help in rekindling your love. If you are at a loss for what to make, try making a new dish from a different culture once a week and each can alternate on who decides what the dish would be.

7. Watch a comedy show

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Looking forward to a relaxing night? Then get tickets for a live comedy show where you both can laugh out loud. As Lord Byron rightly said, ‘Always laugh when you can, it is cheap medicine.’ So, going to a standup comedy show can be a good way to de-stress after a tiring day at work and home.

8. Explore the nightlife

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No, we are not talking about clubbing. We’re talking about exploring at night, the places you visit every day during daylight. Go for a bike ride and hit for an amazing road trip. The fresh breeze, almost empty roads, and the silence around you would take you back to the times when you were not married and had fun without limitations.

9. Go for a nature walk

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Walking around the noisy, bustling city is one thing, and hiking amidst nature, surrounded by nothing but greenery and silence, is another. Pick any nature trail in the woods or along the beach, and go for a walk in the evening. You could also plan a hike, or just walk the train in silence or talk about how you feel – it could be a great activity to get away from the distractions and focus on just each other. You could even do a scavenger hunt to collect a piece of nature for a memory box from each nature walk or hike.

10. Go on a hot air balloon ride

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When was the last time you splurged on something really exciting for your partner? Marriage brings in many responsibilities, and you tend to tighten the purse strings, spending only on what is necessary.

But it is okay to spend a little more than you would to make your loved one happy. Book a hot air balloon ride for your date night with your partner. To make it a pleasant surprise, blindfold them until the balloon lifts off into the sky, and open the blindfold when you are up in the air, to give them an amazing view of the world.

11. Recreate the magic with memories of your first date

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Remember your first date? Where did you go, and what did you eat? What did you wear? Try to recreate the same moments now and enjoy the nostalgic ride. This idea will ignite the lost spark between you both.

12. Brew beer together

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Do you enjoy relaxing over a bottle of beer? Why not try and brew your own beer at home? Buy a beer brewing kit and make the beverage at home. If it works well, you could make it a ritual –brew your own brand of beer and enjoy it together.

13. Have a karaoke night

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Do you enjoy singing? Then go for a karaoke date night. You don’t have to be a seasoned or professional singer to sing your favorite tunes at karaoke. Just know the tune and sing like you do not have a care in the world. The experience can be relaxing and fun too when you sing with the one person you love.

protip_icon Quick tip
Learn your partner’s favorite genre of songs, you may also choose romantic songs with lyrics that express your heartfelt feelings.

14. Plan a mini-vacation in a hotel

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Unable to get away from work for long? Boss won’t give you a break from work? Use what you have then, to plan a mini vacation or a staycation by booking a room in a nearby hotel and spending a couple of days together. This may not be as fun as a vacation but will give you time away from the everyday grind at home, and to pamper each other. It would be a plus point to book a hotel with mini golf facilities to enjoy a full-filled date night.

15. Organize a scavenger hunt

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Similar to an escape room, a scavenger hunt sounds like a kids’ game. But what if you made it fun by hiding love notes and little gifts for each other to find on your date night. You could hide things for each other to find in and around the house and have a little competition for yourselves. Whoever wins can get a treat from the other. Sounds like fun?

16. Go bowling

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This game can refresh you after a busy day at work. Bowling might not seem like the ideal date night activity. But when you do not have time to plan a proper date and want a break from the mundane, it can be a good idea. The date becomes all the more exciting if you both enjoy the game and want to indulge in a bit of healthy competition.

17. Try a wine or cheese tasting event

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Imagine tasting some of the best wines and getting to spend time with your loved one. Sounds like the perfect date, doesn’t it? Book your spots for a wine tasting event to pamper your taste buds as well as each other. If you don’t like wine, you may also go to a cheese-tasting festival. You both can eat, roam around, and create romantic moments.

18. Have a pizza making contest

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Everybody loves a good pizza. So why not make one of your own customized pizzas with your favorite toppings? To make this even more fun, set a time limit to make your own pizzas. Then decorate a corner of your room by setting up candles and enjoy your dinner.

19. Plan a barbecue night

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This could be a good idea for a relaxing date night with your partner without having to go outside. Just set up a barbecue grill in your patio, get a pack of cards, and grill seasoned vegetables and chicken. Enjoy the fresh breeze, play some board games, and enjoy your dinner.

20. Go for a long drive

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Long drives are romantic. The idea of heading off to nowhere in particular, and enjoying the breeze and the silence that rests between the two as you drive along the highway can be dreamy. If you once enjoyed going on long drives, why not do the same now? Take the car out for a spin along the coast, the lake or any other landscape near you and make a stop or two for ice cream or dessert on your way.

21. Play pool

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Why be a boring old married couple when you can go back to being youngsters for one night? Plan a date night doing things you enjoyed doing once – play pool, drink a few beers, and eat a burger to make the night fun.

22. Spend a night by the campfire

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You don’t always have to go to a happening place for a date with your spouse. Drive to a calm place (such as nearby woods), light up a small campfire, lay down a carpet, munch on snacks, and talk. Communication is essential for a married couple, so your date could just be you both talking your heart out (or telling each other ghost stories) by the campfire.

23. Go boating

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Running on busy schedules and juggling between home and office could be difficult after you get married. Another good idea for a date night is to spend a cozy romantic evening on a boat ride, away from the hustle and bustle of the city. You and your beloved, in the boat amidst the ocean, watching the sunset and listening to the seagulls, can make a date that takes your worries away.

protip_icon Point to consider
Enquire if a local lake has provisions or is safe for swimming, so you can enjoy an exciting, impromptu swim with your partner.

24. Plan a dessert and coffee date

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If dinner dates are passé, then you can check out the nearby coffee shop and enjoy some chocolate desserts and coffee with your beloved. Yes, a coffee date is still a date and can be a good way to spend time with your husband or wife.

25. Make ice cream

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You might have cooked a meal together, but have you made ice cream together? If not, you could try that for a date night activity. If you think eating ice cream is fun, making it can be even better. Look for the recipes or YouTube videos online and make your own ice cream at home!

26. Go ice skating

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Winter freeze keeping you both indoors? If you’re tired of staying indoors and want to get out and have some fun, try ice skating to boost your mood up. You don’t have to be experts as long as you know how to balance and have a little fun. You’d probably fall a few times, but eventually, you could both become experts – either at falling and laughing at each other or the sport!

27. Dare them on a date

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Go to a public place such as a museum or an art gallery. Dare your partner to do something unusual, but not criminal or offensive to others. Whoever wins a dare will win a score. In the end, whoever loses will give a treat. This date night idea is simple yet fun!

28. Go to the opera

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Wear your most elegant outfits, put on makeup, and look your best. If you appreciate art, especially the theater or the opera, this makes an excellent date night idea. But ensure that you pick something that both you and your husband are interested in, or it could turn into a night of boredom and restlessness.

29. Have dinner on a cruise

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If you are planning for something exclusive, then take your partner for dinner on a cruise. Enjoy a three-course meal while sailing under the moonlight and enjoy the view of the ocean around you.

30. Try new food

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Pick a restaurant that serves a cuisine that you both have not tried before. Keep trying new items from the menu and enjoy the evening. Whether you like the food or not, you will have fun, guaranteed.

31. Go shopping

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If spending time together is the agenda, you could just go shopping! No, we’re not talking about grocery shopping. This date night shopping has a twist – you get to a mall together, but then go your own way. Fix a budget and a time limit within which you have to buy something nice for each other. Once done, grab some dinner, go home, and open your presents to end the date on a cheerful note.

32. Plan a picnic on the terrace or by the lake

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Not all date nights have to be special or extravagant. It is the small gestures that matter and not big plans. So have a simple date right on your terrace – carry a few blankets or mats, a bottle of wine, and scented candles. Set up a table and create a romantic atmosphere, sit with your beloved, and spend some quality time star gazing and talking.

protip_icon Point to consider
Choose a serene place away from the hustle and bustle, like the hills or a nature-friendly resort, and don’t forget to keep soothing, pleasant music handy.

33. Go to a game of mini-golf

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Want to have some childish fun? Play mini-golf and enjoy friendly competition. This idea of date night can take away your stress and could leave you feeling positive. Just go to a place with a mini-golf arena, book your slot and play away!

34. Redecorate your bedroom

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You and your partner spend most of your time in your bedroom. Why not give it a little uplift and make the space more appealing? If you haven’t really looked at the room in months, it is time you do. Plan a makeover to turn your room back into the cozy corner where you and your partner can cuddle. Set a day aside for this activity and get to work.

35. Become artistic

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With such occupied schedules after years of marriage, you might have overlooked the importance of showing love to your partner. Why not show him or her how much you value and love by being artistic. Take some time out for each other by indulging in learning specific skills by getting involved in crafts, cooking classes, singing, and writing to express your feelings of love. This is one of the best ways to get closer to each other.

36. Go on a vineyard tour

Go on a vineyard tour

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Unwind all your stress together with this fantastic date night idea. Take your partner on an evening stroll in the nearby vineyard, or arrange a romantic dinner date there. Spend quality time together, click romantic pictures, and don’t forget to taste some fine wine together.

37. Try role-playing

Try role-playing

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Spice up your date night with some fun and exotic role-playing ideas. Let your imagination fly high and choose an idea together, or set up an idea for your partner. Prepare everything, from costumes to the ambiance, and get ready for an unforgettable romantic date experience.

38. Go to the spa together

Go to the spa together

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Take your partner to a spa for a relaxing evening together. You can also book a massage session at home and use some DIY spa ideas for your partner at the convenience of your home.

39. Try a dance form

Try a dance form

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Looking for a romantic and fun date night idea? Learn some basic dance steps with your partner and go dancing all night! Couple dance forms such as Tango, Waltz, and Rumba are a great way to get close, connect, and ignite passion.

40. Watch your wedding video

Watch your wedding video

Image: Shutterstock

Watching a movie or a series together is something you always do with your spouse. So, on this date night, watch your wedding video together and reminisce about all those lovely memories.

Blogger Meagan Hanley shares how she spent time looking at her wedding video and old photos with her husband when they were stuck together at home during the lockdown. She says, “We really enjoyed looking through travel photos and taking a ‘virtual’ trip since we couldn’t go anywhere. It’s amazing how much good conversation came out of this because we both remembered different details about the same pictures. Since our anniversary happened during the stay-at-home order, we also watched our wedding video and went through all our honeymoon photos! Talk about all the memories flooding back (i)!”

41. Recreate your wedding night

Recreate your wedding night

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This could be a perfect date night idea for your anniversary. Just take out your wedding dresses, order a cake, open a bottle of champagne, and have a sweet romantic dinner at home.

42. Have a movie marathon at home

Have a movie marathon at home

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Too tired to go out? This date night idea is perfect if you just want to spend some leisure time together. Change into your PJs, order a takeout or make a quick dinner, pick a movie theme, such as horror, comedy, romantic, 80s, or 90s, and cuddle together while going on a movie marathon.

43. Take a horse-drawn carriage ride

Take a horse-drawn carriage ride

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This timeless ride could turn any moment into a magical and memorable one. So, this date night, ditch your fancy car rides or thrilling bike rides and hop on a horse-drawn carriage ride with your spouse for a magical evening.

44. People gazing

People gazing

Image: Shutterstock

If you and your partner are comfortable and share a great understanding, this idea could be a fun and ideal date night. All you need to do is go to a busy night market or street, settle down at a roadside cafe or diner with your partner, and make up funny and interesting stories about the passerby.

45. Go on a photo walk

Go on a photo walk

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If both of you love taking photos, a night walk together to capture the beauty of night could be a wholesome date night idea. Grab your cameras and equipment, head for a leisurely night walk or ride, and capture night streets, the night sky, and nature’s beauty at night.

46. Food truck hopping

Food truck hopping

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This could be a delightful date night idea. Go on street food hopping from one food truck or stall to another instead of going to a fancy restaurant to savor the uniqueness and deliciousness of the street and local foods.

47. Go on a bicycle ride

Go on a bicycle ride

Image: Shutterstock

This date night idea is healthy and fun at the same time. Just hop on your bicycle, or rent one, and go to the nearby park for a stroll or plan a bicycle ride at a hill or scenic lake nearby.

48. Try digital detox

Try digital detox

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Sometimes, all you need is some quality time with each other to rekindle your love. So, on this date night, simply switch off all your digital devices, relax, and enjoy each other’s company. Reconnect with each other by engaging in conversations about anything and everything and reminiscing about some old memories.

49. Order a takeaway

Order a takeaway

Image: Shutterstock

If both of you had a tiring week or month, this weekend, ditch your plans to go anywhere and snuggle in your living room or bedroom together. Order some takeaway, laze around with your spouse, and enjoy a tasty meal together.

50. Play a sport

Play a sport

Image: Shutterstock

Be it basketball or badminton which can be played in the evening or nighttime, hop onto a game you both enjoy playing. Sweat out, and then visit a local cafe and have dinner together.

51. Plan a double date

Plan a double date

Image: Shutterstock

Invite your closest friends and duo to your house for a potluck dinner. This is a great way to bond with other couples, where you all can share your experiences and get some relationship advice. You may also include some games, watch a movie, or just talk and catch up.

52. Attend a themed costume party

Attend a themed costume party

Image: Shutterstock

If you and your spouse are party people, a themed costume party or masquerade ball could be a fun date night idea. Get your hands on the invitation to such an event in your city, shop for your costumes, set your looks, and head out to dance all night.

53. Play one-word answer game

Play one-word answer game

Image: Shutterstock

Prepare a series of questions to ask each other, and tell your partner to answer in a single word. This could be a perfect date night game to update your knowledge and understanding of each other; it also gives you an insight into what your spouse is up to currently.

54. Paint together

Paint together

Image: Shutterstock

Painting is not only a relaxing activity, but it will also enable you to spend quality time together, filled with laughter and happiness. So, for this date night, unleash your artistic side, gather the canvas, colors, and brushes, and paint together. Let your creativity flow and draw anything you desire or you may attempt to capture each other on the canvas.

55. Try shot glass roulette game

Try shot glass roulette game

Image: Shutterstock

Try this exciting game to spice up your evening. Use any of your favorite drinks or pour different beverages into the shot glasses, place them in a circle, take turns spinning an empty bottle, and let the fun begin. You can attempt as many rounds as you like and play this game with fun twists.

56. Go indoor rock climbing

Go indoor rock climbing

Image: Shutterstock

If you love hiking or climbing, but your busy schedule doesn’t allow you to go on such trips, you can try indoor rock climbing. Over the weekend, search for a nearby training camp and spend your evening together doing rock climbing followed by a romantic dinner.

57. Take a scenic helicopter tour

Take a scenic helicopter tour

Image: Shutterstock

A night sky view of the city is undoubtedly mesmerizing and romantic. So, if it is your anniversary, a helicopter tour of the city could make an extraordinary date night plan. However, prepare beforehand and save funds for this date as it could be pretty expensive.

58. Try out a new eatery in town

Try out a new eatery in town

Image: Shutterstock

If it’s been quite some time since you haven’t stepped out to eat, explore a new restaurant with an offbeat and elegant ambiance for your date night. Try the contemporary cuisine, take photos together, and make new memories.

59. Attend a local art gallery or museum

Attend a local art gallery or museum

Image: Shutterstock

If you and your spouse are art lovers, visiting a local art gallery or museum would be an excellent and romantic idea to spend your date night.

60. Take a scenic train ride

Take a scenic train ride

Image: Shutterstock

Plan a romantic weekend getaway with your partner to a place where you take a relaxing and enthralling train ride through a scenic route.

61. Go fishing

Go fishing

Image: Shutterstock

Sitting under the stars with your partner by the riverside, a fishing trip could provide an opportunity to spend quality time with your partner. So, plan for a fantastic fishing expedition away from the bustling city noises on this date night to spend a romantic evening with your spouse.

62. Visit a historic lighthouse

Visit a historic lighthouse

Image: Shutterstock

Every lighthouse has its unique tale to tell. Create your own story within the walls of a historic lighthouse alongside your partner, gazing out at the moonlit sky. You may also contact the authorities to make reservations for a romantic dinner.

63. Visit a local market and cook a meal together

Visit a local market and cook a meal together

Image: Shutterstock

If you’re planning for a romantic dinner date night, you can start together from the very beginning by going out together to buy ingredients for your dinner preparation. This will give you more time to spend with your spouse, helping you know each other better.

64. Visit an amusement park or carnival

Visit an amusement park or carnival

Image: Shutterstock

If your town is hosting a carnival, plan a trip to the carnival for the date night. Enjoy the fun rides together, taste the delicacies, and try out the different food and game stalls.

65. Vacation at a bioluminescent beach

Vacation at a bioluminescent beach

Image: Shutterstock

Plan a holiday to the bioluminescent beach with your spouse and spend a magical night at the glowing beach enjoying each other’s company and mesmerizing sea view. This could also be a great idea for the wedding anniversary.

66. Visit an aquarium

Visit an aquarium

Image: Shutterstock

Looking at the beautiful fishes and other marine creatures in a dark blue space of an aquarium with your spouse by your side would indeed create thrilling and picturesque moments.

67. Rent a motor scooter

Rent a motor scooter

Image: Shutterstock

A long car drive would definitely make a wonderful date night, but riding a scooter with your spouse, and exploring the city amid the refreshing breeze would make a romantic and thrilling experience. So, take out your motor scooter or rent one for your date night to go around the city.

68. Check out a photo booth

Check out a photo booth

Image: Shutterstock

A photo booth will help you make memories and capture those moments for a lifetime. So, when you’re planning for a date night around the town, do not forget to add a photo booth stop to your plan.

69. Enjoy a sunset together

Enjoy a sunset together

Image: Shutterstock

After a hectic day, unwind with your partner and enjoy the amazing view of the sunset. You can either do this in the comfort of your backyard or terrace or drive to a nearby scenic spot, and head out for a peaceful walk at night.

70. Hold a book reading session

Hold a book reading session

Image: Shutterstock

For bookworm couples, this certainly makes for an excellent date night plan. You can read a romantic novel or any genre you find interesting. Discuss the plots and characters over dinner, coffee, or wine.

71. Bake together

Bake together

Image: Shutterstock

On your next date night, go on a baking spree together! Choose your favorite pie, dessert, cake, or dinner recipe and get to work. This is a great way to spend quality time together, bond over your love of food, and create something delicious.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How often do married couples have a date night?

In a study by Benson and McKay on couples with child/children, 11% of couples went on date nights at least once a week, 30% of couples had date nights monthly, and 23% went on dates less often. However, an additional 36% either rarely or never went out together (1).

2. Do married couples need date nights?

Yes. Married couples need date nights to spend meaningful and quality time together without any interference from kids and family. It gives them time to bond, make new memories, and reignite love and passion in the relationship. It can also be a way to show your love and commitment to your partner and help relieve familial and work-related stress.

3. How can married couples with children plan a date night that works for everyone?

Set a regular date night on the calendar and ensure both partners are available. Consider coordinating with babysitters or family members who can help with child care during that time. Sometimes, it may not be possible to have childcare for the entire date night. In such cases, involve the children in a part of the evening. Plan a family activity or outing earlier in the evening and then have a private couple time once the children are asleep or engaged in independent activities.

With these fun and sweet date night ideas, you can make each other feel special and revive the spark of your relationship. Be it a casual, cozy movie night at home or a fancy cruise dinner, make the most of the little time to spend with your significant other. It does not always have to be an extravagant preparation, but simple, thoughtful gestures and actions can do the magic too. So try out these date night ideas or customize them to your preference to make them personal and make these moments memorable.

Infographic: Date Night Ideas To Rekindle The Love In Your Marriage

For a stronger and deeper emotional connection, keeping the romance alive in a marriage is essential. What better than planning a sweet and romantic date night for your partner? We included some of the best date night ideas in the infographic below. Take a look!

date night ideas to keep your marriage fresh (infographic)

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Key Pointers

  • Regular date nights keep the spark alive in married couples by spending quality time away from responsibilities.
  • Date night ideas can be as simple as playing games, attending a concert, or going for a stroll.
  • Enjoy each other’s company while doing everyday chores or recreating your first date.
  • Other fun date ideas include karaoke, hotel mini-vacation, scavenger hunt, wine/cheese tasting, and more.
  • Try bowling, pizza contest, barbecue, driving, pool, campfire, or boating for exciting date night activities.

Married life can get monotonous, but fret not. Here are 43 unique date ideas, from romantic dinners to outdoor picnics, that are sure to spice up your married life.

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  1. Harry Benson and Steve McKay; (2016); “Date Nights” Strengthen Marriages.
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