Having A Daughter Is Special: Five Amazing Facts About Baby Girls

If you’ve just had a baby girl, or you are in the family way and about to welcome a little princess, then there are a few fantastic things you should know about baby girls. Little girls are a class apart — from being sensitive to being great talkers, your experience with the little munchkin will be one of a kind!

We all know that having a baby girl is equal to a daily overload of cuteness and dolling up, but there is more to it. You will witness many things that you may not see in boy babies. We are about to tell you five amazing facts about baby girls, so read on:

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1. Lesser Risk Of Pregnancy-Related Complications

Research led by the University of Adelaide has concluded that pregnant women with baby boys are more likely to suffer from pregnancy-related complications. High blood pressure, preeclampsia, and placental abnormalities are some of the issues that were often reported. On the other hand, pregnant mothers with baby girls tend to have fewer pregnancy-related complications. Additionally, it was also observed that women delivering girl babies had a much shorter labor — an average of twenty-four minutes less than mothers delivering boy babies. All this could be attributed to the fact that girl babies are smaller in size, thus, easier to deliver (1). However, having said that, it does not mean that baby boys will most definitely cause you to have complications during pregnancy. Each pregnancy is different, and various factors such as health, genetics, lifestyle, and diet come into play when determining whether or not you will have a smooth pregnancy.

2. Girl Babies Are A Lot More Observant

Girl Babies Are A Lot More Observant
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Baby girls have displayed better skills at reading and understanding facial expressions and emotions. Studies have shown that even if children are given a set of non-gender-specific toys, girls tend to gravitate towards dolls or toys with a face. On the other hand, boys most often chose automobile toys such as trains or cars. This may mean that girl babies tend to be more observant and are drawn to people. A girl child is more likely to understand when her mother is in distress as they pay attention to the changes in facial expressions and body language. That is not all; girl babies are also more empathetic than boy babies (2).

3. Baby Girls May Have A Mini-Period

Baby Girls May Have A Mini-Period
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Yes, you read that right. Women have their monthlies, but did you also know that baby girls can have false menses? It can be unnerving to spot blood stains in your child’s diaper, but fret not; these pseudo-periods are normal and not a cause for concern. During pregnancy, the hormones in the body wreak havoc — not just on the mother but also on the baby.

While in the womb, your baby is exposed to a good amount of estrogen. However, once outside, there is a withdrawal in estrogen. This is a possible reason why some babies experience false menses or a mini period. Although nothing to worry about, it is best to check with your doctor if the bleeding does not cease (3).

4. They Learn To Talk Faster Than Boys, And They Love It!

They Learn To Talk Faster Than Boys
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Most baby girls love to talk. In fact, on average, girls tend to start talking at an earlier age than boy babies. Research and studies indicate that girls might be better equipped with vocalizations and language than boys. The research points to the fact that the gene linked to human communication called FOXP2 is more abundant in girls when compared to boys. Though girls might pick up and learn new words and phrases much faster than boys, this difference in gender regarding speech and language might disappear as your kids grow older and are provided with the right learning environment and support (4).

5. They Are Much Better Listeners

They Are Much Better Listeners
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Your little princess doesn’t just love to talk; they also love to listen. Research shows that girl children are drawn to the sound of human voices and make efforts to listen. According to science, this could be one of the reasons why women are better listeners than men. Encourage your child to be a good listener by reading stories and rhymes to them. Also, make a habit of talking to them all the time. They love hearing your voice! (5).

Having a baby girl will pave the way for a unique experience, no doubt. Your little munchkin will bring many smiles to your face, and we can assure you that you will be grateful for having her in your life! The experience of having a baby girl is different from having a baby boy, and science backs this fact. Is there anything more you want to add to the list? Let us know in the comments below!

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