'Do I Love Him?' 25 Clear Signs To Know You’re In Love

Do I love him? If this question has been making you anxious, you need to dig deeper into your relationship and look for subtle signs of fondness. You might be attracted to a person who makes your heart jump about with his sweet smile and loving gesture. You may feel your senses becoming alert whenever he is around you. Mornings have turned exciting for you because you get to see him. You have even started to spend sleepless nights imagining yourself with him. Your mind has been totally filled with his thoughts. If you have gone on some dates with him and have loved the experience, then it is normal to wonder about your feelings for him. In the early stages of a relationship, feelings like these can be termed infatuation. However, there may be some strong signs to confirm that your relationship is more than just an attraction. Read the article to make sure if your fondness for that special one is true love or infatuation.

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25 Signs To Know If You Love Him

Human feelings can be confusing; hence, some common indicators or signs might help you ascertain your true feelings.

1. You can’t put down your phone for even a second

Your phone has started to feel like an extension of your hand. Why? Because it is always with you! And you cannot stop checking it every few seconds. You feel anxious and are eager to hear from him. Even a simple “Hi” from him makes your world spin crazily.

2. You reread your texts

You may not be checking your phone, but it is still in your hand. Why? Because now you are busy reading your past conversations with him. His cute and flirty texts still bring a broad smile to your face days after the actual conversation happened. You go through each message thread several times to relive and cherish the feelings you experienced the first time it happened.

3. You look for him in everyone

You walk on the streets and give a guy with a beard a second look because you thought it was “him.” You sit by a window at a restaurant and suddenly look up to see a guy carrying a blue bag. You hope it would be “him,” but it is not. You see him in everyone because you idolize him.

4. You relate everything to him

You wear your regular perfume, but it feels extra special now because he complimented you on it the other day. You eat pancakes for breakfast because he likes eating pancakes in the morning. You eat pancakes for breakfast because he likes eating pancakes in the morning. You watch a romantic movie and start imagining him as the main lead. Whatever you do, it has an attachment with him.

protip_icon Point to consider
Give time to yourself and keep observing your feelings for months before you decide if you are in love or not.

5. You always talk about him

You always talk about him

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“Harry told me not to….”
“The pasta there is yum. Harry likes it too.”
“Harry and I went to this place, and…

Well, you are so madly in love with him that you crave to talk about him every chance you get and enjoy repeating his name over and over again. You often find yourself unable to finish a conversation with someone without mentioning your love interest because he is on your mind, 24/7.

6. You can move mountains to meet him

No matter how busy you are, you always find time to meet him. He may be miles away, but you cancel all your plans just to spend some time with him. No inconvenience seems inconvenient when you know it is the only way to be with him and you are willing to devote all your time and effort to be with him.

7. You scroll through his photo album all day

Your favorite pastime is going through his Instagram profile and Facebook album. You want to see how he looked a few years ago. You want to know his friends. You want to know the places he visited and the kind of food he likes. You want to know if there is anything common between you two. Simply put, you admire him in secret and want to find ways to connect with him at a deeper level.

8. You have become calmer

Has anyone ever told you that you have become a lot calmer lately? Do you feel so too? Do you feel like a different person? Perhaps your love, affection, and admiration for him has brought about this much-needed change in your personality. Being around him gives you a sense of security and makes you a calmer person.

9. You feel safe when he is around

When you had a bad day at work, a tight hug from him dissipates anger, anxiety, and stress. You feel shielded when his arms are around you, and you feel that nothing can harm you when he is around. He brings a sense of safety and security to your life.

10. You can talk to him for hours

You can talk to him for hours if you love him

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Nothing in the world could make you miss your morning yoga session except the late-night chats with your bae. You chat until dawn and don’t even realize how time passed. Without him, time passes at a snail’s pace, and with him, it runs like a cheetah. You feel he has a way of talking that could endear him to even the most unfriendly of people.

11. You want to know everything about him

From his favorite show to his favorite vacation spot, you wish to know every little detail about him. You can spend hours googling him and stalking his social media profiles just to know more about him.

protip_icon Point to consider
Do observe how he reciprocates to you. Try to figure out if he is being a friend to you or more than that.

12. You make mental notes of little stuff he tells you

He might have told you how much he loves his grandma’s roast chicken and how much he misses going to the amusement park. Such little details are quickly registered in your mind, and one fine day, you surprise him with a roasted chicken you made for him or plan a date at the amusement park. You do this because you care for him and wish to make him happy.

13. You feel butterflies in your stomach each time he is around

You know that weird feeling in the stomach when you are super-excited, don’t you? If this mostly happens when he is around, you can be sure that you have feelings for him. Your palms might get sweaty, and you might feel like your heart is about to burst out of your chest. These are all signs that tell you are elated to be around him.

14. He drives you crazy, but you don’t care

He might not always reply to your texts or meet you on time. He may not even remember your birthday unless you remind him about it. He may not be perfect and may not even be your “type.” He may drive you crazy sometimes. Nonetheless, your adoration for him never fades, and your deep sentiment towards him remains unchanged.

15. You like him with all his flaws

You cannot stop gushing at his untrimmed beard

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You have a personal dislike for guys who doesn’t shave regularly. But with him, you cannot stop gushing how his untrimmed beard suits him. Why this change in preference now? Well, you have fallen so hard for this man that even your biggest pet peeves take a back seat for him.

16. You feel energetic

Previously, even a single hour of extra work would drain you out, but now, you feel like you can work for days without a break. Even if you were to miss your morning coffee, you would still feel energetic and super-active. You feel a sense of rapture, high on life, and love.

17. You feel invincible

You are so high on love that no amount of problems or hurdles in life seems difficult anymore. You feel like you can take on the world solo and triumph because of the passion that fuels you. Life starts looking even more beautiful, and you feel happy for no apparent reason.

18. You defend your “man” whenever required

If someone from your family or your friends says anything nasty about him, you seem to get your claws out. You cannot take a single mean word against him no matter what. You hold him in such high reverence that will also go against your dear ones unabashedly when defending him.

19. You can confide in him

You are so comfortable with this guy that you can easily share your deepest, darkest secrets and fears with him. You do not feel embarrassed about anything, and you want him to know everything there is to know about you.

20. You enjoy the silence

You enjoy the silence with him

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When we are in the company of people, sometimes, moments of silence can become awkward. But this is not the case with him. Even when not conversing, you still feel comfortable in the silence that prevails between unspoken words.

21. You rely on him

It’s 3 am. You are working on an important assignment when suddenly your lappy crashes. You panic, and the first call you make is to him. He may know nothing about computers, but you still call him because you believe he will solve this problem. It shows you hold him in high regard.

22. You completely forget about all your past relationships

You have experienced unrequited love in the past or have gone through a breakup, but this new man enters your life and overshadows all of that. It could only mean that you are enamored and entranced with him. He brings so much joy to your life that you have overcome any unresolved feelings you hold for your ex.

23. You do not find other guys attractive enough

What if Brad Pitt, Robert Pattinson, or your favorite actor were to ask you out right now? Would you say, yes? If this question gets you thinking for even a moment, you know for sure that you have someone who makes these hunks seem unattractive because of the affection that you feel towards him..

24. You start to see your future with him

If he is a part of all your plans for the future, it is a tell-tale sign that you are head over heels in love with him. You have probably even planned your dream wedding with him because you see yourself with no one but him and he is an integral part of all your future plans and dreams.

25. You feel it in your bones

You know it in your heart that he is the one

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Lastly, you just know it. You know it in your heart, and you know it in your brain that he is the one for you. You can feel that deep connection; every inch of you is soaked in his love and adoration. Your instincts scream to hold on to him and never let him go. Do not let this guy slip away. This overwhelming feeling of love fills you with awe and wonder, and you cherish every moment you spend with him.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I know if I have an instant connection?

The subtle signs of an instant connection with someone can be:

  • They understand you without having to explain what you meant
  • You are comfortable sharing your vulnerable side without the fear of being judged
  • You feel butterflies in your stomach around them
  • You have a lot in common, and there is never a dull moment in your conversations

2. What age am I most likely to meet my soulmate?

Although one might believe one meets their soulmate in the 20s, it may not be possible to determine a fixed timeline. You may meet a person and instantly click and be with them forever. Or you may find your soulmate in your 50s. Either way, the right person will come around at the right time.

3. Can I love someone even if we have disagreements or arguments?

Yes, it is possible to continue loving someone despite disagreements or arguments. In fact, love can grow stronger through open communication, mutual understanding, and working together to resolve issues and conflicts.

4. Can love develop over time, or does it happen instantly?

Love can grow as couples spend more time together, learn about each other, and become closer. While some people might immediately feel an intense attraction, true love usually takes time to grow and deepen.

5. What is the difference between attraction and attachment?

Attraction is when you feel a strong pull or interest toward someone, usually influenced by their looks, emotions, or intellect. On the other hand, attachment is a connection that develops when you feel safe, comfortable, and familiar with someone, which often strengthens over time.

6. Does a woman glow when in love?

Women feel emotions of joy and positivity when they are in love, which could make them feel happy and look radiant.

You need to reflect on your relationship and look for signs of fondness to understand if they signify something more than attraction or fantasy. You will know you’re in love when you’re thinking about him, looking for him everywhere, and are fascinated by his tenderness and everything he does. You may want to leave your way to be in his presence and become conscious of your looks. You may feel changes in your behavior and find yourself trying your best to be loved back. Infatuation is temporary, but if you’re in love, all that matters is the one person you can’t stop thinking about.

Infographic: Is It Really Love Or Just An Infatuation?

Although entirely different, there is a thin line between love and infatuation. Often people mistake one for the other and end up acting on their feelings too soon, only to get hurt or hurt the other person. This infographic will help you understand the distinction between the two and analyze your feelings better.

signs to know if you love him or are infatuated with him (infographic)

Illustration: Momjunction Design Team

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Key Pointers

  • Love and infatuation are often confused.
  • It could indicate that you’re in love with him if you’re looking for him everywhere, can’t stop thinking about him, or can talk to him for hours.
  • Feeling butterflies, thinking about him constantly, and many other signs that show that you love him as you scroll down.
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Image: Stable Diffusion/MomJunction Design Team

Do you feel like you’re constantly thinking about them or that you can’t get them out of your head? These are signs you’re falling in love, even if you don’t think so.

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