200 Dhanu Rashi Or Sagittarius Baby Names For Boys And Girls

Some people believe that naming their child after their respective sun sign can bring good luck. We bring a collection of Dhanu Rashi names for boys and girls for the Sagittarius babies, To help you with naming your baby. Dhanu Rashi shares a similarity with the Sagittarius zodiac sign. The former is the ninth among Vedic astrology’s zodiac signs and is represented by fire and the archer (centaur). Names of people with this Rashi should start with “bha or bh,” “dha or dh,” and “pha” sounds. Dive into this list of popular Dhanu Rashi names with meanings and choose your favorite one.

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100 Popular Dhanu Rashi Names For Boys

1. Bhadrak

The name Bhadrak refers to someone brave, handsome, and attractive. 

2. Bhadresh

Bhadresh is another name for Lord Shiva. The name Bhadresh means “Lord of Nobles.” 

3. Bhadrik

The name Bhadrik means noble. Bhadrik is one of the many names of Lord Shiva. 

4. Bhadrisha

Another name for Lord Shiva, Bhadrisha, means “Lord of Bhadri Mountain.” 

5. Bhagaditya

Bhagaditya is a beautiful Dhanu Rashi baby boy name meaning “The Sun which grants wealth, prosperity and riches.” 

6. Bhagat

Bhagat derives its name from “Bhagavata,” a Sanskrit word meaning devotee or disciple.

protip_icon Trivia
Popular namesake, heroic Bhagat Singh, was a revolutionary Indian freedom fighter who was an influential figure in the Indian independence movement.

7. Bhagesh

The name Bhagesh means “Lord of riches/richness.” 

8. Bhagyam

The name Bhagyam means someone extremely lucky. 

9. Bhairav

One of the many names of Lord Shiva, Bhairav, means formidable or one who vanquishes or defeats fear. 

10. Bham

The name Bham means brilliance or light. 

11. Bhanu

It is a popular unisex name for babies born in Dhanu Rashi. This name means, “The Sun.” Some of the other meanings of the name Bhanu include eminence, virtuous, ruler, and beautiful. 

12. Bharadwaj

A popular name for Dhanu Rashi boys, Bharadwaj originates from “Bharadvaja,” a Sanskrit word meaning “one who has strength/vigor.” 

13. Bharat

A popular name for Dhanu Rashi boys, Bharat means “universal monarch” or “seeker of ultimate truth.” 

14. Bharg

The name Bharg either means bright or satisfied. 

15. Bhargav

Another name of Lord Shiva, Bhargav means someone who has “attained radiance” or the one who “emits radiance.” 

16. Bhaskara

Another name for Sun, Bhaskara, means fire or illumination. The name could also mean gold or brilliant. 

17. Bhasvan

An alternative name for the Sun God (Surya), Bhasvan, means radiant or bright. 

18. Bhautik

The name Bhautik means radiant. Bhautik may also mean “everything that you can sense (see, smell or feel).” 

19. Bhav

A common Dhanu Rashi baby boy name, Bhav, either means real or sentiment. Bhav is another name for Lord Shiva. 

20. Bhavad

The name Bhavad means real or life-giving. 

21. Bhavan

An alternative name for Lord Krishna, Bhavan, means God, Creator. The name also means charming, solicitous, or brilliant. 

22. Bhavay

The name Bhavay means outstanding or excellent. 

23. Bhavi

The name Bhavi means emotional, touching, or poignant. 

24. Bhaviguru

The name Bhaviguru means “one who is full of emotions.” 

25. Bhavik

The name Bhavik refers to a “devotee of God.” The name also means righteous or pious. 

26. Bhavin

The name Bhavin means a winner. Bhavin also means living or “existence.” 

27. Bhavnish

The name Bhavnish means an emperor or a king. 

28. Bhavyam

The name Bhavyam means immortal, eternal, or infinite. 

29. Bhavyesh

The name Bhavyesh has a religious origin and is one of the many names of Lord Shiva. The name also means good-looking or attractive. 

30. Bhawanesh

The name Bhawanesh means “lord or owner of the house.” 

31. Bhesaj

It is one of the names of Lord Vishnu, and also means “the healer.” 

32. Bhevin

The name Bhevin means a successful person or a winner. 

33. Bhibatsu

Bhibatsu refers to someone who fights battles and wars with full honesty. Bhibatsu is one of the many names of Arjun/Arjuna (one of the five Pandava brothers from Mahabharata). 

34. Bhima

The name Bhima originates from the name of one of the five Pandava brothers in Mahabharata. Bhima means strong and gigantic. 

35. Bholenath

Another name for Lord Shiva, Bholenath, means kind-hearted, simple, or innocent. 

36. Bhoomik

Bhoomik is a Dhanu Rashi name for boys

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A beautiful name for Dhanu Rashi baby boys, Bhoomik means “friend of land.” 

37. Bhoopal

The name Bhoopal means “king or lord of the Earth.” 

38. Bhooshit

The name Bhooshit means decorated. 

39. Bhudev

Bhudev is one of the many names of Lord Shiva. The name also means one who rules the earth. 

40. Bhumin

The name Bhumin means “son of the Earth” or one who defends or protects the Earth. 

41. Bhupad

The name Bhupad means firm. 

42. Bhupen

The name Bhupen means, “king of the world.” 

43. Bhupender

The name Bhupender means “king of the Earth” or “king of the kings.” 

44. Bhuvan

It is a common baby boy name under Dhanu Rashi, Bhuvan means, intelligent or witty. 

45. Bhuvanesh

Another name for Lord Vishnu, Bhuvanesh, means “lord of the world.” 

46. Bhuvneshwar

Bhuvneshwar means “lord of the Earth or the world.” Bhuvneshwar could also mean “abode of God.”

protip_icon Did you know?
Bhavyansh is another unique Dhanu rashi name, which refers to ‘a bigger part’ or ‘larger than life.’

47. Brij

Brij has a religious origin and is one of the many names of Lord Krishna. 

48. Dhaavit

The name Dhaavit means clean or purified. 

49. Dhakshesh

Dhakshesh is another name for Lord Shiva. 

50. Dhananjay

Dhananjay is one of the many names of Lord Vishnu. Dhananjay means “one who wins wealth.”

51. Dhani

The name Dhani means rich or wealthy. 

52. Dhanish

Dhanish represents a nakshatra (constellation) or is the name of a star. Dhanish means “lord of wealth or riches.” 

53. Dhanu

Dhanu is derived from the name of the astrological sign, “Dhanu Rashi.” 

54. Dhanush

The name Dhanush means a bow that is used to shoot arrows. 

55. Dhanvanth

Dhanvanth means rich, wealthy, or well-off. 

56. Dhanvine

One of the many names of Lord Shiva or Lord Rama, Dhanvine, means one who does charity. 

57. Dharish

The name Dharish means radiant or glistening or glowing. 

58. Dharmik

It means one who does charity. It is also one of the many names of Lord Ganesha. 

59. Dharsa

Dharsa means vision. Dharsa also means to perceive. 

60. Dharshan

Dharshan means “one who prays and pays respect.” It also means observation or perception. 

61. Dharshith

The name Dharshith means signs or displays. 

62. Dharun

One of the many names of Lord Brahma, Dharun, means upholding or supporting. 

63. Dharv

A common name for baby boys under Dhanu Rashi, Dharv, means contentment or satisfaction. 

64. Dharvesh

The name Dharvesh means “lord of truth.” 

65. Dhaval

Dhaval means fair complexion. Dhaval also means “dazzling white.” 

66. Dhavnit

The name Dhavnit refers to a writer, poet, or a bard. 

67. Dheeraj

The name Dheeraj means patience, calm, or resolute. 

68. Dheeran

The name Dheeran means a winner or an achiever. 

69. Dheeshithan

Dheeshithan is another name of Lord Murugan. 

70. Dheetik

Dheetik means clever or intelligent. Dheetik can also mean considerate. 

71. Dherya

The name Dherya means patience. 

72. Dhikshit

The name Dhikshit means one who provides knowledge. Dhikshit also means initiated or started. 

73. Dhilan

Dhilan is a Dhanu Rashi name meaning son of the waves

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Dhilan means “son of the waves.” 

74. Dhimant

Dhimant means intelligent, wise, smart, and learned. 

75. Dhir

Dhir means patience, firm, or resolute. It can also mean wise or clever.

76. Dhiran

The name Dhiran means one who is devoted. Dhiran also means an achiever. 

77. Dhishan

It isan epithet or byname for Lord Narayana.  It also means an intelligent or wise person. Dhishan could also mean “spiritual preceptor.” 

78. Dhridh

The name means firm or resolute. Dhridh also refers to someone strong. 

79. Dhrish

The name Dhrish means sight or vision. Dhrish could refer to an imaginative person. 

80. Dhrishay

Dhrishay means vision or a visionary person. The name also means courageous and bold. 

81. Dhrit

The name Dhrit means pledge or promise. 

82. Dhritil

Dhritil refers to an individual who has patience. The name also refers to an individual who is calm and composed. 

83. Dhrumil

The name Dhrumil means a great king or ruler. The name could also mean “the great one.”   

84. Dhrupad

Dhrupad means firm-footed. Dhrupad also refers to “a king who lives in a palace.” 

85. Dhrushya

The name Dhrushya means one who has great, good, or beautiful eyes. 

86. Dhrut

The name Dhrut means something that is in motion or moving. 

87. Dhruv

It is a popular boy name that comes from “Dhruv Tara,” which means pole star. The name also means eternal or immovable. 

88. Dhruvam

Dhruvam means heaven or eternity. Dhruvam also refers to “the enduring sound.” 

89. Dhruvansh

The name Dhruvansh means “a part or component of Dhruv Tara or pole star.” 

90. Dhruvit

Dhruvit derives its name from Dhruv Tara or pole star. The name Dhruvit means something that is fixed or constant just like the Dhruv Tara. 

91. Dhven

The name Dhven means pious, spiritual, or religious. 

92. Dhwnit

The name Dhwnit means “God is my judge.” 

93. Dhyan

It isa popular Dhanu Rashi name that means meditation or reflection. 

94. Dhyey

The name Dheyey means target, mission, or goal. 

95. Dhyutidhara

The name Dhyutidhara means “Lord of brilliance.” 

96. Drushil

Drushil refers to a person who is a born achiever. Drushil also means charming. 

97. Falgu

An interesting name, Falgu, means “a lovely boy.” 

98. Falgun

Falgun is one of the many names of Arjuna (one of the Pandava brothers and a great archer). 

99. Fanishwar

Fanishwar is a popular Dhanu Rashi name for baby boy meaning “Lord of serpents.” 

100. Fravash

The name Fravash means “guardian angel.”

100 Popular Dhanu Rashi Names For Girls

101. Bhaama

It means charming, brilliant, or beautiful. Bhaama could also mean famous or passionate. 

102. Bhadrakali

The name Bhadrakali refers to the fierce form of Goddess Kali. 

103. Bhadrapriya

Bhadrapriya refers to Goddess Durga and means “she who blesses and does well to her devotees.” 

104. Bhadrika

The name Bhadrika means worthy. Bhadrika also means “a woman with good fortune.” 

105. Bhadrusha

Bhadrusha is another name for River Ganga

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The name Bhadrusha means the river Ganges or Ganga. 

106. Bhagini

It is the name of Lord Indra’s sister.Bhagini means “the fortunate one.” 

107. Bhagirathi

A beautiful girl name, Bhagirathi, is another name for the river Ganges or Ganga. 

108. Bhagwanti

The name Bhagwanti means lucky or someone fortunate. 

109. Bhagya

Bhagya means destiny or fate. Sometimes, Goddess Lakshmi is also referred to as Bhagya. 

110. Bhagyavi

The name Bhagyavi means “in my body.” 

111. Bhairavi

It is another name for Goddess Durga and Goddess Kali.  Bhairavi means formidable. 

protip_icon Did you know?
Bhairavi is a Hindu goddess associated with the Mahavidyas, a group of ten wisdom goddesses. She is known by many names and epithets, including Bhairavi, Bhaironi, Bhadrakali, and Bhima.

112. Bhakthi

Bhakthi is a beautiful Dhanu Rashi name, which means devotion or prayer. 

113. Bhamini

The name Bhamini means glorious, brilliant, beautiful, or passionate. 

114. Bhanavi

Bhanavi means something sacred or brilliant. The name Bhanavi also means “descendant of the Sun.” 

115. Bhandhavi

The name Bhandhavi refers to “the one who loves and cares for her family, friends, and loved ones.” 

116. Bhanuja

A unique name, Bhanuja is another name for the river Yamuna. Bhanuja also means “of the Sun.” 

117. Bhanumati

The name Bhanumati means famous, beautiful, or well-known. 

118. Bhanumitra

The name Bhanumitra means “friend of Sun.” The name is also used to refer to the Mercury planet. 

119. Bhanuni

The name Bhanuni means a charming and pretty woman. 

120. Bhanusri

Bhanusri means “rays of the Goddess Lakshmi.” 

121. Bhanvi

The name Bhanvi means rays of the sun. 

122. Bharati

Bharati is one of the many names of Goddess Saraswati. 

123. Bhargavi

The name Bhargavi means beautiful. Bhargavi is also one of the many names of Goddess Lakshmi, Goddess Durga, and Goddess Parvati. 

124. Bhashvika

Bhashvika is often used to represent the Sun or light. 

125. Bhavanya

The name Bhavanya means to meditate or meditation. Bhavanya is another name for Goddess Durga. 

126. Bhavaprita

The name Bhavaprita means someone adorned by the universe. 

127. Bhavati

Bhavati means to rise or ascend. The name is also used to refer to the wife of the Sun God. 

128. Bhaviada

The name Bhaviada means splendid. 

129. Bhavika

Bhavika means happy, cheerful, or joyous. Bhavika also means well-mannered and well-behaved. 

130. Bhaviki

It is a common Dhanu Rashi name for girls that means emotional. 

131. Bhavini

The name Bhaavini means “the beautiful woman eminent.” Bhaavini also means caring and emotional. 

132. Bhavitha

A beautiful Dhanu Rashi name for baby girl, Bhaavita is one of the many names of Goddess Durga. 

133. Bhavya

Bhavya is one of the many names of Goddess Parvati. Bhavya also means beautiful, splendid, or grand. 

134. Bhavyaraj

Another name for Goddess Parvati, Bhavyaraj, means splendid. 

135. Bhavyasri

The name Bhavyasri means splendid or magnificent. 

136. Bhemai

The name Bheemai means calm and peaceful. 

137. Bhilangana

Bhilangana is a popular Dhanu Rashi baby girl name, which means a river. 

138. Bhini

The name Bhini means humid. 

139. Bhoja

The name Bhoja means someone open-minded and generous. 

140. Bhoomi

The name Bhoomi means “Earth.” The name Bhoomi also means base. 

141. Bhramari

The name Bhramari is one of the several names of Goddess Durga. 

142. Bhrithi

The name Bhriti means nourished, cherished, or strengthened. 

143. Bhumija

Bhumija is another name of Goddess Sita

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It isone of the many names of Goddess Sita. Bhumija means someone “born from the Earth.” 

144. Bhuvaneshwari

Bhuvaneshwari is another name for Goddess Earth. 

145. Bhuvika

The name Bhuvika means heaven or paradise. 

146. Bulbul

Bulbul derives its name from “Bulbul,” a songbird. 

147. Daania

The name Daania means someone beautiful. 

148. Daneen

The name Daneen refers to a princess. 

149. Dhaarini

The name Dhaarini means to protect or be protective. 

150. Dhaivat

Dhaivat means the “heart of the Gods.” It also means divinity. 

151. Dhakshitha

The name Dhakshitha means expertise or skill. 

152. Dhamini

Dhamini means lightning. Dhamini also means “to conquer.”

153. Dhanalakshmi

The name means “Goddess of wealth.” It is another name of Goddess Lakshmi. 

154. Dhanadhanyaki

Dhanadhanyaki refers to one who bestows food grains and wealth. 

155. Dhanashri

Dhanashri means “Goddess of wealth.” It is another name for Goddess Lakshmi. 

156. Dhanasvi

The name Dhanasvi means luck or fortune. 

157. Dhaneshi

The name Dhaneshi means a knowledgeable person or one who has a sound knowledge of the subject. 

158. Dhanishtha

The name Dhanishtha means “a star.” 

159. Dhanushri

Dhanaushri means a bow. Dhanushri also refers to the Dhanu Rashi. 

160. Dhanvi

Another name for Goddess Lakshmi, Dhanvi, refers to a wealthy and rich woman. 

161. Dhanya

Dhanya means lucky, fortunate, or auspicious. The name Dhanya also means happy. 

162. Dhanyasree

The name Dhanyasree means lucky or blessed. Dhanyasree also means someone who gives wealth. 

163. Dhanyta

Dhanyta means blessed or successful. Dhanyta also means wealth and good luck. 

164. Dhara

A common Dhanu Rashi name for girls, Dhara means “an individual who sustains or holds.” The name Dhara also means “Earth.” 

165. Dharahasi

The name Dharahasi means a person who is always smiling. 

166. Dharika

Dharika means “maiden,” or an unmarried woman. 

167. Dharmavati

The name Dharmavati refers to one of the raag (melody) in Indian classical music. 

168. Dharshani

One of the many names of Goddess Durga, Dharshani, means a blessed individual. 

169. Dharshika

Dharshika means a “perceiver.” 

170. Dhatri

Dhatri is another name for Goddess Parvati. 

171. Dhea

Dhea means compassion and kindness. Dhea also means Goddess. 

172. Dheyanshi

Dheyanshi refers to the “God of meditation.” 

173. Dhimahi/Dheemahi

Dhimahi/Dheemahi is a unique name that refers to a wise person or an individual full of knowledge and wisdom. 

174. Dhimani

Dhimani means intelligence or wisdom. 

175. Dhishana

A beautiful name for Dhanu Rashi girls, Dhishana, means knowledge or wisdom. Dhishana also means Goddess or Hymn. 

176. Dhitha

The name Dhitha means daughter. 

177. Dhiti/Dheeti

The name Dhiti/Dheeti means prayer, intelligence, or wisdom. 

178. Dhitya

It means “an answer to someone’s prayers.” Dhitya is also another name of Goddess Lakshmi. 

179. Dhivi

The name Dhivi means God or divine. 

180. Dhivya

The name Dhivya means something divine, beautiful, and pretty. 

181. Dhiyan

The name Dhiyan means “bright light.” 

182. Dhiyanshi

Dhiyanshi means someone who is divine or has divine powers. 

183. Dhrisha

Dhrisha also means Mountain Lord

Image: IStock

The name Dhrisha means “Mountain King” or “Mountain Lord.” 

184. Dhriti

Dhriti means a patient and a courageous individual. The name Dhriti also means determination, steadiness, and patience. 

185. Dhriya

The name Dhriya means one who destroys poverty. 

186. Dhrumi

The name Dhrumi means a tree. 

187. Dhruti

The name Dhruti means a patient or virtuous individual. The name also means courage or determination. 

188. Dhvija

The name Dhvija refers to someone who is born to do great things. 

189. Dhwani

The name Dhwani means melody or sound. 

190. Dhyani

Dhyani refers to a master or teacher of meditation. 

191. Dhyuti

The name Dhyuti means light. Dhyuti also means luster or splendor. 

192. Falguni

The name refers to someone born in the month of Falgun in the Hindu calendar. The name also means beautiful. 

193. Faloni

The Dhanu Rashi name Faloni means “someone in-charge or responsible.” 

194. Farisha

The name Farisha means “light.” 

195. Fenna

It means peace or refers to someone who maintains peace and is peaceful. 

196. Foolan

A common Dhanu Rashi name for baby girl, Foolan means blossoming or flowering. 

197. Fulki

Fulki is a beautiful Dhanu Rashi girl name meaning a spark. 

198. Phawta

Phawta is a unique name that refers to someone who is pleasing to the eye. 

199. Pholma

The name Pholma means Dove, a bird that symbolizes peace. 

200. Phutika

Phutika is a unique name, which means a lovely person.

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When you have to choose a name for your baby, a few hundreds of names may not be just enough. Keep digging our mine of baby names until you find that one precious gem.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the origin of the name Dhanu Rashi?

The name Dhanu Rashi has its origin in Sanskrit, where ‘dhanu’ means bow. Therefore, Dhanu Rashi is the Vedic equivalent of Sagittarius and is represented by an archer holding a bow and arrow. It is the ninth month of the Hindu calendar.

2. What are some qualities associated with the name ‘Dhanu Rashi’?

Dhanu Rashi ascendants are known for their thirst for knowledge. The most prominent qualities associated with this zodiac include optimism, intellect, confidence, boldness, and generosity.

3. Is Dhanu Rashi lucky?

Luck is subjective, and it is not possible to say if a particular sign will be lucky. However, Dhanu Rashi is associated with qualities like optimism and enthusiasm, which may help achieve success.

4. Why do parents name their babies based on their Rashi?

Parents believe that every Rashi is associated with a deity or celestial being that can grant luck and prosperity to the baby. Some also believe choosing a name based on Rashi influences their child’s personality and destiny.

5. How do I know if a particular name suits my baby’s Dhanu Rashi?

You can get a list of alphabets or sounds based on your baby’s birth date and decide on a name starting with those sounds. You will get plenty of guidance online. However, if you are unsure, you can consult an elder from your family or an astrologer for their opinion.

6. Are there any famous personalities or historical figures with names based on the Dhanu Rashi?

Dhanu Rashi corresponds to the Zodiac sign Sagittarius, and there are several Sagittarians in multiple fields. For instance, famous Bollywood Actors Dharmendra, Rana Daggubati, and John Abraham are Sagittarians. Moreover, Indian Cricketers Suresh Raina and Ravindra Jadeja also fall under this Rashi.

Babies born under the Dhanu Rashi are believed to be blessed with good fortune, wealth, and wisdom. They have a positive approach to life and are zealous and highly motivated to succeed. You may choose Bhadresh, Bhargav, Brij, Dharun, or Dhakshesh for boys and Bhanusri, Bhramari, Dhatri, or Dhitya for girls if you wish to name your little ones after Gods and Goddesses. Use Dhir, Dheeti, Dheemahi, or Dhimant if you search for a name, meaning wise. You can choose from our compilation of Dhanu Rashi names for boys and girls.

Infographic: Dhanu Rashi Or Sagittarius Baby Names For Boys And Girls

Those born under the zodiac sign of Sagittarius are known to be lively and passionate about things. So, if your baby is Sagittarius or Dhanu rashi, we have a list of names prepared for you to scroll through. Keep our infographic handy, so you can pick the appropriate name for your little one.

sagittarius baby names for boys and girls (infographic)

Illustration: Momjunction Design Team

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Download Infographic in PDF version

Explore some great yet lesser-known names inspired by the Sagittarius zodiac in this video. find out their meanings and choose one for your child quickly.

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