101 Easy and interesting debate topics for kids aged 7 to 17

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A debate is a formal way of discussing and exchanging views and opinions on a particular topic. Debate topics for kids could be simple, hard, or range from being basic to complicated and intense ones. It may involve two people or many in groups. Children being curious about anything and everything in life may have a gazillion questions about all things happening in the world. Asking questions and participating in interactive sessions, like debates, can help satiate a child’s inquisitive mind, apart from boosting their overall development. So, keep reading to explore some age-wise categorized collection of debate topics that will help engage and educate your child.

Debate Topics For Kids Aged 7 To 9

In this section, we have compiled a list of easy debate topics for kids younger than ten years. These interesting and fun debate topics can also be challenging for their young minds.

  1. Are pets helpful or harmful to kids?

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  1. Should schools have uniforms for all students?
  1. Teachers or the internet, what is better?
  1. What are the ideal timings for school? Early in the day, afternoon, or evening?
  1. Should junk food be banned in schools?
  1. How long should playtime be in a day?
  1. Should children be allowed to watch television or not at all?
  1. Is it important to improve your handwriting?
  1. Storybooks or cartoon network: which is better?
  1. Children must make their bed before starting the day.
  1. Cats are better than dogs.
  1. Disney princesses are heroic or not?
  1. Parents should do the homework given to children.
  1. Good habits make a child shine everywhere he/she goes.
  1. Pets should be allowed in school.
  1. Should children be allowed to use skateboard inside the school?
  1. Kids must get a longer recess.
  1. Every girl should have a Barbie doll.
  1. Santa Claus brings presents only for good children.
  1. Stuffed toys are only for little kids or girls.

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  1. Must kids eat healthy food or tasty food?
  1. Birthday gifts should be special but not expensive.
  1. Is it okay to eat animals?
  1. Kids should not have candies at all.

Debate Topics For Kids Aged 10 To 12

Here are a few advanced debate topics for pre-teens. Children in this age group start learning various things by observing their surroundings, and these debates could get them excited.

  1. People should stop going to zoos because animals are kept captive. Right or wrong?
  1. Video games are bad for children.
  1. Smoking must be banned.
  1. Digital devices should replace paper and notebooks.
  1. Is plastic destroying the planet?
  1. Mothers alone can cook a yummy meal.
  1. Children should not be given any assignments or homework.

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  1. Sibling rivalry is normal.
  1. Tap water or Bottled water, which is better?
  1. Kids must be taught table manners from a very early age.
  1. The examination system must be abolished.
  1. Parents should not question if kids want to attend a sleepover party.
  1. Kids must be allowed to go to shopping malls without adult supervision.
  1. Is it okay for kids to participate in beauty pageants?
  1. Children must be allowed to listen to any music.
  1. Is it alright to cheat in a test?
  1. Are headphones good for children?

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  1. Should bullying be reported immediately?
  1. Is it safe for kids to use a mobile phone?
  1. Quiz competitions enhance knowledge.
  1. Is social media a good or bad influence for kids?
  1. Should parents have access to the personal diary of kids?
  1. Are pop icons better role models?
  1. Is it okay to punish kids?

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Debate Topics For Kids Aged 13 To 15:

Good debate topics for kids are provocative, thought-provoking, and will tickle the cells of your teen child’s brain.

  1. Sports training should be mandatory for every student.
  1. Entry to museums should be free of charge.
  1. Better grades ensure a bright future.

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  1. Should the governments act on taking measures to tackle global warming or should people change their lifestyle?
  1. Rich countries must share their wealth with poor and developing countries.
  1. Schools should stay open all year round.
  1. Fathers and mothers should share the burden of household chores equally.
  1. Is animal testing justified?
  1. Internet must be banned from the schools.
  1. Parents must attend a parenting school before planning to give birth to a child.
  1. Can kids go on a vacation with their friends alone?

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  1. It is okay for parents to scold their children when their scores are bad.
  1. Can children get a tattoo?
  1. Is home-schooling a better choice?
  1. Movie stars are a bad influence.
  1. Children must be allowed to wear fashionable clothes at school.
  1. God exists or no?
  1. Peer pressure has negative effects on children.
  1. Aliens do not exist.
  1. Vegan food is better than non-vegan food.
  1. You need to work hard, not smart, to become successful and make your dreams come true.
  1. Pocket money spoils children.
  1. Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.
  1. School kids should not go to the salon for grooming.

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Debate topics for kids aged 16 to 17:

Kids aged 16 to 17 are growing and more mature than the younger ones. In this section, we have enumerated topics for debate on a wide range of subjects.

  1. Can blind people discriminate or be racists?
  1. Countries should have monarchy, not democracy.
  1. Android technology is better than iOS.
  1. The right to vote must be given to younger children too.
  1. A college degree is a key to a successful life.

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  1. Parents should have the authority to decide the career path of their children.
  1. Pop stars must retire after they make enough money.
  1. Political leaders lack moral values.
  1. Nuclear power is beneficial to the world.
  1. Affluent countries must welcome refugees.
  1. Women must have reproductive rights.
  1. Cheerleaders do not dress decently.
  1. Should there be laws to control and regulate video/online games?
  1. Inexpensive prom outfits can make you look ugly.
  1. Women are better bosses than men.

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  1. Religious education is important and must be taught in schools.
  1. Student loans burden children and must be waived off completely.
  1. Is piracy a crime?
  1. Unconventional career options are a better choice than the rest.
  1. Is feminism about equality or equity?
  1. Is the system of taxation good for the people and the economy?
  1. Same-sex marriage must be legalized across the globe.
  1. Is crash dieting safe or unsafe?
  1. Makeup is harmful to the skin.

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  1. Borders across the world must be erased.
  1. Religious institutions must pay taxes.
  1. Euthanasia is ethical and should be legalized.
  1. Should there be stringent laws for marital rape?
  1. Is there a right age to get married?

Importance of Debate

Debates can be fun! The importance of debate lies in understanding the benefits of participating in a constructive argument. It lets the participants voice their opinions, exchange views, and express oneself more clearly to persuade others. Some benefits of debates are discussed below. (1) (2)

  1. Debates improve critical and analytical thinking.
  1. When participating in a debate as a group, children learn team building skills.
  1. It can help in enhancing communication skills and speech delivery.
  1. Debating also enables structuring and categorizing the flow of thoughts effectively.
  1. During a debate, the child also needs to listen before deciding to accept or reject the other person’s point of view. This helps in building patience and improves listening skills. It also encourages an open and accepting mindset.
  1. No debate has a definite ending, and debates teach us to have a more balanced approach. Everything in this world has various aspects to it and with that come numerous perceptions.
  1. Debates can develop confidence and teach kids to maintain poise while arguing.
  1. Kids engage in innovative thinking when they participate in such thought-provoking activities.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I teach kids to debate?

If you wish to teach your children to debate, here are a few tips:

  • Sharing your day-to-day activities
  • Having long conversations about your feelings and how you miss them
  • Making efforts to visit each other
  • Sending thoughtful and heart-touching messages

2. What is the first rule of debate?

The debate should always begin with the affirmative side opening the argument. The opening argument should include why the affirmative side is speaking for the motion or topic, a summary of the case, and about two to three arguments in favor of the motion.

Children are always curious about the things happening around them. They tend to learn a lot by asking questions and seeking answers. Debate is a formal discussion that allows children to explore different topics and learn new perspectives through conversations and discussions. Having debates can help them enhance their thinking skills and speech delivery techniques. It also helps children build confidence and character. So, use these fun debate topics to improve the child’s creativity and challenge them to get out of their comfort zone and develop new perspectives.

If you want to recommend any kid-friendly topics for debates, please list them in the comment section below.

Key Pointers

  • Debates are an interesting way to engage and educate the kids.
  • Pick a debate topic as per your kid’s age group and interests, and help improve their listening and communication skills.


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