6 Different Shaped Baby Heads

Babies come in different forms – each one bringing in his/her own share of surprises. So, it is not really easy to say what is normal. If a baby’s appearance seems out of the ordinary, it can go two ways. It could either be a significant medical challenge or just a temporary birth-related malformation that subsides on its own. If the odd shape of a baby’s head is due to a medical diagnosis, it can be really hard on parents who find it difficult to handle. The weird shape of the head may be because of a genetic condition or an underlying medical condition. But for any parent, the child will still be special and unique. And, parents will make an effort to take care of their little one’s special needs, if any. Here, we bring you some of these cases where the baby’s odd-shaped head caught everyone’s notice:

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1. Pint-Sized Baby Head

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A toddler named Kyran became pretty popular a few years back, all credits to his big sister Amira. The tiny tot wasn’t really a huge fan of his sister’s work. This coupled with his unique personality gained him much popularity across different media platforms. His family tries to gauge people’s attention by highlighting his abnormally large head. Fans suggest that Kyran either has a condition that makes the head grow larger than normal or he is just a tiny person. Though the family is not really forthcoming about Kyran’s medical condition (if any), his tiny arms and legs might be an indication of dwarfism.

2. Elongated Head But Chubby Cheeks

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With bright eyes and chubby cheeks, it can get pretty hard to guess if a baby is suffering from a medical problem called craniosynostosis. This is what leads to the head becoming elongated despite the chubby, round cheeks. The condition affects the growth of the brain since the odd shape of the head does not allow the brain to grow normally. Some side effects associated with this condition may be vision problems, developmental delays, or just headaches. Fortunately, there is a surgery for the removal of the extra bone that is trapping the baby’s brain.

3. Oblong Head

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With the boom of social media, several mommies began seeking for parenting advice online. One such doubt that caught everyone’s attention was concerning a photograph shared by a worried parent. At first glance, the baby in the picture appears to be normal. However, if one looked closely, the baby had an oblong-shaped head. This means that the head is slightly longer from front to back than what is considered normal. While the variation could have been normal if the baby was younger, his older age cancels out the explanation that he is a newborn whose skull is still developing.

4. Small Head

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There was a Zika virus outbreak in Brazil a few years ago, which affected over 2,000 women who were expecting at the time. Now, these babies have grown into toddlers. And, a significant evidence that one sees is the size of the head being smaller than the average. While such babies struggle with seizures and development, the parents continue to have hope with advancement in treatments.

5. Bruised Head

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Though the movies want you to believe otherwise, no baby is born with a perfectly round head. Passing through the birth canal to finally arrive into the world is no menial task. That is why babies might get bruised along the way or even have a misshapen head.

6. Heart-Shaped Head

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Several parents whose babies have heart-shaped head claim that the ultrasound scans look creepy. They often compare the visual in the scan to that of a ghost or a skeleton. A couple of years ago, this happened with an expecting mother Beverly. She was shocked to look at the scans as her baby’s head was heart-shaped. But, they were later told that it was just a glitch in the scan. When baby Logan arrived into the world, he came with a perfectly normal head, fortunately.

From making a traumatic start into the world to surviving the odds, these babies thrive despite the odd shape of their head. So, it is time to salute these little ones. Respect!

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