Daycare Vs. Stay-At-Home Parenting – Which Is Better?

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Are you enjoying the company of your darling baby with an eye on the clock as your maternity leave ticks away? Do you wish to kiss your career a goodbye but are worried about compromising the quality of life you will provide your precious baby? Well, if you can relate to either of the above situations you are facing a classic modern day mommy dilemma of whether to be a hands-on mommy or enroll your infant in a daycare.

The final decision to choose to stay at home or go out and work after your baby arrives is entirely yours. You may be feeling guilty as a new mother for choosing to refocus on your career. Do you feel you are burdening your partner by quitting your job and bonding with your baby? Firstly, stop being unfair to yourself. Secondly, avoid taking a decision on the basis of what others will think, as you will end up regretting it soon. Gauge if you want to be a daycare vs stay at home mom. Simply give this post a read to know the pros and cons of both the options and take an informed decision along with your partner.

Day Care Vs Stay At Home–Common Concerns:

Weigh your decision on the basis of the following factors:

1. Financial Compulsions:

Your financial requirements and commitments play a huge role in deciding whether or not you want to go back to work. Consider the following:

  • Daycare: Once you leave your baby in a daycare, you will be able to resume work after your maternity leave is over. Your additional income will boost your family’s finances. An increase in the family income will help you provide better services and facilities for your baby. You can select the best daycare for your baby, one that is near your workplace too. You will also be able to guarantee your child a good education.
  • Stay at home: You will become financially dependent on your spouse. Your family income will take a hit, and you may need to cut down on expenditures. Some moms start to feel like a burden since they are not contributing financially to the household. Some partners may also start to have resentment towards the woman for nto contributing.

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2. Desire To Witness Those Precious Moments:

A major concern that you may have about going back to work is that you will miss the joy of watching your baby cross those initial developmental milestones. Consider the following:

  • Daycare: When you choose a daycare, it will mean you will not be present with your baby most of the time. Your baby will achieve most of her developmental milestones in the first few years of life. You will probably miss watching her sit up, crawl, walk, and speak for the first time.
  • Stay at home: If you choose to stay at home, you will probably be the first one to witness all your baby’s little achievements. You will be motivating your baby when she struggles to crawl towards you the first time and hold her when she takes her first few steps and falls.

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3. Making Your Child Independent And Social:

Many people believe that a daycare helps a baby become independent and social. Consider the following:

  • Daycare: Your baby will learn how to stay away from you for long hours, without any anxiety. Your baby will also learn how to eat and sleep on her own. At the daycare, your baby will be in the company of other babies and kids. She will soon form her circle of friends and learn how to play and interact with people other than her parents.
  • Stay at home: As a stay at home mom, you will always be by your baby’s side. It can strengthen the bond you share with your baby, but your baby may not like the company of strangers and may feel uncomfortable in a social gathering. Also, it might curtail your freedom to go out without the baby. Being around a child at home 24/7 can be very stressful and overwhelming. You can feel disconnected from other “adults”, and lose a sense of identity outside of being a parent.

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Pay proper attention to the pros and cons of both the scenarios. Understand your needs and limitations. Speak to other moms who have put their baby in daycare or stay at home. It will give you a first-hand account of both the situations.

Are you a stay at home mom or have you enrolled your baby in daycare? Do you regret your decision or are happy with it? Do share your thoughts and experiences with other moms here.

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