15 Important Dos And Don'ts Of Dating In Your 30s

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Stepping into the third decade of your life, you open the door to a fresh set of challenges. One of the few challenges you bring forward from your 20s is the search for the right partner. Dating in your 30s is a complete change of scenario. Unlike dating in your 20s, you view the world differently, feel differently, and want different things from life.

At this age, you seek a more serious and long-term relationship. Dating becomes less of a game and more of a life-altering decision because the one you date might become your partner for a lifetime. You tend to be more cautious of whom you see romantically and change the dating style when you are in your 30s.

If dating in your 30s makes you both excited and nervous, have a look at the following dos and don’ts and tips for dating in your 30s.

15 Tips For Dating In Your 30s

When dating in your 30s, you need to exercise the same caution as you would in your 20s. However, there are a few extra things to consider.

1. Don’t be too rigid on the age factor

You may have a certain age group in mind when looking for a partner. However, most people believe that compatibility and understanding matter the most. If these two factors are in tune, then age hardly makes any difference.

2. Be clear with what you want in a partner

Before you start looking for a date, decide what you are looking for in a partner. Sit alone, make a list of qualities of a potential date, and only then go ahead. If their dating profile does not make it clear, you can take a chance and find it out on your first date.

3. Don’t hide your intentions

If you are looking for commitment, make it clear to your date from the beginning. There is no point hiding it and wasting your time on someone who is not looking for a serious commitment. By being honest and clear about your intention, you can avoid wasting time on unwanted dates.

4. Go beyond your usual ‘type’

Try to be more flexible when it comes to dating. Do not be hell-bent on dating only a ‘certain type’ of person. Try to look beyond physical and material aspects and be more open to dating someone on the same wavelength – someone who can make you happy.

5. Don’t date someone under pressure

You could be under the pressure of friends and family to find someone to settle down with. Don’t date someone because you ‘have to’ but instead look for someone who will make you ‘want to’ date them. The commitment made under pressure may not last long. And if you have waited for so long for the right partner, you might as well try to be a little more patient.

6. Be confident

Dating is undeniably a game of attraction, and what can be more attractive than confidence. Try to adopt confident body language at all times. You never know who admires that confident walk or smile of yours from afar.

7. Don’t play amateur dating games

You probably know of the usual dating games that people play to act cool. Not calling immediately after the first date, not calling them first, waiting for the guy to ask you out, and a lot more. If you wish to make a connection, leave out these dating rules and go with what your heart commands. Of course, do not act too excited and call the person several times a day.

8. Be open to new ways of finding a date

A friend in the past may have always set you up, and you feel it to be the most reliable way to find a date. Times have changed; don’t rely on one way to find a potential date. You can try dating apps or social media to meet new people. You can meet new people at a hobby class or even a coffee shop. There is no limit to places for meeting a potential date.

9. Don’t hang on to the past

In your 30s, you have had your share of good and bad relationships that shaped you over the years. Do not let past experiences affect your present. Good or bad, remember what you learned from them and move on. Don’t be fearful due to an unpleasant memory. Instead, look forward to making new memories with a new partner.

10. Be less guarded and more hopeful

You may have been hurt in a relationship in the past, and the memories could make you guarded. But this way, you are blocking the way for true love from entering your heart. Instead, try to be more optimistic and be spontaneous. Allow someone to woo you and make you go crazy for them.

11. Don’t waste your time on someone you don’t like

If a date doesn’t click, stop wasting your time on them. Don’t message or call them. Use your time and energy on something more productive than trying to be extra nice to someone you are not interested in. Your overly considerate behavior might give them wrong signals, so you should make your feelings clear and tell them politely that you are not interested.

12. Work on your communication skills

You need good communication skills to convey the right message to a person you have just met. Good speaking skills can help make your date comfortable, and you can better understand each other. So, the next time you are going out for a date, practice what you have to say in front of the mirror and see if it comes out in the right way.

13. Don’t fake your personality

A few bad dates or failed relationships in the past can make you lose confidence. It can tempt you to fake your personality, hoping to look more appealing in the eyes of a new suitor. Do not try to be something you are not. Faking might help you once or twice, but eventually, your true personality will show and could lead to heartbreak. Be real and honest to the best you can.

14. Follow your intuition

In your 30s, you are more experienced and matured. Your gut feeling, too, might tell you who is suitable and who is not. Even when dating, if you ever feel uncomfortable or feel that the person is not right, you need not proceed to the next level. Do not ignore the red signals your mind gives you and keep away from such a person.

15. Don’t seek perfection

Nobody’s perfect, and the faster you accept this, the easier your quest for love will be. If you can fall in love with their shortcomings, there is nothing better than that. Or if you think that you are okay with the flaws and like them the way they are, you probably have found your perfect match.

No doubt, dating can be difficult in your 30s. All you need to do is approach it with an open mind and heart. In your 30s, you are relatively more evolved and matured to understand people better. So, be sure of what you want in a partner, and don’t be afraid of surprises that life could throw your way.