Do I Really Love Her? 27 Clear Signs To Know

Do I Really Love Her 27 Clear Signs To Know

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Human attraction can take different forms, especially when you start to see someone as more than a friend. We crave love on some level, and we want that special person to complete us. Love is one of the highest forms of emotional connection between two people. You might have found a girl attractive and might have fallen for her. But do you think it’s love or infatuation or a passing crush?

To understand what love is and if you love someone, give yourself time and keep noticing your feelings for her. If you are still confused and thinking, ‘Do I really love her?’ reading this post can help you find the answer.

Signs You Are In Love With Her

Love can be hard to differentiate in the heat of the moment, especially when you’re in the early honeymoon period. We’ve listed some signs for you to determine whether your feelings are mere infatuation or you have started loving her.

1. You can’t picture a future without her

We all have a vision of a dream person and our future with them. If she is the only one who seems to fit the bill when you think of spending your life and someone with whom you imagine your future, then you’re probably in love with her.

2. You think of her when you’re upset

Our intentions come out when we are at our lowest point. After a setback or during tough times, if you think about her and crave her support, you might be seeing her as a potential life partner and someone to confide in. It is a good indication that you are in love with her.

3. You want to share the good news with her

If she is the first one who comes into your mind when you have to share some happy news, you’re likely in love with her. Expressing your happiness and sharing proud moments are ideal partner goals.

4. You value her opinion

It could be your core beliefs, career path, lifestyle, or even the way you dress—do you value her opinion on most things in your life? Wanting someone to like every aspect of you means you care about her a lot, and that is a good sign you are in love with her.

5. You cannot stand people speaking ill of her

We have an instinct to stand up for our loved ones when someone disrespects them. While you may let this go for your friends and even family to avoid issues, you cannot stand it when someone speaks ill of the girl you like. If you care about her feelings and cannot tolerate anyone talking wrong about her, you’re probably in love with her.

6. You let them get away with things

When our friends touch our sensitive trigger points, we might snap at them. But do you let it go when she does the same? If that is so, it must be because your feelings for her are so strong that your feelings are not hurt.

7. You base your decisions around her

Would she like my new shirt? Which plan would make her happy? If you constantly think about her for every decision you make, you probably love her. It could be something as small as buying an outfit to something as big as moving apartments or jobs. If someone is the sole cause and impetus for significant decisions, it means they mean a lot to you.

8. You feel comfortable sharing stories with her

We all have close friends, siblings, and even parents to confide in about the things we don’t want to share with others. But sometimes, we may not be able to share certain stories with them. In such a scenario, if you feel comfortable sharing stories with her, it means you trust her and share a deep sense of affection and love for her.

9. You don’t mind sacrificing things for her

We all have needs and wants in our life. But when we are willing to sacrifice particular objects, pleasures, and experiences for the sake of someone else’s happiness, it means they mean a lot. It could be missing the premiere of a movie you’ve been waiting for or not buying yourself a new gadget to get her a gift. Regardless, if her happiness takes precedent over yours, you’re in love with her.

10. You feel challenged to think differently

We spend our entire lives trying to find people we are compatible with and with whom we feel comfortable. But when we like someone who constantly challenges us to do better and pushes us to our limits as they see potential in us, life may seem better. If you like overcoming the challenges and prove to her, it means you are deeply attached to her.

11. You want to get to know everything about her

It’s natural to be curious about people we like. But when you’re in love with someone, this desire can border on obsessive behavior. You may wish to know every tiny detail about her—from her childhood favorite snack to her celebrity movie crush or her favorite band. The feeling appears when you want to get closer to her romantically.

12. You can’t see her angry

We do not like to disappoint people close to us, be it friends, co-workers, or family. But it’s inevitable. But if you feel tormented that she is upset or angry because of you and you wish to do anything to make her happy, it means you’re probably in love with her.

13. You consider having a family with her

Do you imagine having a family with her? And children? If yes, you find yourself thinking about her more often, which means you have fallen for her.

14. You want to try new things for her

You try things outside your comfort for someone special. It could be something small like trying a new cuisine or hairstyle or something scary like skydiving or bungee jumping. Regardless, if you’re willing to venture outside your familiar zone to strengthen your bond with her, you probably love her.

15. Your future planning revolves around her

If the major decisions of your life are influenced by her, it reflects your attachment. For instance, you’re willing to take a chance on your relationship, risking your career and well-being, you’re in love with her.

16. You aren’t scared of her flaws

Do you care for her and love her even after knowing her flaws? Or do you think certain flaws and imperfections make her who she is? If you say yes, it means she is more than a friend to you.

17. You respect her decisions

We all ask our friends and family for advice from time to time, but this is not always possible. If you find her to be the best person to advise you or help you get out of a dilemma, then she could be the one.

18. You are ready to accept her at her worst

Everyone has off days when they’re not at their best as a person. If you can love her during such times and don’t want to leave her alone, you are in love with her. It’s easy to love someone at their best, but only true love persists when you accept their worst.

19. Your darkest days get better when she’s around

We all have days when we feel low—maybe you had a fight with a family member or lost your job. Regardless, if she can bring a smile to your face and you wish to spend every such moment with her, it means you consider her more than a friend.

20. You want her family to like you

Most of us are close to our family, and their opinions matter. If you love her, you would want her family to like you as well, to make it easier for her to love you back and make your relationship wholesome.

21. You look forward to seeing her every time

Spending time with her gives you a deep sense of fulfillment and contentment. If it’s been weeks and you haven’t seen her, you must be missing her terribly as the love for her has started to blossom.

22. You would do almost anything for her

While we do a lot for our crushes, there are limits to what they can ask or expect us to do for them. But when you love the woman, you would go above and beyond to make her happy.

23. You still get butterflies when you’re around her

Every relationship has a honeymoon period where everything is fun and exciting. Ittends to be a temporary phase that fades with time in most casual relationships. But if you’re still excited and nervousaround her,you’re in love with her.

24. You worry that she might not feel the same way about you

You love her and want to be loved in return. When you have committed to her, you could be looking for her validation. It happens when you want to spend a life with her and are curious to know what she thinks about it.

25. You feel her pain

We all empathize with people in our lives to some extent. When it comes to the woman you love, the feeling is amplified. You will feel every dilemma, disappointment, and regret almost as much as she does.

26. You daydream about her

It’s not uncommon to daydream about people in our lives. It could be about blowing your professor’s mind with an excellent presentation or impressing your friends with a cool trick. But when you daydream of her often, it’s a sign that you’re in love with her.

The nature of love makes us question everything about ourselves, the other person, and relationships in general. Nothing is set in stone, and there are no fixed rules as each relationship is unique, making it difficult to know if you’re infatuated or in love. Observe your feelings to navigate your emotions better and build a clearer understanding of how you feel about her.