16 Best Dating Sites for Single Parents

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Dating can be a thrilling and passionate experience. However, when you’re a single parent, you could be nervous about striking a conversation. But you will be delighted that there are dating sites for single parents to help you discover your suitable partner. You can take each step one at a time and be relaxed as there are no stringent rules for dating.

Continue reading this post to discover some of the finest dating sites you may try as a single parent. We’ve also included a list of each website’s most important features.

16 Dating Sites For Single Parents

1. Elite Singles

Link – https://www.elitesingles.com/

This website allows you to take a formal approach to dating by filling out a form and receiving expert advice. The website attracts a plethora of individuals from myriad backgrounds, so you can always find someone who is to your liking.


  • All profiles are verified by the website. So, all people you meet are genuine.
  • The website conducts a complex personality survey to understand your preferences. It then uses the data to find compatible individuals.
  • You get a personality report for free so that you can have a better understanding of your preferences.
  • The service is accessible through smartphone apps.
  • A significant chunk of the user base has at least a college education. The majority of the members are over the age of 30 years.

2. eHarmony

eHarmony is suitable for finding casual dates and serious relationships

Image: Shutterstock

Link – https://www.eharmony.com/

This makes for a good dating website for single parents looking for a long-term, meaningful relationship. The website is also suitable for finding casual dates. Moreover, it also serves as a platform to make like-minded friends.


  • A questionnaire asks you deep questions on various topics, including your job and religious beliefs. It allows the website to find you highly compatible matches.
  • The test questions are related to psychology to better understand your personality.
  • The website uses an algorithm to suggest potential dates based on the information you provided.
  • The website is not dedicated to single parents, but lets you specify whether you have children, how many, and other related information.

3. SingleParentMeet

Link – https://www.singleparentmeet.com/

It is a dating website tailor-made for single parents, thus giving you the peace of mind by not letting you “justify” your single status to anyone.


  • You need to fill in a simple form without much disclosure since the website is intended for parents with children.
  • You can modify your preferences to narrow down your search and learn more about the qualities of your potential date.
  • The website has adequate members over the age of 50 years. So, if you are an older single parent, you are likely to find someone closer to your age.
  • There is a provision to call or text your match on the website without revealing your contact information.

4. SingleParentLove

Link – https://www.singleparentlove.com/

If you want to up your options of potential dates, then check out this website. You can tap into a plethora of profiles to find a date that works with your single-parent status.


  • It is simple and easy to use the website. You can browse pictures of potential dates and learn more about them by visiting their profile page.
  • If you are not satisfied with the pictures shown, change your preferences to view different sets of profiles.
  • This website is dedicated to single parents.
  • The website also recommends several other partner dating websites. Thus, it increases the overall chance of finding a potential date.

5. Match

Match is a popular dating website for single parents

Image: Shutterstock

Link – match.com

It is one of the popular dating websites and works for single parents too. Its popularity allows you to explore a wide array of profiles to find a date.


  • You can narrow down your search terms based on whether your potential date has children or not.
  • There are adequate questions on the profile to give others a clear understanding of your personality. However, the website also gives you the freedom to skip answering any question.
  • Messaging requires a premium subscription. But that increases the chances of finding a legitimate date since only those serious about dating would likely pay for the service.
  • The website organizes community events, that is, opportunities for offline dating at some locations.
Quick tip
For single parents, their children are their priority. So, do not feel dejected if you don’t get the attention and care you want from your matches.

6. Plenty of Fish

Link – pof.com

It makes for a good dating website for single parents due to its large user base, which is said to run in millions across the world.


  • All base features on the website are free, and only some additional features require payment.
  • The large user base means that you are likely to find other single parents closer to your age group.
  • You can use this service through smartphone apps as well. The app does not require connecting your profile to any of your social media profiles.
  • The user can decide what information to share. The website does not suspend registration because you failed to give some specific information.

7. OKCupid

OKCupid is free and has an extensive database

Image: Shutterstock

Link – okcupid.com

The hallmark of this website is that it is free and has an extensive database. It is an ideal dating website for single parents who are not very keen on spending money on dating services.


  • All features on the website, including messaging, are free.
  • The website also allows a user to send a message to a profile they find interesting without matching up with the profile.
  • The website has a large database of users that runs in millions across the globe.
  • The profile page features several questions that you can fill in to help other users understand you better. You can skip answering any question you want.
  • The large user base makes it easier to find other single parents with mutual interests.

8. The League

Link – theleague.com

If you are a single parent looking for a premium dating service, then The League is quite likely to suit your preference.


  • The website requires one to apply first. The applicant is intimated once the application is accepted and reviewed.
  • The service screens applicants’ Facebook and LinkedIn profiles to ensure all data on the dating website are accurate.
  • There is an emphasis on providing high-quality matches that are compatible with your preferences and your single-parent status.
  • The matching algorithm does all the hard work for you, thus saving you time and letting you focus on profiles that will work.
Do remember
When you come to the point of seeing someone special, sit with your children to discuss why you are meeting them and why it is important to you.

9. Zoosk

Link – zoosk.com

It is a good website for single parents who would like to spend adequate time chatting on the website before meeting their date.


  • Messaging is free on the website. Free users can also message premium users.
  • Choosing the premium subscription allows you to photo verify and send virtual gifts to the profiles you find interesting.
  • Premium users are photo-verified. Thus, you are likely to find real people genuinely interested in dating.
  • The website has millions of users in over 50 countries across the world. It means you have a large database of profiles to explore for a potential date.
  • The service uses a behavior matchmaking system wherein if you view certain types of profiles often, then the website begins to show you similar profiles only. Therefore, if you browse profiles of single parents often, then the website is likely to show you similar profiles.

10. SilverSingles

Link – silversingles.com

Are you a single parent over 50 and looking for a date? This dating website is tailor-made for you!


  • It is a dating website that accepts members over the age of 50 years only, thus making it a niche offering.
  • The website does extensive profile verification to ensure that the people who sign up are above the age of 50.
  • The features are simple and convenient, even for those who have never used a dating website before.
  • A section within a profile allows the user to provide information about their children.
  • It is a subscription-based website to ensure that it gets users who are serious about dating.

11. SingleParentMatch

Link – singleparentmatch.com

It is a website that has been in the dating scene for over 15 years, making it quite a reliable choice for single parents.


  • It is a niche website for single parents, and thus, features a profile questionnaire that best suits single parents.
  • The service allows you to find casual dates and make friends too, in case you are not keen on having a serious relationship.
  • The website provides plenty of guidance by educating users through dating-related articles.
  • The simple signup process and layout of the website make it easy to use for single parents who are new to dating websites.

12. Just Single Parents

Just Single Parents website exclusively caters to single parents

Image: iStock

Link – justsingleparents.com

This dating website keeps its user base exclusive to single parents. Thus, you know for sure that the person on the other end is also a single parent.


  • The website is specially made for single parents and only allows them as members. Thorough profile checks help prevent any false profiles.
  • Joining the website and searching for profiles is free.
  • The signup process is designed to make it convenient for you to disclose information about yourself and your children.

13. OurTime

Link – ourtime.com

It is an ideal website for middle-aged single parents taking their first step into online dating.


  • The membership to the website is exclusive to those above the age of 50 years.
  • The signup process is designed to be simple. It makes it convenient for single parents who have no experience with dating websites.
  • You can add pictures and videos to your profile. The entire profile-building process takes only a couple of minutes.
  • The website has millions of users, and you can search for them using the zip code as well.

14. Tawkify

Link – tawkify.com

It is a personalized matchmaking service complete with a dating concierge who can find the best match for you.


  • Signing up and creating a profile is free. To avail advanced features, like becoming a client, you require a subscription, but it provides a plethora of convenient features.
  • If you wish to become a client, then your profile is screened and approved before acceptance.
  • Once you become a client, you get a personal matchmaker from the website. The matchmaker then goes through the profiles on your behalf and shortlists the best matches, thus saving you a lot of time.
  • The matchmaker is a real person at the website’s office. You can consult your matchmaker at any time.
  • Once you pick a potential date, the matchmaker can help arrange a date for you.
  • The personalized and premium nature of this website makes it highly probable for single parents to find a date with whom they can consider a serious relationship.

15. Christian Mingle

Link – christianmingle.com

If you are looking for a faith-driven dating service for single parents, this one should suit your requirements.


  • It lets single Christian parents search for like-minded individuals for a potential date.
  • The website attracts over a million users per month, thus increasing the probability of finding a match.
  • Profiles are shown based on the desired characteristics of an ideal date/partner. You can customize and change your preference at any time.
  • All profiles are verified before they are listed on the website.
  • The website offers customer service for easy resolution of user doubts, concerns, and queries.

16. SeniorMatch

SeniorMatch is exclusively for single parents about 45 years

Image: iStock

Link – seniormatch.com

If you are an elderly single parent, you will feel quite at home with this dating website.


  • It only accepts individuals older than the age of 45 years.
  • The strict age restriction means that middle-aged single parents will only encounter people closer to their age group.
  • The signup process is simple and easy to follow for someone who is not tech-savvy.
  • The website features over a million users over the age of 50 years and attracts 6,000 active daily members.
  • The website educates senior daters about various nuances of dating through experiences shared by seniors themselves.
  • You can chat with your matches. The website also sometimes organizes offline events for elderly daters at some locations.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do single parents start dating?

Single parents should consider certain aspects before starting to date someone. They should do patient self-assessments to determine if they are ready to start over. They should make the process of introducing the step-families slowly and carefully. And they should address their children’s fear with empathy.

2. How do single parents find love?

Single parents need to come out of their comfort zones and communicate with people for new opportunities. They can pursue hobbies or sports or volunteer in various activities and meet new people. They can make time to take care of themselves, be honest and find someone who accepts everything from the past, and explore online dating apps.

It is never too late to find a confidant or even love, and thus, these dating sites for single parents can be put to some good use. Being a single parent can be highly stressful, and it challenges you in several ways. However, it should not pull you back from indulging in something you truly desire. When you are wiser, you know that you can make the right decisions by thinking practically and emotionally. So, go ahead and find your true soulmate with the help of these sites but do not forget to be your true self and ensure that your date knows how to respect you and your children.

Infographic: How To Stay Safe When Using Online Dating Sites?

Most dating apps do not have criteria to check for unfavorable or criminal backgrounds of their users. Therefore, protecting yourself and your private information from being misused while using dating apps becomes paramount. This infographic has documented some essential safety tips to consider when using online dating apps or sites.

safety measures to follow when dating [infographic]
Illustration: MomJunction Design Team

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