Do These 11 Things With Your Husband Before You Become Parents

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Congratulations on the good news! We’re sure you’re quite kicked about becoming parents and might’ve already started planning stuff for your baby. The new addition to your family is certainly something to cheer about. However, has it occurred how both of you will cease to remain just a couple once the baby arrives? Your status will change to parents with your baby taking the priority over each other. So, why not indulge yourselves in some memorable moments as a couple before stepping into the world of parenthood? Here are 11 things you should do before your baby arrives:

11. Go Out For A Romantic Dinner

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After the baby arrives, it’ll be quite a while before you guys will ever step out alone for anything, let alone a romantic dinner. So, now’s the time to dress yourselves in your finest and head to a romantic dinner date.

10. Watch Late Night TV

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It could be an old rom-com or that favorite tele-series you always wanted to catch up on. Whatever it may be or however silly, just grab some snacks, a cozy blanket and throw in some soft cushions and spend the night watching it together.

9. Have Breakfast In Bed

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Most of your morning sickness might have ceased by the time your second trimester kicks in. So, celebrate this not-having-to-run-to-the-loo day by staying in your bed while your loving hubby fixes breakfast for both of you. Or, make it double the fun by ordering breakfast for two at home.

8. Relive Wedding-Day Memories

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Your relationship is going to the next level after you guys took your vows. And before your status changes again, revisit your wedding day memories by looking up those lovely pics and videos.

7. Visit A Common Friend/Relative

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It could be a common friend or a relative who would have invited you for the longest time. It’s time now to pay them that much-awaited visit. With you in the spotlight, you’ll be glad that you did.

6. Go For A Long Drive

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When was the last time you both went on an impromptu long drive, without an agenda? Can’t remember? Then make it happen now. You don’t even need to dress up. Even a sweatshirt and pajamas will do.

5. Order From Outside For A Day

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Of course, you might enjoy cooking together. But then, it does become taxing at times and leaves your energy sapped for a while. So, give it a miss one day and use the spare time for any other stuff listed here.

4. Spend Time Talking To Each Other

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Ever since your pregnancy was confirmed, chances are that your conversations would revolve around your baby. If it has been a while since both of you caught up with each other, then now’s the time. Avoid talking about your pregnancy or the baby. Rather focus on each other.

3. Rearrange The Cupboard

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You’ve been planning on making space for your baby’s clothes one day. So why not do it now? Once the baby arrives, you’ll never get time for it. Make sure you involve your husband too and watch him getting emotional about the whole process. Awww…

2. Spend A Lazy Day

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It’s always nice to take a break from all those things that you’ve been doing so far – baby-shopping, doctor visits, cooking, cleaning, etc. For once, don’t do anything. Spend the day just lazing around or reading a book in each other’s company. Sometimes, a silence like this does more wonders for your relationship than conversation.

1. Make Unbelievable Love

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And finally, make love to each other as much as possible. Just because you are pregnant doesn’t mean that you should give up on it. Try different positions to ensure you are comfortable. Talk dirty to stimulate yourself before getting into action. In short, make it enjoyable.. and memorable.

Once you have a baby, your hands would be full of new-parent responsibilities. Your focus might somewhat shift away from your relationship too. All this, thanks to your transition from husband-wife to parents. While you cannot change this irreversible yet natural process, make the most of your time on hand to nurture the bond you share. Years later, when you’ll look back at these fond memories, you’ll be glad that you did it!

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