Is It Okay To Date A Married Woman?

Love is a complex feeling. In some scenarios, even though you may feel it is going in the right direction, you may stride into a forbidden path with or without your conscience. One such situation is dating a married woman. Being involved in a romantic relationship with a married woman can be complicated and pose serious consequences.

Nonetheless, if you develop feelings for a married woman and sense that she reciprocates, you must be aware of these important points before getting romantically involved with her.

This post gives you some critical details and things to consider before dating a married woman.

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Is It Okay To Date A Married Woman?

The simple and short answer is no. It is complicated and not worth the risk and heartache to get into a relationship with a married woman. Becoming the third person in a marriage is not an option for a peaceful life. You might have started seeing a married woman with a distant hope that someday she might leave her husband for you. But what if it doesn’t happen and she leaves you with a broken heart?

If a partner is cheating on the spouse, it probably means they are running away from a relationship problem. But instead of confronting it, they choose to distract themselves with an extra-marital affair since it is a route to a momentary escape from reality. In case the couple ever decides to resolve their issues, you might find yourself at the losing end of this bargain.

But despite the risks, if you still find the idea of dating a married woman too tempting to let go, you should know its limitations. Also, you may have to follow a few rules.

15 Things To Consider When Dating A Married Woman

Here are a few points to keep in mind if you are dating a married woman.

1. Do not keep expectations

Do not have any expectations

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It is clear to understand—do not hold any expectations from a married woman. If you love her sincerely, you may think she might divorce her husband and leave her family for you. Even if she tells you the same explicitly, there is no guarantee about it. So, if you decide to get into a relationship, do not expect anything.

2. Do not expect to have a normal relationship

A relationship with a married woman is not usual. You cannot go out on dates or hold hands in public. Each time you meet her, you both might fear that it could be the last time you are together. The fear of being caught and the uncertain nature of the relationship can eventually take a toll on your romance and relationship. Secrecy becomes paramount when dating a married woman to protect both parties involved and maintain privacy.

3. Remember you could be her revenge affair

She must be having an extra-marital affair because they suspect their husband of the same. They keep a relationship outside marriage only to get revenge upon their spouse for their infidelity and betrayal. So, do not feed the fantasy that she loves you and will be with you forever. You are probably a way for her to get revenge on her husband.

4. Know that you only add spice to her life

Some partners who got bored of their marital life tend to look for a temporary relationship outside marriage. Loneliness may be a driving force for a married woman seeking companionship outside her marriage. She might be looking for something she lacks in her married life, such as intimacy and pleasure. It’s possible that she may become disinterested in you and either return to her spouse or engage in adultery with someone else.

protip_icon Point to consider
Remember, dating a married woman may not warrant the emotional connection you seek. They are already invested in their marriage and you may never become their priority.

5. Decide the type of relationship you want

Decide the type of relationship you want

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In an intimate relationship, feelings are natural to develop over time. You need to clarify what kind of a relationship you are signing up for. Do not lead her on and then back out. Don’t make promises you cannot keep.

6. Be discreet

Complete indiscretion is a non-negotiable element in an extra-marital affair. You do not know where your dating with a married woman might lead to and whether it would be a success or not. Therefore, avoid sharing about it with others to reduce suspicion. Restraint is essential in maintaining a discreet relationship with a married woman, as it helps avoid unnecessary risks or emotional complications.

7. Be prepared for confrontation

There are chances that someday your affair will be discovered by her family or your folks, so you should be prepared to handle the accusations and confrontation. Tragedy may unfold if the affair with a married woman is discovered, leading to emotional pain and upheaval for all parties involved. It could be especially tricky if the woman’s husband sets out to teach you a lesson out of anger and jealousy. You may have to explain yourself multiple times, and it can be exhausting for you.

8. Remember her family will always be her priority

Remember her family will always be her priority

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You might have planned a beautiful date with her and informed her weeks in advance. But on the day, she chooses to be with her child or her mother-in-law and cancels your date. It shows her family is her priority, and not you.

9. Be prepared to detach at any point

At some point in life, when she starts feeling tired of having a secret relationship with you, she might break the bond and get away from you. If you were emotionally attached to her, you might end up with a broken heart after separation. To avoid heartache, you should resist the temptation and avoid getting too attached to her.

10. Understand her feelings for her husband

While spending time with you, does she mention her husband a lot? For instance, you tell her about your trip to Japan, and she says her husband got her a kimono from Japan. If she mentions her husband often, it means he is on her mind most of the time, and she misses him.

11. Do not invade her personal space

If you are for her, do not make the mistake of visiting her workplace or home. It will jeopardize your place in her life. That’s another limitation of dating a married woman, as you have to be conscious about every step you take.

12. Do not fall for her

Do not fall for her

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It may so happen that what started as a friendly arrangement could end up in a one-sided love affair. If you start developing feelings for her, ask yourself if there is any future. If not, you will have to address your feelings soon before everything gets complicated for you.

13. Figure out if she is using you to vent out

If she cries and complains about her husband, she might be using you as an outlet to vent out her disappointments and frustrations. She needs someone to talk to. Once she is done venting, she may not be concerned about you. Or she may leave you with a ‘thank you’ or ‘sorry’ note.

14. Accept its temporary nature

Dating a married woman comes with a deadline that is a hard pill to swallow. It is not something that will last years. She will eventually return to her husband and family, so there is no point in investing time, energy, and money into it.

15. Do not give up on a chance for commitment

Do not give up on a chance for commitment

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When involved with a married lady, if you happen to have a shot at real love, then grab it with both hands and leave this affair in your past. Do not act foolish and hope that the married lady will leave her family and come to you. It is a distant dream. So, never say no to real love when you come across.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the consequences of dating a married woman?

Dating or not dating a married woman is a personal choice, but being aware of the consequences is always better. When you date a married woman, you are never her top priority as she has family commitments as well. She might be physically engaged with her husband as well, putting you at the risk of STDs. You may also be manipulated emotionally and not really have any future with her.

2. How do I know if a married woman loves me?

If a married woman is interested in ways other than just friendship, you may look for these signs- prefers to go out with you rather than her husband, is curious to learn more about you, steals glances at you. She also compliments you, pays keen attention to your appearance, and rants with you about her husband and family.

3. Can extramarital affairs be true love?

True love stands on honesty, commitment, and respect within a mutually agreed-upon relationship. Although a couple in an extramarital affair may feel strong emotions towards each other, it will always have a hint of regret, guilt, and betrayal, thus losing the sanctity of true love. Hence, it is important to communicate openly and address the issue before starting something new.

4. What is inappropriate flirting when married?

Inappropriate flirting when married involves engaging in explicit or suggestive conversations, teasing each other about their bodies, crossing personal boundaries such as touching or brushing against each other and showing a romantic or sexual interest outside the bounds of the marriage.

5. How long do extramarital affairs usually last?

The duration of extramarital affairs can vary widely, ranging from short-term flings that last a few weeks or months to long-term affairs that persist for years, depending on the individuals involved and the circumstances surrounding the affair.

The thought and experience of dating and getting involved with a married woman might seem interesting, but it comes with its fair share of complications and difficulties. The most important thing you should remember is that compromising on everything for this affair is not worth the risk, and it is purely temporary. Therefore, it is advised that you prepare yourself for confrontation soon and if you happen to find a true chance at love while in the affair, do not let it go.

Infographic: Things To Consider When Dating A Married Woman

Love can happen to anyone. But if the person you love happens to be a married woman, it may be much more challenging than a magical experience. So before you start anything together, consider going through this infographic to understand how your relationship may be and what to expect from it.

dating a married woman (infographic)

Illustration: Momjunction Design Team

Get high-quality PDF version by clicking below.

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Download Infographic in PDF version

Key Pointers

  • Dating a married woman may be complicated and seldom has a future.
  • You cannot expect the relationship to be normal and should be prepared to detach at any point.
  • If you both are ready to adjust and clear on your boundaries, you may still have a relationship.

Dating a married woman can be tricky. Learn the tips and tricks to navigate this complex situation in this informative video.

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